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Delivery time: 1 - 3 days. To cart. Questions about product wish list Please login to add products to the wish list. InStock It was a relationship that would prove highly successful and Allenby's Gunners provides a detailed and colorful description of the artillery war, cavalry and infantry operations from the first battles of Romani and Rafa, through the tough actions of Gaza, the Palestine desert, Jordan Valley and Amman to the capture of Jerusalem.

The story concludes with the superb victory of Megiddo and the taking of Damascus until the theater armistice of Smith Covers the trials and triumphs of the gunners as they honed their art in one of the most difficult battlefield environments of the war.

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The desert proved hostile and unrelenting, testing the gunners, their weapons and their animals in the harsh conditions. The gunners' adversary, the wily and skillful Ottoman artillerymen, endured the same horrendous conditions and proved a tough and courageous foe. The light horsemen and gunners also owed much to the intrepid airmen of the AFC and RFC whose tactical and offensive bombing and counter-battery work from mid would prove instrumental in securing victory.

This is an aspect of the campaign that is seamlessly woven throughout as the action unfolds.

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