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Grubby book may have mild dirt or some staining, mostly on the edges of pages. Seller Inventory CHL Dispatched daily from the UK. Published by Harlequin, Mills and Boon About this Item: Harlequin, Mills and Boon, Even if he wants to take this to court, between signing away the rights and throwing her out in the middle of the night - he doesn't stand a chance NO MATTER how much money he makes.

Once again, pro bono.

It's even better that he is rich, there are pro bono lawyers who would LOVE to drag him to the mud, which he thoroughly deserved, and the sad SOB couldn't even keep it in his pants and stay celibate before planning his extravagant "sexual harassment campaign "!

View all 9 comments. I love an asshole Hero. In fact, I strive to read stories about them. Asshole heroes have to eventually have a likable quality somewhere in the story though. I never felt that with this hero. This should have been a perfect read for me. An asshat Hero wrongly judging his heroine and then casting her out of his life, refusing to talk to her ever again. This is one of my most favorite tropes, only something in this story was missing. Her mother treated her like a loser for coming home pregnant and unwed. Roxanne refused to listen to Scarlett's plea not to tell Alessandro they would work for him, and in fact threatened to quit if Scarlett didn't take the job, despite learning everything about their history and how badly he had devastated Scarlett.

Roxanne bailed on Scarlett despite Scarlett begging her not to leave her alone with him when Alessandro entered their place of work. Roxanne would talk to Alessandro on the phone about Scarlett behind her back. Roxanne admitted that she never believed Matthew's father was dead, but that Scarlett had sluttily hooked up with one of their friends to get pregnant. And then to top it all off Roxanne constantly pushes Scarlett to get back into a relationship with Alessandro despite knowing how awfully he treated her friend, and how he refused to even acknowledge his son was his.

With a friend like obnoxious Roxanne, who needs enemies?? The way he talks down to her, refusing to believe the kid could possibly be his child, telling Scarlett how slutty she was and then constantly telling Scarlett how she is quite the money grubber and she always has been.

Once he knows for certain that Matthew is his child, he tells Scarlett he wants to marry her. He plans the entire marriage ceremony, never allowing Scarlett to have any say in anything but the dress, he just wants her to show up to the ceremony. So romantic! This last part of the story was a dud for me.

I never did warm up to Alessandro. He was snarky and he still put in his shitty digs in towards Scarlett. He had to keep acting like an asshole. Every time Alessandro would cut Scarlett with a nasty dig that would piss her off though, he would get a free pass. He just seduced her with his magic penis and all of her hurt feelings magically go away.

After all his disgusting behavior through the story, this was way too little too late. This ending didn't feel genuine and it was pathetically inadequate. View all 16 comments. Nope, just nope. About BJs. He is enraged and throws her out, refusing to listen to her explanations. Years later, despite her valiant efforts to get in touch with him about his paternity, all of which is ignored, he comes a knocking with an opportunity to take her business to high places.

He blackmails her into accepting a lucrative long-term contra Nope, just nope. He blackmails her into accepting a lucrative long-term contract with him or he will make her life miserable by bad-mouthing her business. Of course, all he wants is to get in her pants and eventually she capitulates and they have sex, and after some token lets-not-regret-this conversation, the H discovers he has a small problem: a penis that refuses to quit.

And not even the idiocy of not using contraception despite having concrete-proof that his little swimmers work. With HIS child. He has insulted her, refuses to even discuss the possibility of him being the father of her child, had threatened to destroy her hard earned business and she decides… BJ, darling? And worst of all, since there was no exotic Greek spittoon nearby, my mind diabolically supplied the obvious conclusion: she swallowed. Now it was only a couple of sentences but it just put me off the whole book.

Come on, authors, a blow job is called a job for a reason. Think gag reflex, aching jaws. The author conveyed something to the effect that she gave him a BJ as a way of showing her power over him. So that just ruined it for me. And it was a pity because it had all the makings of a 4-star novel once the H discovered how wrong he was. His anguish just jumped out through the pages.

