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Or get it by Tue, Sep 24 with faster delivery. Pickup not available. This book explores the role of regional government in economic guidance and regulation, showing how it can effectively leverage market forces using investment, tax policy and innovations in organization and technology to promote sustainable regional economies. About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it.

See our disclaimer. Under the conditions of market economy, the government is an independent economic entity, whose function is not only to provide services and handle public affairs, but also to coordinate, advance and lead economic development. The dual functions of regional government include providing service and administration at the micro-level on behalf of market economy on one hand and leading, regulating and promoting economic development at the macro-level on behalf of the central government on the other hand.

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Foresighted leading means giving free rein to the government, especially regional government, in economic guidance, regulation and early warning. It also means that the government is responsible for effectively allocating funds and gaining advantages using market rules, leveraging market forces and other means such as investment, price, taxation, law, and organizational, institutional and technological innovations to promote the scientific and sustainable development of the regional economy.

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We are resolute that positive energy is the overall requirement, and keeping things under control is the last word. Online positive publicity must become bigger and stronger, so that the Party's ideas always become the strongest voice in cyberspace. Improve and innovate in positive propaganda online.

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Implement the online theoretical dissemination project, the China Dream practitioners online communication project, and the online literary and artistic creation communication projects, in order to cultivate an active and healthy online culture. Use the international Internet to tell a good story of China, expanding online international communication to more than countries and regions and more than 1 billion overseas users, further improving the online content landing rate.

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Resolutely prevent and control online risk. At present, the trend of the transmission of all kinds of social risks to cyberspace is evident, and the Internet has become a transmitter and amplifier of a variety of risks. We must grasp the characteristics and laws of the online public opinion struggle, establish and improve online risk prevention mechanisms, and steadily control all kinds of major public opinion; dare to grasp, dare to control, and dare to wield the bright sword; refute erroneous ideas in a timely manner, comprehensively clean up online rumors, violent videos, and other harmful information; significantly improve public sentiment detection, discernment, and response capabilities; and effectively safeguard national political security.

Enhance the guidance of online public opinion. Starting from the overall situation of the party and the state, effectively propagandize achievements in reform and development and economic livelihood and propaganda and provide policy interpretation on the economic situation. Alleviate doubts and boost confidence. Actively use new technologies and new applications to effectively guide the progression of online public opinion, grasp the evolution and laws of the online public sentiment, prevent hot issues from involving the economic and social livelihood of the people, and prevent mass incidents and public opinion from becoming online ideological patterns and issues.

Play an important role in cyber comments and public opinion guidance, and make cyberspace cleaner.

Strengthen the comprehensive management of the online ecosystem. Comprehensively utilize legal, administrative, technical, and other means. Comprehensively strengthen cyber ecological management. Strengthen responsibility of management departments in their areas, and basic website responsibility. Elevate the level of scientization and standardization in work.

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Improve rapid and coordinated response mechanisms for illegal and regulation-violating information and websites. On issues where netizens display intense concern, improve reporting mechanisms. Implement online projects for the dissemination of outstanding Chinese culture and projects to build online virtue. General Secretary Xi Jinping has pointed out: Without cybersecurity there is no national security, and without informatization there is no modernization. From a global perspective, cybersecurity threats and risks are increasingly prominent and increasingly penetrate political, economic, cultural, social, ecological, national defense, and other domains.

Strengthen the protection of critical information infrastructure security. In the areas of important industries, such as finance, energy, electricity, communication, transportation, and so on, which are integral to economic and social operation, it is necessary to carry out thorough investigation and troubleshooting of risks for the protection of critical information infrastructure security, to guard against risks, and to improve the protection level for critical information infrastructure.

