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Muniba Mazari decided to find her inner strength by using art as a tool after a car accident which left her paralysed, nine years ago. A dreamer, Ms Mazari chose art as a way to break free from the fetters of her physical disability and transcend into the vibrant world Yalemwork was married when she was just 3 years old but has since become a key advocate for ending child marriage in her community.

Yellow by Don Lee

The UK funded Finote Hiwot programme runs community discussions about early marriage in her village which has resulted in many girls like Yalemwork escaping child marriage They stop education. They lose their hope for living.

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And many of them are exposed to rape and domestic violence. This is not a life. It has to change. Girls are girls.


Not wives. And it can be changed. At the time of the wedding, I was very nervous. Photojournalist Daro Sulakauri grew up in Georgia and remembers one of her classmates getting married when they were both only And one of the biggest reasons audiences close your landing page without taking action is because your messaging or content is inconsistent. Message matching is key! The look and feel of your landing page is equally important. It should mirror the tone and visuals of your Stories for a seamless experience that draws audiences in.

Can a Burger Help Solve Climate Change?

Essential oil brand Vitruvi is a good example of an aligned Instagram Story and landing page:. Here are more tips for creating a landing page that converts.

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  • The story behind USC sophomore Katherine Ho’s recording of “Yellow” from “Crazy Rich Asians”!
  • Nervous exhaustion!

Even followers who like your Story might not be sure what the point is. A product reveal? A blog post? A longer video waiting for them on your website? A list of reasons to visit a florist?

Tips for choosing a bouquet? The next Stories in the sequence are much clearer:.

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Include text with your offer and CTA, or risk viewers missing these details altogether! You want your Stories to pique interest and drive audiences to your landing page.

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That means being selective and sharing important information, not every single detail! If your audience looks at the dashes along the top of the screen and sees that there are 20 Stories ahead of them, they might get overwhelmed and just skip them all. How much is too much? But only your die-hard fans will watch a dozen second videos in a row.

You may be nailing all these recommendations, and yet your Stories are still be falling flat.

  • Impossible Foods wants to save the world by inventing a better burger.?
  • Choose country?
  • Yellow (short story collection) - Wikipedia.

So how do you find out what your followers want to see? Fortunately, there are a ton of analytics that will tell you what kind of content resonates most with your followers. Instagram has some useful built-in statistics, but there are tons of other sources of data. Find out what analytics you should be tracking, and the tools you can use to track it. Qualitative research is valuable too, so talk to your followers!

Use Polls or Questions to gather feedback quickly on what they want to see from you, or what kinds of content they like best.


Always remember, your audience already likes your brand. They follow you for a reason! You just need to develop a solid understanding of who they are and what they like, and share Stories that speak to those interests. Save time managing your Instagram presence using Hootsuite.

From a single dashboard you can schedule and publish posts directly to Instagram, engage the audience, measure performance, and run all your other social media profiles. Try it free today. Get Started. Michelle Cyca is a writer, editor, and digital content strategist. Offline, she likes hefty magazines, public libraries, all-day breakfasts, and bike rides.

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