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The current world record is The steering is unlike a conventional bicycle. One of the interesting things has been working out what we know about things aerodynamics do in geometry. You always know the unknown unknowns, famously, and they all seem to come back to the human element. Narrator: Testing the bicycle, now known as Soup Dragon, was critical as the team prepared to go to the annual event at Battle Mountain. It enabled us to have a lot of confidence and faith in our reverse engineering of his initial designs to build out the digital model, to examine various characteristics of the steering system and all sorts of various mechanical elements.

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It slightly turns the designs and structural-analysis process on its head a little bit. Narrator: He would, however, help find another rider. Russell Bridge stepped in at the last minute. Guidelines and more detailed requirements including safety measures and tests can be found in the full competition rules. The following list reflects the minimum prize increments for winners of the Human Powered Vehicle Challenge. Prizes listed below represent total amounts conferred to winning teams, not to individual team members. ASME Membership 1 year has been added to your cart.

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