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This work uses previously unpublished letters, journal and dairy entries of Ramanujan to understand the poetic mind at work. Voicing the agony, anxiety, and hardship of migration from different perspectives, this anthology of Sri Lankan Tamil literature is a significant contribution to the study of exile literature.

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If hunger gives irony purchase by anchoring it in particular historical and material conditions, irony also gives a literature and politics of hunger a means for moving beyond a given situation, for pushing through the inertias of The first collection of essays dedicated to examining the work of John Berger, with cross-cultural contributions from an array of international names. This volume moves the debate about literature and geography in a new direction by showing the significance of spatial settings in the enormous and complex field of popular fiction.

Score One for the Dancing Girl presents more than a hundred stories from an early-nineteenth-century collection of yadam stories, the Kimun ch'onghwa Compendium of Records of Hearsay. This book examines the broad varieties of religious belief, religious practices, and the influence of religion within medieval society.

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This book investigates the potential purpose of recurrent communication images in the poetry of Derek Walcott. The recipient of the Nobel Prize for literature in , Walcott is one of the most important postcolonial poets of the The volume Re-Inventing the Postcolonial in the Metropolis offers a wide-ranging collection of interdisciplinary essays by international scholars that address the postcolonial urban imaginary across five continents.

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This study traces the genealogy of Saint Perpetua's story with a straightforward yet previously overlooked question at its center: How was Perpetua remembered and to what uses was that memory put? Peter J.

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Commonwealth of Letters demonstrates that metropolitan and colonial intellectuals used modernist theories of aesthetic autonomy to facilitate collaborative ventures. Search our catalogue of over a million books. Books Music Film.

In this way, she contributes to recent critical discussion of the shattered selves and violated bodies of the Renaissance stage In its attention to production history, abject embodiment, and the elisions of early modern texts, Violence Against Women can, perhaps, serve as a companion piece to Pascale Aebischer's Shakespeare's Violated Bodies, with which it is occasionally in dialogue.

Both books bring the insights of feminism, performance theory, and theatre criticism to bear on early modern plays, and, in so doing, both offer evidence of exciting new developments in the methods and insights of recent scholarship on Shakespeare and his contemporaries.

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In particular, Solga connects recent historicist work on gender with various forms of theory especially Lacanian-informed work in performance studies and with actual theatrical work. She attends to hermeneutic ambiguity and emphasizes the experience and representation of trauma, ghosts, erasure, and witnessing. Calling attention to what has often been overlooked and underexamined, Solga produces some forceful local readings and fresh perspectives on familiar scenes. Henderson, Shakespeare Bulletin 'In addition to examining recent stage performances of early modern tragedies, Solga JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.

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