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Head First Design Patterns is probably the most useful book you can read from the series. Generally, design patterns are language and platform agnostic, so the knowledge you gain from this book can be applied anywhere.

Head First Design Patterns by Eric Freeman, First Edition

Which is totally fine, because they cover the most popular ones. Definitely do those, because it will solidify your understanding of the topic covered in that chapter. The idea behind those challenges is to involve you and make you think about the content you just read. And I have to say, it works beautifully. All in all, this is a really good book, that definitely deserves your attention.

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Something more fun. Each pattern includes a handy page reference to both Head First Design Patterns and the "Gang of Four" text, the canonical description of the pattern, and a visual guide designed and inspired by the examples in "Head First Design Patterns to jog your memory of the objects, classes and their relationships.

In addition, the poster includes the "best of" the Head First "Guide to Better Living with Patterns," including how to read a patterns catalog, the power of a shared vocabulary and annihilating evil with anti-patterns.

ISBN 13: 9781600330544

Visually appealing and truly useful, Head First Design Patterns Poster contains what you need to know at a glance. Eric Freeman is the director of engineering of new technologies at the Walt Disney Internet Group, focusing most recently on Digital Rights Management, content standards, new media formats, and video on demand over the Internet.

Elisabeth Freeman researches new technologies at the Walt Disney Internet Group, focusing most recently on Digital Rights Management, content standards, new media formats, and video on demand over the Internet. More recently, she's been a master trainer for Sun Microsystems, teaching Sun's java instructors how to teach the latest technologies to customers, and a lead developer of several Sun certification exams.

This is a gimmicky book that actually works for once.

Head First Design Patterns

It is an intelligent and well thought-out discussion of Java design patterns, and if you dont know what a design pattern is then this is an excellent way to find out. It is also an interested discussion of object-oriented design. I found that the authors often anticipated my reaction to their initial explanations and asked the questions that I would have asked had it been a lecture.

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