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The authors would also like to thank them for their kind help. Benchennouf, A. Phytochemical analysis and antioxidant activity of Lycium barbarum Goji cultivated in Greece. Booker, A. Chemical variability along the value chains of turmeric Curcuma longa : a comparison of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and high performance thin layer chromatography.

Cao, Y. Wolfberry Germplasm Resources in China. Beijing: China Forestry Publishing House. Google Scholar. Chang, R. Lycium Barbarum and Human Health. Dordrecht: Springer. Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission Chinese Pharmacopoeia , Vol. Beijing: The Commercial Press. Chinese Pharmacopoeia English version. Beijing: China Medical Science Press. Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission a. Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission b. Dillard, C. Phytochemicals: nutraceuticals and human health.

Polish Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences

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Quality differences of Lycium barbarum L. Xiandai Shipin Keji 29, — Li, S. Compendium of Materia Medica , Vol. Beijing: Foreign Language Press, — Li, X. Antioxidant activity and mechanism of Rhizoma Cimicifugae. Liang, D. A Package for Echarts Maps in R. Lin, L. Liu, X. Study on the contents of secondary metabolites and primary metabolites in different regions of Chinese wolfberry.

Beifang Yuanyi 23, — Liu, W. Fingerprinting profile of polysaccharides from Lycium barbarum using multiplex approaches and chemometrics. Liu, Z.

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Quality evaluation of Juniperus rigida sieb. Ma, W. Changes of the main carotenoid pigment contents during the drying processes of the different harvest stage fruits of Lycium barbarum L. Martinez-Frances, V. Ethnopharmacological and chemical characterization of Salvia species used in valencian traditional herbal preparations. Qi, G. Effect of meteorological factor on fruit growth and accumulation of polysaccharides in Lycium barbarum.

Qian, D. Systematic review of chemical constituents in the genus Lycium Solanaceae. Molecules E R Core Team Vienna: R Foundation for Statistical Computing. Shang, Z. Beijing: Xueyuan Press. Shen, T. Determination geographical origin and flavonoids content of goji berry using near-infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics. Food Anal. Methods 9, 68— State Forestry Administration of P. China Available at: www. Su, J.

Xinxiu Bencao. Hefei: Anhui Science and Technology Press. Su, Z. History of Zhongning Goji. Ningxia Hist. Sun, S. Tang, S. Zhenglei Bencao. Tao, H. Mingyi Bielu. Venables, W. Modern Applied Statistics with S , 4th Edn. New York, NY: Springer. Walch, S. Antioxidant capacity and polyphenolic composition as quality indicators for aqueous infusions of Salvia officinalis L.

Wickham, H. Wu, D. Wu, Q. Zhiwu Mingshi Tukao Changbian. More options. Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview. Contributor Chang, Raymond Chuen-Chung editor. So, Kwok-Fai editor. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references at the end of each chapters. Contents 1. Chemical and genetic diversity of Wolfberry 2. Immunoregulation and Lycium Barbarum 3. The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiapoptotic effects of Wolfberry in fatty liver disease 4.

Effectts of Lycium barbarum on modulation of blood vessel and hemodynamics 5. Dermatologic uses and effects of Lycium barbarum 6. Lycium Barbarum and tumors in the gastrointestinal tract 7. Prevention of neurodegeneration for Alzheimer's disease by Lycium barbarum 8. Journal of Agroalimentary Processes and Technologies , 21 1 , 36— Gao, Y. Hajian, S. Immunopathologia Persa , 1 1 , e Kocyigit, E.

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International Journal of Chinese Medicine , 1 1 , 1—9. Li, X. Effect of the Lycium barbarum polysaccharides on age-related oxidative stress in aged mice [Abstract]. Journal of Ethnopharmacology , 3 , — Pehlivan Karakas, F. Lycium barbarum L. Turkish Journal of Biology , 40 , — Protti, M. Analytical profiling of selected antioxidants and total antioxidant capacity of goji Lycium spp.

Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis , 5 , — Reeve, V.

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Mice drinking goji berry juice Lycium barbarum are protected from UV radiation-induced skin damage via antioxidant pathways [Abstract]. Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences , 9 4 , — What is macular degeneration?

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What are the health benefits of acai berries? Acai berries are also often used for their health benefits. Learn more about acai berries here.

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Goji berries may help to improve mood and quality of sleep. Add goji berries to yogurt, oatmeal, or breakfast cereals. Related coverage. Additional information. This content requires JavaScript to be enabled.

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