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Andreas Heinen is researcher at the University of Luxembourg. He has many years of experience in both quantitative and qualitative youth research. His primary research interests are youth transitions, migration and social reporting. He is co-author of the luxembourgish youth report and involved in many local and national youth research projects. His background is in political science, moral philosophy, antropology, and social psychology. Bergan has previously worked as an advisor at the National Service for Special Needs Education Statped in Oslo Norway, and as a facilitator with the trial, following the terrorist attacks at Utoya and in Oslo in Ana Cristina Garcia works in the Sport and Youth Portuguese Institute with programs and projets connected with free time and volunteering.

In she was awarded an academic scholarship as visiting PhD candidate at the University of Vienna. Since she has been the Romanian national coordinator of the No Hate Speech Movement youth initiative of the Council of Europe, implemented in 45 countries. Since the beginning of her engagement in in the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Serbia her responsibilities have been in a close link with National and European youth policies.

She had the opportunity to actively take part in the design of the Serbian National Youth Strategy, activities related to career guidance and counselling of young people, regional youth mobility and organization of the work of the Youth Council — Governmental advisory body. She took part in great number of the international activities both on youth and sport policies. She is a member of numerous task forces at national level dealing with youth issues. She completed part of her studies in Lisbon, Portugal.

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She has completed several internships and attended several conferences with a contributions related to youth work. In , she was chosen to represent Slovak republic at a Young Leaders Summit aimed at youth, which took place in Seoul, Korea and was organised by Asia-Europe Foundation. As a volunteer, she also actively dedicate her time to youth work as a co-founder of non-governmental organization Future Generation Europe aimed at projects of non-formal education for young people.

She believes in the power of active cooperation of stakeholders in the field of youth and wishes for stronger recognition of youth work. Tomislav holds bachelor degree in Public Administration and has extensive experience in youth policy development over the past 9 years. He was consultant in the preparation of the National Youth Strategy — , and holds expertise and extensive knowledge in youth participation. Additionally, Tomislav holds expertise in continuous research process on the right to participation of children and youth and expertise in Results Based Approach in PCM.

Main activities: Contributing to several NJi projects about strengthening children and youth wellbeing in cooperation with the youth field; Collecting, writing and publishing online and offline in English about youth policy and participating in expert meetings; National correspondent on Dutch youth policies for Youth Wiki, the online encyclopedia on youth policies in Europe.

Research interest :Volunteering, evidence-baced youth policy, civic education, non-formal education methods, professional competence of youth workers, project management in the youth field. My professional goals are to provide development of evidence-baced youth policy and to make researches on youth interesting and understandable for the young people directly. During the years took part in researches on the topic:.

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Social exclusion and social inclusion of young people in Ukraine, Institutionalization of civic participation of young people in the process of modernization of Ukraine, National and patriotic consciousness of the Ukrainian youth: the criteria and mechanisms of formation. I also participates in the preparation of annual reports to the President of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the situation of young people. I have a successful experience of the cooperation with public autorities and NGO's in the field of youth policy.

October 7 th meeting.

January 6 th meeting. November 5 th meeting. March 4 th meeting. October 3 rd meeting. February 2 nd meeting.

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October 1 st meeting. September She has participated in a series of trainings on youth policy and youth work. Jehona ROKA.

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Belgium Flemish speaking community. Studies on public opinion of the Bush administration's energy policies show that the public pays more attention to issues that receive a lot of media coverage, and forms collective opinions about these issues. This demonstrates that the mass media attention to an issue affects public opinion. More so, extensive exposure to television has led to "mainstreaming", aligning people's perception of political life and society with television's portrayal of it. There are different patterns in socialization based on race, ethnicity, gender, age, income, education, geographic region, and city size.

For example, generally, African Americans and Hispanics rely on television for their information more than white people. More women than men watch daytime television, and more men than women follow sports programs. Older people read more newspapers than younger people, and people from the ages of twelve to seventeen although they consume the most media consume the least amount of news.

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  • Northerners listen to radio programs more than Southerners do. News outlets on the East Coast tend to cover international affairs in Europe and the Middle East the most, while West Coast news outlets are more likely to cover Asian affairs; this demonstrates that region affects patterns in media socialization.

    Income level is also an important factor; high-income families rely more on print media than television, and consume less television than most of the population. Ultimately, however, the common core of information, and the interpretation the media applies to it, leads to a shared knowledge and basic values throughout the United States.

    Most media entertainment and information does not vary much throughout the country, and it is consumed by all types of audiences.

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    Although there are still disagreements and different political beliefs and party affiliations, generally there are not huge ideological disparities among the population because the media helps create a broad consensus on basic US democratic principles. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Political sociology: Oppression, resistance, and the state. Thousand Oaks: Pine Forge Press. A formidable exploration of the nature of contemporary childhood in globally disparate regions. Linking key concepts, themes and problems together, the text offers an interdisciplinary approach with its topical and timely case studies and illustrations which illuminate the latest research in the field.

    William A. Mrs Mary-Louise Maynes. July 2, Report this review. For instructors This book is not available as an inspection copy.