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Not quite. Men do think about sex more than women 34 times compared to 19 times a day — so about every 1, seconds , but men also think about food and sleep more than women. So, men are needs-driven creatures, not sex-driven per se.

Help for Women With Low Sex Drive

It should also be noted women are far from sexless creatures, around 20 separate sexual thoughts per day is well over one per waking hour. Age is another thing we might think has a big effect on sexual desire. A study of adults aged found as we get older we are more prone to sexual dysfunctions.

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For example, older men are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction and older women are more likely to experience difficulty lubricating, which can lead to vaginismus pain during sex. However, ageing is not necessarily associated with a decrease in sexual desire. Two national surveys of Finnish adults aged and found once a number of other factors were accounted for, including sexual functioning, attitudes towards sex, and relationship closeness, ageing had no effect on sexual desire.

Ageing was, however, related to having sex less often, even after controlling for these factors. So perhaps older people feel just as frisky as they did when they were in their 20s, but, for whatever reason, they are less likely to engage in sex. Sexual desire, unsurprisingly, is important for our relationship and sexual satisfaction.


In one study focusing on couples , they found the more people experienced sexual desire throughout the day, the better their sex lives. When it comes to what factors control sexual desire, hormones are important to consider. For men, as levels of testosterone increase, sexual desire is also likely to rise. For women, however, the effect of testosterone and other hormones on desire is less clear. One study found that as levels of testosterone increased mostly during the time around ovulation: days , women engaged in more sexual activity.

This association was stronger among women not in a relationship compared to women with a partner. But what about psychological and environmental factors? Meaning, enough exposure may mess with your hormones and reduce testosterone levels. Lower testosterone means lower libido. One study from the University of Rochester showed that women who had more phthalates in their urine were two and a half times more likely to report libido problems.

Whether or not phthalates have a major impact or not, "indirectly, good nutrition and being healthy ultimately do make a difference in sexuality," Thomas adds. Some medications, like antidepressants, blood pressure meds, and some oral or transdermal birth controls, are known to mess with libido. If you're taking any meds that list "decreased sex drive" as a side effect, go see your doctor to discuss other options that may not be as big of a buzzkill.

When it comes to hormonal factors those not influenced by medications or environment , Thomas says they're really only proven to interfere post menopause or after giving birth. Post menopause, women can receive hormone therapy to boost their drive to previous levels.

Low Sex Drive in Women | Sutter Health

A few drinks may initially get you raring and ready to go, but imbibing too much can make your sex drive plummet. Alcohol may just make you pass out before the main event, or make you so tired your desire drops. Heavy drinking messes with the body in many serious ways , one of which is interfering with hormone regulation in the reproductive system.

If you're a heavy drinker, this can ultimately result in drop in libido.

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Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor, which means it decreases blood flow throughout the body. Research has shown that for women, even though blood flow to the sex organs isn't as important as it is for men to become aroused, nicotine is linked to a drop in libido.

Thomas also notes that other using other drugs, like heroin which is linked with inhibiting orgasm for both women and men , can have a negative impact on your sex drive. Stress pretty much ruins everything—your skin, your sleeping habits, and your sexy time. Stress makes you anxious, distracted, and throws hormones out of whack.

9 Sneaky Things That Might Be Killing Your Sex Drive

Since stress affects sleep, it can also sabotage your sex life from that angle. When you're frustrated about having a low sex drive, you may stress about that, too. Talk about a vicious cycle.

Do we desire sex less as we age?

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