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BorisBaddenov, on 21 April - AM, said:. Made by Panbun. Want a RWBY signature? I played TDs before it was cool. It was also never cool to begin with. Sorry for not being more clear. I understand that I need to purchase the Cromwell to get to the Comet. There is no reason to keep both? This comment: sell the cromwell but not now since there is discount going on so u will get less credits for selling.

Suggests that I should buy the Cromwell now and wait until the sale is over to sell it. Does that sound correct? What he means is, he has the Cromwell B and i suppose he already likes it so, is it worth to farm up to the normal Cromwell just to get the Comet? XplosivEnema, on 21 April - PM, said:. It will never make sense to me that if you already paid for the premium, you still need to buy the standard tank to go further, but at least I won't have to ask again. Good info.

Correct, buy on sale, grind till comet unlocked and games for pure stat padding purposes, sell. As seen in game chat " ammo sux ". B litz Community C oalition. Ammo, on 21 April - PM, said:. So 60 in the case of the Cromwell. My play style is actually gun-based, so usually good guns will mean a good tank, like Cromwell, Wolverine and T for me. Thanks for the good piece of advice though. Wildoneshelper, on 09 January - PM, said:. I just hate this tank so much i am actualy thinking about somehow collecting enough free XP to skip it.

The gun was bad at tier 6, at tier 7 it feels like driving unarmed on the battlefield. Tier 6 firefly is much better tank and i would love to use it as alternative tier 7. Or maybe give comet 17 pounder? This extra 20mm would fix the tank. Keep trying. It's a great tank. You've only played 50 games in it and haven't sussed the playstyle yet. Community Forum Software by IP.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. The Comet So should I re buy her and give her new lease of life? Or leave her be?

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May the Lady of Luck bless you on your journeys- PrinzofHentai. Has it been powercreeped?

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Did the Prammo Nerf hurt it? Is it still a great tank? The Low-Pen-Gun is nasty but remember: you used to see Tier 9 in it and everyone still loved it! You still have the highest DPM of all turreted tanks you will ever meet in it yes, not even Tier 8 tanks can compete with it in that regard. As you point out correctly you have to drive it as a flanker but I disagree that this is harder to play than the Centurion.

With the Cent once you get into an unfavorable position you are dead so you have to play it with a lot of foresight. The Comet is just a hit-and-run fun machine. And oooonce you are in the right sweet spot on the flank behind a lovely little hill you will have the most fun Blitz has to offer, as you unleash a shot every 3 seconds on your poor victim.


Even with nerfed Prammo Alpha that's still a lot of damage. Of course it's not for everyone but come on, it's the Comet! Yes, the Cromwell was faster but in the Comet you actually get armour. And did I mention the DPM? Ooooh that DPM The only thing better than one Comet are two Comets. It's great.

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It's a real tank that actually existed. It's mighty. One In favor for yes. With its powerful hp Rolls-Royce Meteor engine, the Comet retained the Cromwell's speed, but with improved armour protection. Its powerful 77mm gun was a match for all but the heaviest enemy tanks.

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Between the world wars, British tank doctrine was divided into two distinct roles: infantry tanks, those meant to help the infantry breakthrough enemy lines, and cruiser tanks that were designed to exploit gaps and cut deep into enemy territory. While the infantry tanks or I-Tanks were heavily armoured and slow, the cruisers relied on speed to protect them from enemy fire. The Crusader tank achieved great fame in North Africa and underscored the value of having a light tank for exploiting and charging into enemy territory. This tank introduced a 75mm gun with HE capable of dealing with soft targets, thereby removing a vital weakness from the cruiser tank.

The Cromwell entered battle in Normandy and was applauded for its powerful engine, which came in useful during the race across France and Belgium in One final problem with the cruiser tank remained to be solved: German armour protection. It was believed that the speed of the cruiser would overcome this, but experience in Normandy and Holland proved otherwise.

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The Comets went into combat for the first time during Operation Plunder, the British crossing of the Rhine, as a follow-up and breakthrough force. Once the gap was made by the infantry the Comets raced from river to river in Northern Germany, finally reaching the German autobahn in May.

When the Comets hit the famous German motorway, they screamed across the countryside at full speed, stowage flying off the back decks and riflemen passengers clinging on for dear life. Recognizing that the Cromwell could do with a bigger gun, the British redesigned it as the Comet mounting the new 77mm gun, a cut-down pounder anti-tank gun. This gives the Comet a good mix of anti-tank and anti-infantry capability. Only the 11th Armoured Division has managed to convert to the Comet, having their first attempt at conversion cut short by the German Ardennes Offensive. With proper use of terrain to block lines of fire from those German big guns, the tanks should be able to get there relatively unscathed as well.