Manual Playing to the Camera: Musicians and Musical Performance in Documentary Cinema

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A socket for a remote mic.

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Do these cameras have an external power supply? I hope you can help, your review is good but all these specs just confuse me. Any other alternative for that price or under? The Zoom H4n is great choice if you are looking for an easy to use, low cost camcorder with great audio quality! A flip-out, full-color, rotating 2" LCD touchscreen provides a convenient interface for monitoring your images and audio levels, as well as adjusting settings.

You can also stream live, transfer recordings, and recharge the included lithium-ion battery. A separately-available AC adapter is also available for battery charging.

I would also like some help deciding which camera I need. I am looking for a camera to record videos - I do not need 4K, but I do need a mic jack and a remote with a pause feature that allows me to pause while recording without starting a new file each time. I am looking for the most economical camera that has these features as I only occasionally make the videos. Whether you're recording home videos, events, or recitals, the 57x Advanced Zoom ensures you can get the shot from the back rows of an auditorium if need be, while the Super Range O.

Optical Image Stabilization keeps the image steady at longer focal lengths. HD videos are recorded to separately available SD cards in the MP4 format for easy playback on most devices. MP4 files are also highly compatible with video hosting services and social media websites without format conversion. Introduced with the HF R is back-light correction within the Highlight Priority mode for brighter images. The back-light correction analyzes the incoming video signal and recognizes your subject within the frame, and will expose for the subject, rather than an overexposed back-lit background.

This way if the sun is behind your subject, you can still get a vibrant image. Hello, I was wondering if you could help me find the right camera for me? I'm a newbie and know nothing about cameras. However I'm looking for something that I can make an occasional vlog, record the kids ballgames, and give house tours to post on my FB page and website. GoPros are always a great choice for a newbie. They are easy to use and get great photo and video. One limitation of the a GoPro though is it does not have a zoom lens.

You may want to consider a small camcorder instead because of that. I'm looking to buy a new Camcorder to record my traveling activities. If you have a 4K television, then you may want to consider a camcorder that will record 4K footage of your travels. The camcorder also features Sony's Balance Optical SteadyShot image stabilization technology to help produce smooth and stable footage throughout the zoom range.


Further enhancements include improved autofocus speed and accuracy, a lower-noise built-in microphone, and a high-speed p fps recording mode to create high-resolution slow-motion content. Looking for a good digital video camera to record high school basketball for a team without breaking the bank. A main image from the HC-V's sensor in full HD and a secondary picture-in-picture image from your phone's camera. But the HC-V works by itself, too. It features a 20x optical zoom lens with a Able to record slow-motion in Full HD at up to fps, it can also perform in-camera interpolation to bring the final frame rate up to fps.

Adjustable settings allow you to find a stabilization mode most appropriate for the kind of shooting you are doing. From OFF for tripod work, to Normal for regular handheld work, all the way up to Strong for those times when things really get shaky. The HC-V's Wi-Fi does more than let you capture video from your phone's camera as a secondary camera angle. You can preview a live image on your mobile device using the Panasonic Image App and change camera settings. If the camera has Internet access, you can even upload web-friendly copies of videos and photos directly to social media websites.

Plus, there's a Baby Monitor function which lets you use the camera like an IP surveillance camera, viewing a remote feed across the Internet. Thanks a lot for your informative post. I love vlogging, and I usually make use of my iphone 7, but I would like to start using a camcorder or camera now.

I'm using it mainly for personal every day vlogs and would occasionally upload on youtube or my blog, what would you recommend? Thank you. Also for any of your recommendations, would it also be able to take good pictures? Hello, now that it's Summer , would the GH4 still be considered the best option or have we moved on from that? That's two cameras in all.

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Need suggestions. I'm ok with DSLRs but new to higher level camcorders and I just don't have enough experience with the range of models to even know what is out there. I'll be specific on wanted features here because those are the only things I really know haha. The setting is a church hall with horrible low lighting.

The video system is in place but the old camera we were using is dying so it's upgrade time. Wanting a fixed lens camera. Brand is not important. Need a little over 10x zoom minimum. Manual controls but buttons are fine so long as I have at least a focus ring. PAL system. SD card. Audio is a 3. I loved the idea. Our internal video system is I can understand why they have the issue, but I still need a camera. And we need that HDMI feed.

So now I'm just starting to look at Panasonics and Canons and am hoping they don't have the same issue. That search led me here as I'm pretty much just following Google results. I have no knowledgeable human source here to ask.

Playing to the Camera: Musicians and Musical Performance in Documentary Cinema

The 4K option would be nice, but if that can't be done with the HDMI feed then I'd rather drop 4K entirely and get the best camera I can for the available money. That might still be the AXE or it might be another brand with great looking in low light. You tell me. Please :. If you anyone can spare the time I'd greatly appreciate a list of models that you think fit this description. As I said, I just don't know what models are out there to even consider them at this point.

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The Q4 also features a detachable flip-out 2. It can also record WVGA video at 60 or 30 fps. When it comes to recording audio, the Q4 provides a lot of options.

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When highest-quality audio is needed, you can record using or bit uncompressed WAV formats at 96, 48, or When audio quality isn't as important and you want to save space on your SD card, you can choose to record audio using the compressed AAC format with bit rates from 64 to kbps. Connect the Q4 to your computer via a USB cable to use it as a high-quality video and audio streaming webcam. Can someone point me in the right direction with a download to convert the file so my son can upload on Youtube.

I am seeking a camera that I can use to make recipe blogs just showing my hands and cooking, also for DIY beauty recipes. I will also be doing fitness and yoga sequences so I will not be able to hold the camera nor have anyone to help, suggestions? The biggest obstacle for me is the variable bit rates of the files that most consumer cameras create.

Under the direction of Leland and Director of Photography Chris Menges, the film captures the beauty of Royal Albert Hall from more than a dozen camera locations. The film was shot in High Definition and digitally mastered with sound recorded in 5. The entire producing team was aware that the concert had an intimate feel that night — a feeling that required non-intrusive camera points and discreet filming. A few special interviews and backstage moments are woven into the film, giving viewers a sense of the extraordinary bond Harrison shared with his friends and family, and how deeply they felt for him.

About The Performance Each musician in the Western lineup had a personal friendship with George, and many from the Indian orchestra were chosen because of their history with George. The piece was entitled Arpan, meaning offering. How is it created? What personal experience goes into its creation, what ideas emerge from that experience?

Instead of experience, Jarecki offers glittering abstractions. Recommended Stories. Sign in. Get the best of The New Yorker in your in-box every day.