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Taxes and Interest Advertising Expenses Retirement Plans Casualty and Theft Losses Home Office Deductions Medical Coverage Deductions and Tax Credits for Farmers Qualified Business Income Deduction Miscellaneous Business Deductions Income and Deduction Strategies Tax Strategies for Opening or Closing a Business Tax Strategies for a Sideline Business Tax Strategies for Multiple Businesses Alternative Minimum Tax Other Taxes Filing Tax Returns and Paying Taxes Retirement and Succession Planning Information Returns Appendix B.

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Complete with real-life examples from importers and exporters, it helps you every step View Product. Business Plans Kit For Dummies. Let us know about it. Does this product have an incorrect or missing image?

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Send us a new image. Is this product missing categories? Add more categories. Review This Product. Welcome to Loot. Checkout Your Cart Price. The ability to treat mortgage interest as deductible mortgage interest expired at the end of Whether it will be extended to is uncertain. Cancellation of mortgage debt. Moving expenses. Home sale exclusion. However, a partial exclusion can be claimed if the sale is because of a change in employment, health, or an unforeseen circumstance.

The IRS ruled privately that a couple who had to sell their condominium because of the birth of a second child could use the partial exclusion; this was an unforeseen circumstance.

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Energy improvements. The residential energy property credit for making certain improvements, such as adding insulation or installing energy-efficient windows and exterior doors, expired at the end of A distributions from IRA can be rolled over tax free to another IRA or qualified retirement plan if it is done within 60 days. If you miss the deadline, the distribution becomes taxable. In the past, you could have asked the IRS for an extension of time to complete a rollover by submitting a private letter ruling.

Now the IRS has created a self-certification option for an automatic extension. There are 3 conditions for using self-certification:. Self-employed retirement plans. Contribution, benefit, and other limits for these plans for are increases slightly for These accounts are like mini-Roth IRAs because funds go in on an after-tax nondeductible basis but can become tax-free income for the future. The income limits for contributors are the same as for Roth IRAs. Custodial fees. This rule could impact how brokerage firms charge for managing retirement accounts and IRAs. Real estate donated for conservation purposes.

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Syndicated conservation easements. Details about this are in Notice Business use of your personal car. The IRS announced that the standard mileage rate, used in lieu of deducting the actual costs of business driving, is The dollar limits on depreciating passenger cars, trucks, and vans placed in service in historically have been released in mid-February. Electric drive vehicles. The credit for 2-wheel vehicles expired at the end of The credit for 4-wheel vehicles continues for and is unchanged. If you buy or have purchased an electric drive vehicle, ask your insurance company about a premiums discount.

As of yet, no manufacturers have sold more than , electric drive vehicles, which would limit the credit. GM totaled more than , in such sales in , but there is a considerable way to go to , Nonetheless, if you are thinking about buying such a vehicle, check with the manufacturer about this sales number to be sure about qualifying for the credit. Gain on empowerment zone assets. The exclusion of gain on the sale of empowerment zone assets that are rolled over within 60 days of the sale expired at the end of Business travel per diem rates. The per diem rates for travel to certain areas have been increased.

These rates can be found at www.

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The list of high-cost areas has been changed see Notice for details. Driving your car for medical or moving purposes. Standard meal allowance. Gambling losses. The IRS has final regulations on withholding and information returns for winnings from bingo, keno, and slot machine play. It also issued proposed regulations for withholding and information returns with respect to bets on horse racing, dog racing, and jai alai. Deduction for energy-efficient commercial buildings. Special breaks for certain disaster victims.

Unfortunately, natural and other disasters continue to occur. There are no special breaks with respect to real estate investments for certain disaster victims in as there were in the past for victims of Hurricane Katrina and other specified disasters. Whether there will be special breaks for disasters occurring in remains to be seen. Disaster losses.

Under temporary regulations that became effective on October 13, , you have more time to elect to deduct disaster losses not covered by insurance on the tax return for the year prior to the disaster. The election period is up to six months after the original due date of the return for the year of the disaster.

This six-month period applies whether or not you obtain a filing extension for your return. Example: On February 1, , you experience a natural disaster in an area declared eligible for federal disaster assistance through FEMA. You have an additional six months from April 15 to make the election to deduct the disaster loss on a return; this extends the election period through October 16, October 15 is Sunday. The period for revoking an election is extended to 90 days after the due date for making the election. Procedures for making and revoking an election are in Revenue Procedure A casualty deduction is allowed only for a loss resulting from a sudden, unexpected event.

No deduction can be claimed for gradual deterioration. One court decided that the collapse of a wall was due to gradual weakening. While Congress and the IRS have not created special deductions and credits for certain disaster victims, there have been a number of special rules related to certain disasters.