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THE OBESITY PARADOX by Carl J. Lavie , Kristin Loberg | Kirkus Reviews

Fat isn't the problem. Dieting is the problem.

A society that rejects anyone whose body shape or size doesn't match an impossible ideal is the problem. A medical establishment that equates "thin" with "healthy" is the problem. The solution?

The Obesity Paradox : When Thinner Means Sicker and Heavier Means Healthier

The Health at Every Size program. Tune in to your body's expert guidance. Find the joy in movement. Eat what you want, when you want, choosing pleasurable foods that help you to feel good. You too can feel great in your body right now - and this book will show you how.

The obesity paradox : when thinner means sicker and heavier means healthier

The bestselling classic that redefined our view of the relationship between beauty and female identity. In today's world, women have more power, legal recognition, and professional success than ever before.

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I must admit that what has proved to be groundbreaking research has been quite controversial and surprising to me as a physician; in many ways, the "obesity paradox has turned conventional wisdom on its head. There is no question that obesity adversely affects most of the major cardiovascular disease risk factors by increasing arterial pressure, adversely affecting lipids especially increasing triglycerides and reducing levels of the cardioprotective HDL-cholesterol , raising glucose levels and increasing the risk of impaired fasting glucose, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes mellitus , as well as inflammation e.

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Not surprisingly, most cardiovascular diseases are increased in the setting of obesity. However, although our initial studies in the early s were highly criticized by reviewers as being implausible and flawed, now the obesity paradox has been demonstrated in HF, coronary heart disease, hypertension, atrial fibrillation, and many other conditions, including in individual studies and large meta-analyses.

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Although the exact mechanisms for this puzzling obesity paradox remains unclear and controversial, and some studies suggested that this is due to various confounders which I disagree with for the most part , now currently many physicians recognize this paradox, particularly in patients with cardiovascular disease. I have been honored to provide several State-of-the- Art papers on this topic in the JACC journals, the first of which has been cited more than times.

However, my book agent convinced me that bringing this message to the public was an important one, which hopefully would allow many patients to learn that thinner is not always healthier and that, although fat has been often demonized by our society, fat is not always the "devil.

In fact, our research shows that fitness is much more important than weight regarding long-term health outcomes, which is discussed in detail in my last JACC State-of-the-Art paper 5 and in my book, The Obesity Paradox ,6 which was published in April with the great help of my collaborator, Kristin Loberg, who has published many top-selling books. This book has been the topic of multiple television, radio, print, and electronic media reports during the past several months, including in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

Whatever sorrow shakes from your heart, far better things will take their place.

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