For once, his reason for disbelieving paternity was perfect view spoiler [ He had a vasectomy. He even had it checked to make sure it was successfully done. As he was a carrier for a life-threatening blood disorder, he did not want it passed on to his children. Guess the author found another way to do that. And for some annoying reason this h kept rolling her lips throughout the book. I understand biting your lips, pressing your lips together but rolling your lips? How does one do that?

This novel could have been fixed easily. So he was angry about the perceived cheating when he threw her out, but he could have sent a car after her to make sure that she was alright. And a little cut and paste of that BJ scene to much later on would have been better view spoiler [ for example after his second vasectomy, as part of a nice foreplay scene. He was responsible enough to redo the procedure ouch as soon as he realised the baby was his.

It was a hopeful but realistic future. It still works as an easy read. May 09, Aayesha Khatri rated it liked it Shelves: alpha-gamma-hero , trope-accidental-pregnancy , brooding-hero , businessman , hero-famous-celebrity-in-limelight , trope-estranged-couple-romance , trope-perceived-unrequited-love , romance-contemporary , sex-scenes-well-written , child-children-in-story. Heroine is not a virgin! Yes, that was a major factor for the 3-star rating, it was because of that that I didn't like the heroine that much. She was a lukewarm heroine for me.

And the child was barely there in the story, and I just didn't feel the relationship between the mother and child. The hero, on the other hand View all 8 comments. Oct 11, AvidReader rated it it was ok.

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Only plus point was he sought her out after separation. In my opinion that was also a little too late. To be accurate 4 years. Feb 01, Jasbell76 rated it did not like it Shelves: cruel-hero , hero-i-wanna-smack , hero-i-hate , hero-is-a-jerk , misunderstanding , mistress-heroine , secret-baby-or-child , arrogant-hero , nearthental-hero , asshole-hero. Less than 1. View all 4 comments. Feb 26, KatieV rated it liked it Shelves: second-chance , hqn-presents , avail-on-scribd , long-seperation , heroine-non-virginal , heroine-mistress , blackmail , locale-england , insane-hp-tycoon-logic , pet-peeve.

It was emotional and kept me reading just to see what outrageous stunt the H would pull next. He could be amazingly ruthless, even though I never bought it. He tried to play it off as a temporary thing and that she'd only 3. He tried to play it off as a temporary thing and that she'd only be a mistress, but I wasn't convinced. He was just hoping to convince himself. But, big negative, this one has my biggest HP pet peeve He just assumes that the woman he'd been living with was a big whore, with no evidence to support it and boots her out.

Granted, this guy had a bit more confirmation than some HP heroes of his sterility and he had a fear of being a father, but he should have faced up to it and had the DNA test. Especially given the family history, it was simply the responsible thing to do even if he didn't really believe there was much chance of it being possible.

I can forgive an initial blow up, but he should have cooled down and come after her and insisted on knowing for sure. I wish she hadn't "melted" every time he touched her. I know that's typical, but can't they at least pretend to be turned off? In fact, why would she even have to pretend with someone who was still believing her to be a liar and cheat. That's a libido killer for me. Nov 06, Alex is The Romance Fox rated it really liked it Shelves: harlequin-mills-boon , authors-i-o , romance.

This was really an emotional read. The plot dealt with a very real and sad issue and I could understand why the hero behaved in such a cruel way with the heroine at the beginning of their affair. Scarlett was such a real and likable heroine. She struggled a lot with the decisions she had made but never gave up on the love she feels for her little son, who is absolutely adorable. Five years after being so cruelly thrown out by Alessandro, Scarlett finds it difficult to forgive him but once she disco This was really an emotional read.

Five years after being so cruelly thrown out by Alessandro, Scarlett finds it difficult to forgive him but once she discovers the reason, she's unable to not understand his pain and suffering. A lovely and heart-warming story. Dec 08, Jenny rated it really liked it Shelves: steamy , made-me-cry. Hero threw pregnant heroine out on the street cause he thinks she cheated on him since he had a vasectomy and is unable to have kids. Three years later Alessandro finds out that Scarlett's child is his son. He is in shock and scared to death about his son and his dark secret that might ruin their happiness.

