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Travis CI may be employed as a post-commit safety valve - a clang-format lint failure as a compile break e. The proposal recommends to use one of the base styles without any modification. It is possible to fine-tune the configuration, but this RFC aims for simplicity. EditorConfig is currently in use and. The EOL marker is considered to be a part of a file encoding decision and not part of any coding style.

The EOL marker can be enforced as project-wide setting controlled with. While it may seem causing clutter in the repository log eg. One way to cope with skewed history is to use git blame -w which ignores whitespace when comparing commits. Partial application of the code formatting rules would create more work without delivering the full benefit [MongoDB] leading to codebase with different styles mixed.

It is highly recommended to use clang-format integration while writing a code.

2. Indentation and Formatting

If you have to commit change in code formatting, do it in separate commit. Avoid commits with a mixture of code and formatting changes. There is downside of history clutter in repository, but this proposal states that a codebase with different styles across is even worse. FAQ License. Author: Kurt Schwehr Contact: schwehr google. The case statement is indented.

Boolean expressions at the same nesting level that span multiple lines should have their operators on the left side of the line instead of the right side. Do not place spaces around unary operators. Do place spaces around binary and ternary operators. Place spaces around the colon in a range-based for loop.

C++ Programming

Do not place spaces before comma and semicolon. Place spaces between control statements and their parentheses. Do not place spaces between a function and its parentheses, or between a parenthesis and its content. When initializing an object, place a space before the leading brace as well as between the braces and their content. In Objective-C, do not place spaces between the start of a block and its arguments, or the start of a block and its opening brace. Do place a space between argument lists and the opening brace of the block. Each statement should get its own line.

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An else statement should go on the same line as a preceding close brace if one is present, else it should line up with the if statement. An else if statement should be written as an if statement when the prior if concludes with a return statement. Function definitions: place each brace on its own line.

5 Making The Best Use of C

Other braces: place the open brace on the line preceding the code block; place the close brace on its own line. One-line control clauses should not use braces unless comments are included or a single statement spans multiple lines. Control clauses without a body should use empty braces:. In Objective-C, instance variables are initialized to zero automatically. Unless required in order to force floating point math, do not append. Use CamelCase. Capitalize the first letter, including all letters in an acronym, in a class, struct, protocol, or namespace name. Lower-case the first letter, including all letters in an acronym, in a variable or function name.

Use full words, except in the rare case where an abbreviation would be more canonical and easier to understand. Use bare words for getters. The getter function for a member variable should not have any suffix or prefix indicating the function can optionally create or initialize the member variable.

C++ Programming Style Guidelines

Suffix the getter function which does not automatically create the object with IfExists if there is a variant which does. Leave meaningless variable names out of function declarations. Usually, there should be a parameter name for bools, strings, and numerical types. Prefer enums to bools on function parameters if callers are likely to be passing constants, since named constants are easier to read at the call site.

An exception to this rule is a setter function, where the name of the function already makes clear what the boolean is. Objective-C method names should follow the Cocoa naming guidelines — they should read like a phrase and each piece of the selector should start with a lowercase letter and use intercaps. Enum members should use InterCaps with an initial capital letter. Prefer const to define.

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  7. Prefer inline functions to macros. Macros that expand to function calls or other non-constant computation: these should be named like functions, and should have parentheses at the end, even if they take no arguments with the exception of some special macros like ASSERT.

    Note that usually it is preferable to use an inline function in such cases instead of a macro.