Formulate and launch the Measures for a Network Products and Services Security Review draft , establish and improve the cybersecurity review mechanism, and effectively safeguard cybersecurity and the legitimate rights and interests of the people. Enhance situational awareness and emergency response capabilities. For increasing cybersecurity situation sensing, incident analysis, tracking and traceability, as well as rapid recovery capabilities after suffering an attack, revise the National Cybersecurity Incident and Crisis Plan , improve mechanisms for cybersecurity monitoring and early warning and response, monitor and engage in early warning for major cybersecurity events in real time, enhance cybersecurity emergency command capabilities, and properly manage a series of major cybersecurity events.

Firm up the foundation of cybersecurity work.

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Formulate and implement Some Opinions on Strengthening National Cybersecurity Standardization Work , and issue over 30 national standards for cybersecurity. Revise and improve the Internet Domain Name Management Methods , optimize the management of IP addresses, domain names, and site records.

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Adhere to the concept of cybersecurity for the people and cybersecurity relying on the people; regulate Internet companies and institutions on the collection, use, and cross-border transfer of personal information. Deepen and initiate special governance actions regarding search engines, navigation websites, etc.

Take strong measures against personal information leaks, telecommunications fraud, and other illegal and criminal activities. As General Secretary Xi has pointed out, the network and information industries represent a new productive force, and a new development direction, and they should be the first step in the new development concept.

Taking informatization, we can cultivate a new energy, and use that new energy to promote new development, giving full play to informatization for economic and social development, allowing hundreds of millions of people even more access to the common development achievements of the Internet. Accelerate indigenous innovation of core technologies in the information field. With eyes on the goal of seizing the high ground of information technology systems development, advance high-performance computing, quantum communications, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, core chips, operating systems, and other cutting-edge technological research.

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Increase investment in integrated circuits, basic software, and industrial control software, etc. Obtain breakthroughs and unceasingly narrow the gap with developed countries in high-performance computers, quantum communications, 5G mobile, etc. Vigorously develop the digital economy. Give informatization a role as an essential factor in increasing production rates, expanding new space for economic development, advancing coordinated development of the Broadband China strategy, and the Internet Plus Action Plan, etc. Promote the deep integration of the Internet and real economies, accelerate the digitalization of traditional industry.

In Zhejiang Province China has set up a national information economy demonstration zone. In Tianjin and 12 other cities the government has established cross-border e-commerce pilot zones. Actively implement the Big Data Strategy. In Guizhou, Shanghai, etc. Promote the healthy development of big data centers and cloud services. Make the Internet and information industry both big and strong.

One after the other, many innovative and vital Internet companies have emerged, playing an important role in promoting stable growth and employment, and benefitting the people. In on a global list of top 20 companies by market value, Chinese companies occupied seven slots. Make information services more convenient and beneficial for the people. Across 27 provinces and , administrative villages, the government is carrying out broadband construction and upgrading. The level of Internet infrastructure is rising. Organize and launch new-type smart city evaluation work.

For the first time, two smart city standards have become international standards. The government has carried out five large projects using the Internet for targeted poverty alleviation. Promote the deepened development of military-civilian integration for cybersecurity and informatization. Carry out cybersecurity and informatization military-civilian integration demonstration projects. Deepen innovation of the cybersecurity and informatization military-civilian integration system and policies.

Accelerate the launch of building major cybersecurity and informatization military-civilian integration. Support the launch of Beidou indigenous chip research and development and global use, and integration of military natural resources. General Secretary Xi has, on many important international occasions, expounded upon international Internet governance theory and, in particular, has raised advancing the Four Principles of global Internet governance system transformation and the Five Propositions of building a cyberspace community of shared destiny.

He has contributed Chinese wisdom and the China Program to advancing the development of global Internet governance. At present, cyberspace has already become a new field in global governance. Deepen participation in and influence over international Internet governance processes. Actively advance the internationalization of Internet name and digital address allocation, unceasingly expand the common understanding of the development of Internet governance, and continuously deepen cooperation.

For the first time, the digital economy has become a theme of the G20 summit. Establish the World Internet Congress.