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She is still eating and drinking and has bouts of playfulness and wants lots of pets and hugs. I am hoping that her GI system is just recovering and this is part of the process. I went to the vet and was given antibiotics as well as probiotics. He also gave her a shot of cortisone to calm her GI system. I have been unsuccessful getting the antibiotics into her and she doesn't like the probiotic powder in her food so I am not sure whats next.

She seems like she is in good spirits but then she has frequent visits to the litter box without much success. She also keeps licking her bum so something's still not quite right with her and I am worried. Needless to say - I do not have a Jade tree anymore.

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At least I think he did. I'm not sure if he just chewed the leaves or actually ate them and I've no idea how much - it's simply my best guess as to what happened to him. On Monday evening I noticed him crouched hiding in a corner, Maybe sleeping- which isn't exactly normal, but sometimes he does hide and sleep. I figured he'd had enough of my kids messing with him and wanted some space. I let him alone. Next day Tuesday , I picked him up and it was immediately apparent he was very sick. His eyes rolled around his body was limp, he seemed to be breathing ok, but he lacked muscle control and was almost catatonic.

There was no vomiting. No seizures, I immediately suspected the plants but figured it was too late at least 18 hours to induce vomiting. I decided to give him eyedroppers of water and watch him. The next day - Wednesday-he was worse. Much worse. His throat was completely swollen. He refused food or water. His breathing was labored. Plus he was disoriented, largely non responsive, and had clear neurological issues- wobbly, couldn't stand or walk etc By this time I was sure whatever happened was very serious, and he would need to be hospitalized - but he might not make it no matter what we did.

I took him to the emergency vet hospital just to see if there was anything that could be done. The vet didn't seem to think he had been poisoned. She said it looked like a head trauma to her- but there were no obvious signs of external injury and he had a fever of He had gotten out in the yard earlier in the day before onset of symptoms so it's not impossible that he could have climbed up something and fallen, but how would he have gotten back inside after such a severe injury? I also questioned my kids if they had been playing too rough or shaken him, and both swore they didn't.

And they are always gentle with him, so that seemed very unlike them. Also what about the fever? Vet said that was more indicative of an infection. Anyway, she said we couldn't definitely diagnose the cause but he was severely impaired and the prognosis wasn't good. Later that day the swelling was down and he started lifting his head, even trying to walk. Today is Thursday. He's walking. Has taken food and water on his own and has used the litter box. But he still seems off balance, bumps into things, and doesn't seem to respond to movements or loud noises and I'm almost positive that he's blind and possibly deaf.

So now my question is does this sound like jade poisoning to anyone else? Or did he get an infection? A spider bite? Or hit his head? And what are the chances he'll recover his vision? My cat started vomiting up white mucus foam for 3 days then stopped. I took him to the vet where they did blood work and gave him an exam.

They felt no obstructions in the belly, the liver, kidney blood work was off but not overly so.

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We put him on antibiotics in case of infection. They wanted to do x- rays , ultra sound, Iv fluids for 2 days. My cat who was healthy i s 15 so I do not want to spend that money i do love him. I have only been able to give him frisky treats and he will lick gravy off of various foods I have tried.

He walks around the house , sleeps with me and purrs with attention. I have a jade plant in my sun room and am now thinking he could have chewed on it. I do not see evidence. I also have a lilly on the table. It has been a week of vet trips and I am worried as he is much thinner and only eating 6 friskies and gravy a day,.

I had a couple of jade plant indoors. I saw Midnight kitten around it. Not sure if she ate any of it. No symptoms are showing at this time. No vomiting, coordination is intact, she is chasing toys, running around the room, and still playing as if nothing is wrong. Now she is eating her cat food. If she did eat any of the jade, how long until symptoms appear? I'm pretty sure my cat Nole ate some of my jade plant. His eyes are dilated and he's very jumpy and his tail is moving a lot, like he is mad. No throwing up yet and I'm pretty he ate it about 24 hours ago.

Risk or concern as a Bonsai plant leaves munched outside? Just caught him munching the gardenia leaves. The Jade looks ok, not touched.

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He seems fine though. My cat has thrown up about 5 times in the past few days. It looks like normal vomit, just cat food in it, and I noticed she had been eating faster so I thought that might have been the issue. Then I noticed a Jade plant at my grandmas house and I think Lexi has been playing with it and biting it. She seems the same temperament, just been vomiting. What should I do? Hi There, my cat Sugar is drooling excessively. She has always drooled a drop or two when cuddled and purring I always thought it was cute but just today it became constant.

When she wakes up from her naps I've had to wipe her chin for her! She doesn't seem to notice or even be bothered - still eating, drinking, playing, running, napping normally, etc. I literally just bought a tiny jade plant yesterday, but I don't think she's even seen it yet, as I put it in the laundry room sink to re-pot.

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But there is always a chance Should I be concerned if she has no other symptoms than drooling? Thank you for your help! Thank you so much! I will definitely get rid of the jade plant. It is the second day and she is still drooling, so I think I will take her to the vet to get checked out.

I appreciate your response. Dog Walking. Dog Sitting. Dog Boarding.

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