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This was after the Germans had withdrawn to the Hindenberg line, allowing the British to recover bodies which in many cases had lain in No Mans Land since the start of the Somme battles more than six months earlier. The graves from the other three cemeteries were moved here into No. The superb flowers attract many butterflies, and as you walk around the cemetery some of the headstones are set very close together, some with two or three names inscribed, and the same date over and over again: the 1st of July There are special memorials to men known or believed to be among those buried here in three groups on the right hand side of the cemetery.

Travelling from Pusieux, the first reached is Owl Trench Cemetery. Early on a cool and crisp October day when I took these pictures the wires on the pylons which run overhead crackled in the slight mist, otherwise all was still. Rossignol Wood can be seen opposite the cemetery, the name of which comes from a German trench here which was taken by New Zealand troops in July , although the burials date from earlier. Within it, on the left hand side is a row of headstones, most with two or three names on: mainly men of the 16th West Yorkshires who died on the 27th of February These graves make up row A, and the records on the CWGC website for these men simply state 'Row A' as the burial location, without a grave number, as this is a mass grave with the exact location of individual graves unknown.

Owl Trench Cemetery. Forty-six men are buried in the mass grave in row A: on the right hand side in row B are the graves of seven unknown soldiers although their units are known: six men of the Kings Own Light Infantry five soldiers and one Corporal and one unknown West Yorkshire officer.

This is a tiny but beautiful and peaceful cemetery. Cross of Sacrifice and power lines at Owl Trench Cemetery.

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A little further along the road towards Gommecourt, and again on the left side is Rossignol Wood Cemetery. This is an interesting little cemetery, as there are actually more German graves here than British ones. There are 70 German and 41 British and Commonwealth graves here. There are also a smaller number of New Zealand graves dating from August Rossignol Wood Cemetery: German graves outnumber British.

Gommecourt Wood from Old German Front Line, September 27 | Imperial War Museums

After the Armistice, the German graves were made when bodies were recoverd from the battlefields just to the south and south-west of the cemetery. Of the 70 German graves, only 28 are identified. The Middlebrooks in their Somme Battlefields speculate that the German graves remain here because this cemetery lies just outside the Somme Depatment.

There is a good view from here of Rossignol Wood. The wood was taken by the Germans in their spring advance towards the end of March and was retaken around four months later. Rossignol Wood.

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Continuing north-west on the D6 road, there is a cross-roads shortly after the cemetery. The left turn leads towards Hebuterne, and the small road to the right leads past the north-west edge of Rossignol Wood. Entering the edge of this wood, the outlines of trenches are immediately clear to see. Trenchline in Rossignol Wood. Theodore Bayley Hardy was a man who as well as the Victoria Cross was also awarded the Distinguished Service Order and the Military Cross - and this was a man who was a non-combatant. His Victoria Cross was awarded when he was attached to the 8th Lincolns in On three days in April of that year he was involved in attending to wounded men whilst under heavy fire, without regard to his own safety.

The earlier actions took place near Bucquoy, but the later ones were east of Gommecourt. There are several specific instances recorded in his citation: he dug several men out who had been buried by a shell, brought in a wounded officer from yards beyond the front line and with a sergeant brought in a wounded man from within 10 yards of a German pillbox. His VC was awarded to him by the King, but he then returned to the front, was wounded and subsequently died less than a month before the end of the war.

He is buried at St. Sever Cemetery Extension near Rouen. It is almost impossible to contemplate the bravery of a man who was in his fifties and still risked his own life time and time again, not armed in an offennsive operation, but simply to try and help, rescue and alleviate the suffering of others, without a weapon and with so little thought for his own safety. Continuing a little further into the wood following the trench line, there are the remains of a pillbox to be seen.

It is some experience to be walking in these German trenches, and to look out from the edge of Rossignol wood towards where the British lines would have been. There are commanding views over the slope leading up to the wood, and the advantage of this higher ground is immediately apparent.

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A trench map from February shows what may well be the trenchline which can be seen today running along the south-west edge of Rossignol Wood, which then had barbed wire entanglements located in front of it. Remains of a bunker in Rossignol Wood. Returning back down the hill towards the D6, a hard-standing area at the cross-roads is one of many points where the 'iron harvest' of the Somme can sometimes be seen awaiting collection and disposal.

This is reached up steps through gates and then along a broad hedge-lined grass track. The graves are set with very irregular spacing between them. Hebuterne Military Cemetery. The cemetery was used at various stages through the war. It was started in August by the 48th South Midland Division, and used by them and various other units including the 56th London Division until early A refugee with her dog D. Sports D. Pierre Divion D. The concrete box in the middle of this scene gives the appearance of a formidable, solid construction.

The depressing confusion of muddy, collapsed trenches, however, gives this supposedly victorious scene a more dejected note. The trees in the scene are stripped and smashed and there is no landscape on the horizon to the give the scene context. The first attempt to take the German trenches in this area was carried out by the 46th Division in They were unsuccessful in meeting the 56th London Territorials Division and as a result it was reported that those who entered the German trenches never returned.

Remains of a German trench in Gommecourt. The latest weather data for Gommecourt were collected Wednesday, 25 September at from the nearest observation station of Arras. Gommecourt city Gommecourt hotel Gommecourt hotels map Gommecourt road map Gommecourt map Gommecourt photos Gommecourt weather Gommecourt population Gommecourt housing.

Find a town, a zip code, a department, a region The village of Gommecourt is a small village located north of France. The town of Gommecourt is located in the township of Pas-en-Artois part of the district of Arras. Geography and map of Gommecourt : The altitude of the city hall of Gommecourt is approximately meters. The Gommecourt surface is 3. The latitude and longitude of Gommecourt are The distances to these nearby towns of Gommecourt are calculated as the crow flies Population and housing of Gommecourt : The population of Gommecourt was in , in and in The population density of Gommecourt is The number of housing of Gommecourt was 41 in These homes of Gommecourt consist of 39 main residences, 1 second or occasional homes and 1 vacant homes.

I like Gommecourt! Administrative Information of Gommecourt Region :.

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Nord-Pas-de-Calais Nearby towns of Gommecourt Here are maps and information of the close municipalities near Gommecourt. See all the towns of Pas-de-Calais Distances are calculated as the crow flies. Geography of Gommecourt Area :. Latitude: Population and housings of Gommecourt Inhabitants in :.

Gommecourt Wood from Old German Front Line, September 27 1917

Population Gommecourt. Housing Gommecourt. Hotel Gommecourt. Book now!

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Best Price Guaranteed, no booking fees, pay at the hotel with our partner Booking. Find all hotels of Gommecourt : Hotel Gommecourt. Address : 1 rue basse Foncquevillers Distance Apartment - Gommecourt : 1. Guest accommodation : Le rossignol Le rossignol is located in Coigneux.

Map of Gommecourt. Map of Gommecourt : At right you can find the localization of Gommecourt on the map of France.