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See details. See all 12 brand new listings. Buy It Now. Add to cart. About this product Product Information The bible of smoke cooking, with over 1 million copies sold is completely updated and revised in this 20th Anniversary edition, with 4-color from two of America's leading experts on backyard barbecue. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. This edition will have a permanent place on my bookshelf, both at home and at work.

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People who bought this also bought. Nonfiction Books. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Most relevant reviews. My main complaint is I just don't find most of the recipes terribly appetizing.

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When I say that, I mean a lot of the food is just overly fancy for my taste. I was hoping more for a book that provided basic smoking recipes, and what meat goes best with this smoke and these particular spices. I was also hoping it would give more tips about how to prepare particular meats, and how best to cook them. If you you want a huge variety of recipes or just want to good novice tips on smoking, this is a good book.

Save yourself a few bucks and buy the kindle version. I will add that there are a ton of tips in here for the newbie. It even goes as far to detail what type of smoker you should buy, by describing in detail many of the characteristics of each. This could be very useful if you want to start smoking, but don't know where you want to start. I won't say don't buy this, it is a great read and I've gotten some great ideas for it. Over all it's a good book and I'm glad a bought it, it's just not exactly what I was looking for.

November 16, - Published on Amazon. I bought this book as an impulse buy. Amazon suggested to me while I was purchasing my smoker and I took the bait. It was worth it, there are some great recipes in there. Recipes are what you should use this book for, it is not so much a smoking instruction book as it is a recipe book, though smoking tips and temperatures are giving in the recipes.

I've tried the coffee rub for the pork shoulder which was easy and fantastic. I've also tried the fancy chicken rub pesto and goat cheese which was pretty good too. It kept the chicken moist, but I didn't really get much of the pesto flavor. Next time I'd try it with the optional rub as well. I've also tried two BBQ sauce recipes, the Memphis and the vinegar. I was not a fan of the Memphis sauce. The vinegar was not bad.

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It's not a traditional sauce, it's more of a juice. I'd like to try some of the sweet ones. The variety of flavors they have for each section sectioned out into meat types, then sauces, then a bunch of other sections is great. There is something for every taste, and the authors go into the history behind each recipe as well. Now for the small gripes: Aside from the mediocre Memphis bbq sauce, I am surprised there was nothing in the book about brining. If there is, it is buried and I can't find it. It's not in the index.

It's so important to brine a lot of your meats to keep them tender and flavorful. I think there should have been a section about why to brine and some good brine mixtures. I instead learned my techniques from Alton Brown.

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If i'm wrong and it is in the book, I will take all of this back. One other thing I have to question is some of the internal meat temperatures.

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The recommended internal cooking temp for chicken is I would go about or to be safe. Why such a high temp? There was no reason given. Overall this book keeps me excited to bbq. It's packed full of recipes and rubs that will keep me busy for a long time. July 10, - Published on Amazon.

The great value of this book is in the huge number of recipes for cooking all sorts of meats as well as veggies with smoke.

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It has all the marinades, rubs, mops, and sauces I'll ever need. There also are side-dish and dessert recipes. True, the book lacks detailed instructions for specific kinds of smokers, but I don't need them. My Weber is easy to operate, and Weber's own instructions are sufficient, but the Jamisons' book does offer helpful tips on fuels, cooking temperatures, etc.

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