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The siege was lifted after three months by heroic naval action, and the Jacobites were eventually driven out of Ulster. Unfortunately for Ireland, its native army was enthusiastic, but largely untrained, undisciplined and unarmed, and simply could not stand against the far more seasoned and disciplined English troops. After being forced to raise the siege of Londonderry, it was routed at the battle of Newtown Butler.

The Jacobite cause in Ireland was finally lost however, at the Battle of the Boyne, the first battle fought after William III landed on the island in The day was won by the English, but the Jacobites did not lose heart until James II, shortly after the battle, retired from Ireland and sailed back to France. This thoroughly demoralized the Jacobite troops that had pinned every hope on him, and desertions were rampant.

Conversely, the Ulstermen who fought for William III did so with near fanatical zeal because they feared that a Catholic Ireland would lead to their utter ruin. The Jacobite Rising in Scotland was primarily the work of Viscount Dundee, who was able to raise an army of highlanders in support of the cause of James II.

The famous battle of Killiecrankie ended up as a route, with the Jacobite highlanders prevailing soundly over the covenanter lowlanders, but Dundee, their fearless leader, was killed in action. Undaunted, the highlanders continued to hold their own against the Scottish royalists, but when news of the defeat of James II at the Battle of Boyne arrived, it was determined that the cause was lost and resistance in Scotland ceased. When it became clear that neither Anne nor Mary would produce an heir, and the throne must pass from the Stuart line to the Hanoverians of Germany, there was predictable dissent in the realm.

By this time James Stuart, the son of James II was a grown man, and had he been willing to renounce his Catholicism, he would likely have been accepted as king, but this he would not do. The Jacobite cause, was as always, popular in Scotland, as well as among some English Tories who opposed the Hanoverian succession, and George I himself who did not even speak English was popular only with a small cadre of Whigs in parliament. In therefore, soon after George I was crowned the king of England, a conspiracy was hatched to bring back James Stuart a. The plot spear-headed by the Earl of Mar in Scotland, succeeded in raising at least 8, highlanders, and took Perth.

They were, however, generally unsuccessful against the government forces and the rebellion did not spread to the lowlands, as hoped. James Stuart himself eventually landed in Scotland, but did little to motivate or lead the troops. Just as his father had surrendered and returned to France after the loss at Boyne, the "Old Pretender" quickly realized the effort was futile and boarded the next available ship, leaving his supporters to fend for themselves.

Four years later, yet another Jacobite plot was hatched involving Spain and Spanish naval support, but it too came to naught. The most romantic and best known of the Jacobite rebellions occurred the following generation, nearly thirty years after the abortive attempt of James Stuart to regain the throne in The rebellion of involved his son Charles Stuart, and occurred during the War of the Austrian succession, when Britain and France were openly at war.

The Jacobite Rebellions 1689-1745

This rebellion differed somewhat from the others in that Charles Stuart himself was an enthusiastic advocate of the rebellion and personally led his troops in battle, even to the point of over-ruling the advice of some of his generals. He remained undaunted in spite of several setbacks, and the failure of promised support from France to materialize, and he assured his troops that he, unlike both his father and grandfather, would not retreat to France in case of difficulties.

Charles did succeed in raising an army in Scotland, won several important battles against the British, and claimed the Scottish cities of Perth and Edinburgh. He was aided in his early efforts by the fact that many of Britain's most experienced troops were deployed to Europe. Eventually however, the brother of George II, known as the Duke of Cumberland, led an army against him, and at the Battle of Culloden the Jacobites were defeated with great loss.

Jacobite risings

Charles briefly continued his fight, but after massive desertions realized his cause was lost and that he would have to flee the country. By this time, there was a great reward for his capture and all of Scotland was being ransacked by British soldiers in search of him.

It is often wrongly assumed that the Jacobite rebellions were a contest between England and Scotland. In fact many Lowland Scots share the feelings of the English, and had cause to hate and fear their fellow countrymen in the Highlands. Thus it was to the Highland clans that the Jacobites looked to for their most reliable manpower.

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In this book Michael Barthorp details the events of the Jacobite rebellions, and the organisation and uniforms of the forces of both sides. About The Author. Michael Barthorp was educated at Wellington College and was commissioned into the Rifle Brigade in Customer Reviews of The Jacobite Rebellions Select Parent Grandparent Teacher Kid at heart. Age of the child I gave this to:. Hours of Play:. Tell Us Where You Are:.

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