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In recent years, I have dedicated my studies to alternative methods of renormalization in field theory.

Statistical Mechanics - 1st Edition

At the same time, I have also worked on the development of cluster algorithms for the study of spin systems. The dynamics of these algorithms enables to, among other things, eliminate hysteresis effects in first-order phase transitions.

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Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics and stochastic dynamics. Topics of investigation: a Non-equilibrium phase transitions; b Generation of entropy in Markov processes. Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics of physicochemical systems and systems of biological interest hydrophobic effect, aggregation, proteins and membranes. Analytical treatment and numerical simulation of minimal models.

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Nonlinear dynamical systems, complex systems and interdisciplinary applications for statistical mechanics. Numerical modeling and simulation. Research involving statistic physics of disorganized systems, with an emphasis on models for magnetic systems and liquid crystals, and the theoretic study of crack propagation in disorganized systems.

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Phase transitions and critical phenomena. Disordered systems. I do not know that I shall have anything particularly new in substance, but shall be contented if I can so choose my standpoint as seems to me possible as to get a simpler view of the subject.

Gibbs' book simplified statistical mechanics into a treatise of pages. At the same time, Gibbs fully generalized and expanded statistical mechanics into the form in which it is known today.

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Gibbs showed how statistical mechanics could be used even to extend thermodynamics beyond classical thermodynamics, to systems of any number of degrees of freedom including microscopic systems and non-extensive systems. At the time of the book's writing, the prevailing understanding of nature was purely in classical terms as quantum mechanics had not yet been conceived; even basic facts taken for granted today such as the existence of atoms were still contested among scientists. Your Review. Name Email Mobile No Message.

Elementary Principles in Statistical Mechanics.

Fundamentals Of Statistical Mechanics

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An introduction to statistical mechanics and the principle of equal a priori probabilities

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