Very emotional and touching love story. Hero was a sad, complex man with a heartbreaking past and I couldn't help but feel for him. Heroine was a caring mother with a big heart. I liked how s Hero threw pregnant heroine out on the street cause he thinks she cheated on him since he had a vasectomy and is unable to have kids. I liked how she forgave Alessandro and was not resentful or bitter. She was very supportive and once she found out about his illness and how it might affect their son I admired her bravery and courage!

The epilogue where it's disclosed that their little daughter, Mia, is a carrier of cystic fibrosis is bitter-sweet. Apr 06, iamGamz rated it liked it Recommends it for: Romance fans, Chick-Lit fans, Anyone who wants to really hate on the hero. Shelves: contemporary-romance , harlequin-mills-boon , adult-fiction. She fell head over heels for the gorgeous Italian and changed all her plans to spend time with him. They spent a couple months together, mostly in his bed, and when Scarlett tells him she's pregnant with his child, he kicks her out, in the middle of the night.

The Marciano Love-Child (Mills & Boon Modern): First edition

Calls her a whore, accuses her of screwing around on him, claims that the baby isn't his, and kicks her out in the middle f the freaking night!! Four years later, Scarlett has had her son, started a somewhat successful interior design company with her best friend Roxanne and is doing great. And who walks back into her life acting like a butt-head? Alessandro Marciano; Signor Slimeball! He has chosen to harass Scarlett by hiring her company to decorate a hotel he is renovating. Great opportunity for her, but once she signs the contract, he starts making inappropriate demands.

Two words for your Scarlett: Sexual Harassment! She eventually gives in and allows him back into her life. It isn't until halfway through the book, when he see's her computer screensaver of pictures of her son, that he realizes that the child is actually his and Scarlett did not lie to him.

So I didn't understand why he kept insisting that the baby was not his And why the hell didn't Scarlett just ask him why? It turns out that Alessandro had a vasectomy many years earlier, when he learned that he was the carrier for an awful disease. He decided never to pass the gene on to another generation.

He made this decision after watching his younger brother suffer and eventually die from the disease, and then his parents marriage fall apart afterward. I now understood why he could have felt that way, however, but even so! After learning that the kid was his son, he had guilt up the yahzoo, but did that stop the assholery? Now his demands are not just "sleep with me" but 'marry me cause I want me child.

This dude is not winning any medals here. It took a journalist to blurt out the entire story before Scarlett learns of the possible threat to her son. And strangely enough, she still married the D-Bag because she loves him and he's her son's father. Of course, in the Harlequin universe, it all works out beautifully, the son doesn't have the disease, they create another perfect child that he didn't want together and while she didn't have the disease either, she turned out to be a carrier. I enjoyed every moment I spent silently cursing Alessandro Marciano and calling him the vilest of names.

Mar 15, B. Four years ago Alessandro and Scarlett had a great love affair that ended when she told him she was pregnant and him telling her to leave with the baby that wasn't his.

Now Scarlett has a business that is doing well but not well enough and a little boy that she loves dearly. When she finds out Alessandro is back and wants her to decorate his new hotel Scarlett has no intentions of helping till he blackmails her. Now Scarlett is spending way too much time with Alessandro and quickly falling into Four years ago Alessandro and Scarlett had a great love affair that ended when she told him she was pregnant and him telling her to leave with the baby that wasn't his.

Now Scarlett is spending way too much time with Alessandro and quickly falling into his charm. Seeing Alessandro now makes Scarlett even more convinced that she needs to prove their child his really his, Alessandro has no plans of ever claiming his son. Till he see's him. Now everything has changed and Alessandro's whole outlook on life is centered around Scarlett and their boy, and he has every intuition of keeping them both no matter what. I had a hard time with this one on one hand I read this book from start to finish and didn't want to stop reading it.

