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Fully furnished. This e-Service comprises private residential property transactions with caveats lodged or options issued within the last 36 months. New sale transactions starting from 25 May are based on options issued by developers. Caveats are legal documents lodged by purchasers with the Singapore Land Authority to register their legal interest in the property. Caveats are usually lodged by purchasers after the Option-to Purchase is exercised or the Sales and Purchase agreement is signed.


It is not mandatory to lodge a caveat. As such, some transacted properties may not have caveats lodged against them.

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For subsale and resale transactions, information is updated on every Tuesday and Friday. Respecting the right of private property is essential to a just and prosperous society. But government at all levels—local, state and federal—routinely infringe on these rights. Today, two of the greatest threats to private property rights are the abuse of eminent domain and civil forfeiture laws.

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But in the s and early s, local governments increasingly used eminent domain for private development. In Kelo v. New London , the U.

Supreme Court ruled that the government could condemn homes and businesses, not for a genuine public use but to hand them over to private developers. We are committed to defending property owners who face eminent domain for private gain. Civil forfeiture allows law enforcement to seize and keep private property, even if the owner has never been charged with a crime.

We are leading the charge to restore due process and respect for property rights. No one should lose his or her property without being convicted of a crime.

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Lancaster, Pa. Arlington, Va. The lawsuit was brought by two Doraville homeowners and two others who commute through Doraville. These plaintiffs partnered with the Institute for Justice IJ , a non-profit,….