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Description Review of probability and sampling methods; modeling of random experiments; linear and nonlinear transformations of random vectors; discrete-time and continuous-time random processes; analysis and processing of random signals; Markov chains. Applications will span diverse areas such as communication networks, genetics, financial markets, … etc.

Probability and Stochastic Processes [Book]

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Introduction to Probability and Stochastic Processes

Academic Support Services. AUC Press. From this time, a prize in form of books was aawarded to the best poster determined by a undisclosed jury consisting of some of the LPS participants.

Hazra of Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata for his work on "An inverse problem on randomly wighted series". There were more than 50 participants in the workshop with a healthy proportion of research scholars among them. Out of nine posters by senior research scholars, the best award went to "Sharp threshold properties of left-right crossing in the Poisson Boolean Model" by Ghurumuruhan Ganesan of Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi. Three other posters were also given honourable mention: "Process convergence of self normalized sums on i.

This year the workshop was attended by more than 50 enthusiastic participants.

Nearly sixty researchers actively participated in the workshop. There were more than 55 participants.

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Fifteen posters were presented. There was one minicourse on "Markov chains: Mixing time, cover time, and rate of escape" which was offered by Yuval Peres, Microsoft Research, Redmond, U. There were five posters.

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The course materials can be found at this link. The lectures were videotaped and uploaded here. There were sixty five participants, of which, three presented posters and thirteen gave short talks. The participants went for an excursion to Humayun's tomb and Nizamuddin Aulia's stepwell. The respective topics were "Exclusion processes with drift" and "An introduction to the Gaussian free field and Liouville quantum gravity".

There were eight short talks and eight posters. The meeting was attended by seventy five participants.