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Doc Savage - comic book, book covers, etc.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy series art: s s to Modern Hellblazer - DC Vertigo Constantine series 5. HILL, W. Indiana Jones - Dark Horse Katzenjammer Kids - Comic Strip 1. X-Men Storm 4.

Silver Age (1956–69)

Lyons' Cubs 4. Marvel Comics - Splashes for sale 8. Marvel Comics Twice-up Splashes Marvel Silver-Age pages Steve Roper, etc. Starlin's Dreadstar Nightmare Before X-Mas - animation - art 1. Other Complete Stories 4. Painting covers - comic covers, book covers, etc.


Planet of the Apes comic art - 1st US comics publication Platinum Age Comic Art: s through s Puck, magazines, newspapers Puck Magazine - circa Pughe, Gallaway, etc. Red Sonja art - covers 1. Rugrats dailies 7.

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Shadow Artwork - pulps, comics, strips 6. Illustrations Studio - Silverage 1. Ambassidor, Little King sundays Robinson, Kupperberg Star Wars - Marvel, Dark Horse Swampthing art DC, etc 2.

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Topps Gum: Bazooka Joe 1. Poetry sellers , items Shop. Art sellers , items Shop. Fiction sellers , items Shop. Music sellers 74, items Shop.

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The Most Influential Pages in Comic Book History

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