On the other hand I had a hard time with many things that happened in this book. And I know that Harlequin books almost have a prerequisite but this one went too far in some areas. For example the people who are supposed to love and support Scarlett treated her horribly and when you think they would have put her first they didn't with the exception of a few people. Her friend wasn't a friend and her sister was only worried about herself and money.

Alessandro got away with way too much, and yes I know heroes get away with way more in books like this but their was no consequences for Alessandro. I understood Alessandro's anger for what he believed but there was never really any consequences for his actions and while he was off living his life our heroine was at home not living at all. When she see's the hero again her reactions just irritated me. I get loving someone and being very attracted to them but to have no self control especially with a heroine bugs the crap out of me.

Again this book wasn't all bad the story flowed really well and even through my irritation not always I didn't want to put this book down, at one point I tried and just couldn't.

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I also do believe that Alessandro truly loved Scarlett and that Scarlett loved him just the same. I think some of my negativity might be that this type of book is slowly becoming a style that I am moving away from. I love a book where the hero is a jerk and then really really makes up for it ands turns into a great hero. I think this book might have been better if we hadn't had so much time with the hero being a jerk and more of them after he realizes all of his mistakes and more of them together.

View all 5 comments. Nov 22, Danielle rated it really liked it Shelves: harlequin-presents , stars-hp , read , harlequin-presents-challenge , nov-read. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This is my first review I'm doing on my phone. Let's see how it goes and might limit the length of my review so let's get started.

I really loved the story and the characters and I was really invested in the story. The couple had a history before the story began. They had a relationship which was hot and passionate as it This is my first review I'm doing on my phone. They had a relationship which was hot and passionate as it was in the present time and the chemistry carried through from page one all the way to the last one. And their relationship was hot and smoking all the way through. In the past, their relationship with Scarlett being his mistress was seemingly perfect until Scarlett found out she was pregnant then all hell broke loose.

Alessandro was angry and threw Scarlett out of his house and said some scathing comments to her which devastated her because she loved him and thinking their relationship for him was jus all about sex and nothing more. So she was heartbroken and left intent to raise her son on her own and forgot all about Alessandro. Of coarse he came back into her life and wanted to hire her to design one of his buildings he just bought and wound up blackmailing her by threatening her business if she didn't comply with his wishes.

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Scarlett had misgivings about allowing him back in life for one she still loved him and two feared what would happen with her son. But the hit chemistry still existed with them and was off the charts and was unstoppable that neither of them could resist. I liked the whole backstory with them and how both were hurt by the ending of their relationship. Alessandro felt betrayed because he thought she cheated on him and the baby wasn't his because he had a vasectomy so he figured he couldn't father a child.

And I could his pain of loosing her as well as the guilt when he found out that she was in fact telling the truth and how much pain he put he through. I loved seeing that vulnerable side to him. And really enjoyed seeing him try to make it up to her. Before the revelation that he was the father, I loved seeing the back and forth between them with lots of tension between the pair. It just added to the angst of the story. I loved seeing it all back and forth. Plus the tension added a few degrees to their chemistry which was great.

It was practically melting the pages. Loved it. Plus the emotions and hurts going on oozed off the page. It was just so great to witness. Loved rawness that was there. Then I learned why he was so against have children and it was a heartbreaking reason that made me feel his pain so much more. He lost his brother due to a genetic disease which was painful and hard for him to witnessed his brother's suffering and never wanted to put his child through that so he had the vasectomy. Again I loved seeing that vulnerable side to him. And add to the fact he thought she cheated on him and pregnant with someone else child.

So he had a whole lot of pain that he went through in the book and made him human and made me love him as a character. Now she went through a lot too and overcame it and became a successful single mother who vowed to do the best to raise her son the best way she could while dealing with her own emotional pain. And she had a lot as well. She couldn't believe that he didn't believe he didn't believe he was the father of her child and she felt betrayed by him as well. And she has to deal with that but she was strong and determined mother. I liked her so much.