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Julia Child Recipe of the Week. Jazz Appreciation. Freedom Summer. From the Collections. It is surprising, perhaps, that this kind of tour has never happened — especially back when go-go was bigger. But anyone who knows the scene well says this makes sense. Go-go has also never done a big tour, according to Hammond, the go-go historian, because bands historically had a fear of leaving the District. As an example, he cited the band Trouble Funk.

And a lot of people are interested.

Go-go music becomes protest music in Washington, D.C. - tyruvyvizo.cf

Becky Marcus, the go-go manager and promoter, who now works primarily with Rare Essence, said that the national success of other regional music, such as New Orleans jazz, shows that go-go can move elsewhere. Indeed, even in Washington, D. But on a recent Saturday night at Aqua, a club in Northeast D. The two bands play regularly together, but still people come dressed to the nines, in dresses and heels and pressed shirts; some rent out VIP sections. When Junk Yard starts a call and response with their name, the entire room responds.

Some smoke joints as they dance.

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That same weekend, just seven or so miles south, a go-go mural is slowly going up. Graffiti artists paint a go-go mural in Anacostia in northeast D. Video by Elizabeth Flock. The mural includes portraits of D. It also includes depictions of giant, brightly-colored handbills, the kind that used to be passed out for shows back in the day. When finished, Stowers says, it will look as if all the artists from the various bands are playing together, like a wish that never came true, or maybe a hope for the future.

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  • The mural will also connect to an app, so that when a person looks at it, they can listen to the music the artist created. Kids, he means, who may not have had the music passed down from their grandmothers or friends or brothers, the way it used to be. Meanwhile, a few miles away, in downtown D.

    Then claim this music as you claim your half smokes and whatever else. Claim this indigenous music.

    The New R. & B. Is Here, Reflecting Confused Modern Love

    Elizabeth Flock is a reporter and producer for the NewsHour. She can be reached at eflock newshour. Support Provided By: Learn more. Watch Sep 20 Shields and Brooks on the whistleblower complaint, Saudi oil attack. Read Sep 21 The intersection of Trump, Ukraine and a whistleblower. Watch Sep 21 Gold mining leaves heart of Peruvian Amazon a wasteland. To commemorate the legend of Chuck Brown, annually D.

    The group of 10 musicians mixed in rap vocals, bringing new life to an older genre. The group is led by D. Glover has not let down his mentor. This band has been a D. The group formed in , as students at St. Most members were only 12 years old when they started practicing in a basement after classes, covering popular songs from the radio.

    Go-Go Music as a Rallying Call to Resist Gentrification

    They were big Chuck Brown fans and reached out to him to ask to copy his signature practice of playing beats between songs. Their first public performance was in an apartment rec center, where they played two songs on repeat. You can still catch them performing around D. Washington, D. Mambo Sauce is relatively new to the Go-Go scene; the band formed in , and by had made a name for themselves.

    They have ushered in a generation of new Go-Go fans while fighting to keep the genre alive. Mayor Muriel Bowser.