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Forest Restoration In Landscapes: Beyond Planting Trees

For example, in close consultation with local communities, restoration plans can sustainably intensify the production of annual crops, tree crops, fruit tree orchards, and other perennials. In other cases, communities can site agricultural operations on deforested and degraded land rather than clear-cutting forest. Successful restoration generates a wide range of benefits—not only forest quantity and quality, but enhanced food security, improved air and water quality, climate change resilience, job creation, and more.

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Restoration objectives can be targeted to focus on achieving these various benefits, which can help secure greater investment and full community participation. According to a report from the International Food Policy Research Institute IFPRI , new agroforestry systems on five million hectares throughout Niger increased annual agricultural production by about , tons.

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  • Farmers in Burkina Faso have doubled grain yields using multiple water-harvesting techniques, including stone bunds and planting pits. Experiments in Zambia showed that maize yields increased by 88 to percent when grown in an agroforestry system under the canopies of Faiderbia albida trees. Local communities living in restored landscapes also benefit from increased resilience to climate change.

    For example, increased tree cover not only helps to sequester carbon and mitigate climate change, but provides rural communities with stocks of wood that can be sold to boost incomes and offset reduced grain harvests during periods of drought.

    Forest Restoration In Landscapes: Beyond Planting Trees 2005

    Increased tree cover in these regions also provides a suite of environmental benefits such as landslide prevention, water storage enhancement, reduced flooding, and enhanced recreational opportunities. We need a global movement to restore deforested and degraded lands back to productivity in ways that revitalize these landscapes for people and the planet. A The Sine Method: An Alternative Height Measurement Technique Recovery of planted loblolly pine 5 years after severe ice storms in Arkansas Potential contributions of figured wood to the practice of sustainable forestry A hierarchical approach for simulating northern forest dynamics Impacts and management implications of ice storms on forests in the southern United States Reference conditions for old-growth pine forests in the Upper West Gulf Coastal Plain.

    Furthermore, our developable frontiers have virtually run out—we must learn to make due with the landscapes we have already exploited. To aid in this endeavor, the Worldwide Fund for Nature, a. Forest Restoration in Landscapes is a compilation of WWF experiences in the establishment, maintenance, and evaluation of these efforts.

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    Forest Restoration in Landscapes: Beyond Planting Trees

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    Forest Restoration In Landscapes: Beyond Planting Trees 2005

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