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The British score one hit 6 and one disabled result 5. These results take effect immediately. Successful ASW attacks must be applied first to Hilfskreuzers, and Pinguin is sunk and removed from play. Additional results are applied second to oilers, and the Nordmark is disabled; she returns to base.

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Only two British rolls were successful, therefore no U-Boats are affected. The surviving U-Boats now hit back. The patrolling U-Boat rolls a hit against merchant shipping and immediately costs the British player one victory point. Just as important, he remains in the sea area until the end of the turn. The raiding U-Boat, which forfeits its attack bonus, scores a disabled result on Ark Royal, who although she lives to fight another day, must now return to base, before her Swordfish can launch any fateful torpedoes.

At the start of each round, determine the type of action to be fought. Despite the departure of the Ark Royal, the British still have complete air supremacy and prefer an air action in order to hopefully soften up Bismarck before closing with the fleet. Obviously, the Germans do not want Bismarck as a helpless target, and prefer a surface action. Each side rolls one die. The British get their air action. Only units with an airstrike factor may attack during an air action, so the British will be the only on rolling any attacks. The RAF rolls its two attacks against the Bismarck, but rolls a 2 and a 4 for no effect.

The British are bound and determined to sink the Bismarck, and since they still have the air advantage, see no reason to withdraw and announce they are staying for another round. The German, perhaps unwisely since there are no more VP to be gained, also decide to stay. Using the same modifiers, the British roll a 1, which becomes a 3, and the Germans roll a 3, which becomes a 4 resulting in a surface action. Since a completely surface action has been rolled, all air units in the sea area immediately return to base for the remainder of the turn — a serious blow for the British. The British are first in the turn order, and therefore designate targets and roll first.

The 6 against Bismarck is a hit, and the die is re-rolled to determine damage. A roll of 2 is adjusted by the Bismarck's defensive bonus to a 1, so a damage-1 marker is placed on Bismarck. The Germans now return fire. Bismarck was undamaged at the start of the round, and so still receives the gunnery attack bonus. The 6 is a hit even without the bonus, and is rerolled to a second 6 for damage, scoring six damage points. This exceeds the Hood's armor factor, and she is sunk.

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Place a sunk marker on her. The 5 disabled result is ignored.

Prinz Eugen then fires her lone shot at Prince of Wales. The British, anxious to sink the now-damaged Bismarck, elect to stay for another round. Germans therefore also elect to stay. As only surface units are present no units with an airstrike factor , both sides agree to a surface action. The 6 is a hit, but the reroll gets only a 1, which is adjusted downward to 0 due to the Bismarck's armor bonus. The hit does no additional damage. Both Germans ignore the cruisers and return fire against the biggest threat, the battleship Prince of Wales, combining for five shots.

Now that the Bismarck is beginning the round damaged, she no longer receives the gunnery bonus. The 6 is a hit, and is rerolled a 2 for two points of damage. The 5 is a disabled result, and Prince of Wales is forced to return to base at the end of the round. Place a 2-damage and a disabled marker on Prince of Wales. All fire on both sides is complete; the round is over. Prince of Wales returns to base with her two points of damage, selecting England and the possibility of repairs next turn. Upon her arrival, the disabled marker is automatically removed. W, 3—2, SD.

Admiral set to become Navy's top officer retires over inappropriate professional relationship

W, 3—1, HOU. L, 0—3, HOU. W, 4—0, WBS. W, 4—0, HOU. L, 3—4, HOU.

Admiral set to become Navy's top officer retires over inappropriate professional relationship

Frederic Allard. Saint-Sauveur , Quebec. Ken Appleby. North Bay, Ontario. Arvin Atwal. Surrey, British Columbia. Colin Blackwell. Lawrence, Massachusetts. Alexandre Carrier. Quebec City, Quebec. Le Gardeur, Quebec. Laurent Dauphin. Repentigny, Quebec. Edmond, Oklahoma.

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Hunter Garlent. Catharines, Ontario. Troy Grosenick. Brookfield, Wisconsin. Josh Healey. Edmonton, Alberta. Tanner Jeannot. Oxbow, Saskatchewan. Cam Johnson. Troy, Michigan. Zach Magwood. Cambridge, Ontario. Tommy Novak. Richardson can remain in the job until September.

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Richardson addressed the situation in an email to Navy staff and flag officers on Monday. Moran has submitted his request to retire. The Secretary of the Navy has accepted his request. The American people expect this from us. We must expect and enforce this standard for ourselves," he wrote. Moran's departure comes at a time when the Pentagon continues to operate without a Senate-confirmed secretary of defense. Many other senior military roles remain unfilled or are filled by officials in acting roles. Those vacancies are a reflection of the Department of Defense's ongoing struggle to establish an unprecedented transition plan aimed at ensuring continuity of leadership at the highest levels while there is still no confirmed secretary of defense following the dramatic implosion of Patrick Shanahan's nomination last month.

A record-long lack of permanent leadership at the Pentagon is starting to take a toll. According to Spencer, Moran retired from the service rather than take on the role of chief of naval operations due to a situation where he "maintained a professional relationship with an individual who was held accountable and counseled for failing to meet the values and standards of the Naval profession. Moran said in a separate statement he "made this difficult decision based on an open investigation into the nature of some of my personal email correspondence over the past couple of years and for continuing to maintain a professional relationship with a former staff officer, now retired, who had while in uniform been investigated and held accountable over allegations of inappropriate behavior.

Every Sailor is entitled to serve in an environment free of harassment or intimidation," Moran said. Both statements from Moran and Spencer note the situation arose from a professional relationship over the course of Moran's career with the Navy, rather than a private relationship. While Spencer did not provide any details about the unnamed individual, three officials told CNN that Moran's resignation stems in part from continued contact with Chris Servello, a former Navy public affairs adviser to Adm.

Richardson, who was removed from his post in