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This course addresses the issues associated with a rapidly changing market and the demands for better, cheaper and personalised products, developed within the shortest possible time. It will provide thorough training in design theories and process models, design methods, design techniques, computer supported product modelling, analysis, evaluation and physical rapid prototyping of a design solution.

In addition to the enterprise skills necessary to launch brand new products to market. The awareness for sustainability in design engineering has risen and has also become an important part of our daily lives.

Life Cycle Engineering: Technology-Based Solution to Sustainability?

This course introduces sustainability concepts and explains the application of sustainable methods to the engineering design process. The Sustainability stream provides an opportunity to specialise in issues such as remanufacturing, product life cycles, and environmental impact to ensure that product development is responsibly conducted and managed from cradle-to-cradle.

We consider the need for significant change in the design philosophy employed in industrialised manufacture and product development as well as responses to those pressures including legislation and standards, alternative processes and materials and design for resource economy at small and large scale. Studying MSc Design Engineering within our department provides you with access to some of the leading academics in the whole product development life cycle, learning from their time in industry, current research projects and advancements in those fields.

We are the only department in the UK that combines end-to-end multidisciplinary expertise from creative design, through engineering design, manufacture and management of the entire system. Our course enhances the professional and creative abilities of graduates from a variety of technical disciplines; from mechanical, civil and industrial engineering to science, architecture, computing and electronics.

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During your course, you'll undertake on an industrial group project. This will help you to develop and apply your skills as a design engineer within the real world. The Industrial Group Project will give you the opportunity to work as part of a team. You'll do this by applying design engineering principles to address a practical problem for an industrial client, gaining direct industry experience. The Industrial Group Project works in conjunction with major organisations that face challenges with the management of major design engineering projects and have a demand for the skills gained from this course.

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Through this module you'll gain experience to add to your CV, develop skills, manage a project through to completion and practice working in a multidisciplinary group preparing you for collaborative work throughout your future career. We work with on average 50 organisations per year and previous students have worked with organisations such as:. Our MSc Design Engineering has been awarded academic accreditation from three institutes. The accreditors also monitor that the programme is continually improving and in line with the latest best practice, providing assurance to our students that they are getting a relevant and quality degree.

These prizes are prestigious and are only awarded for outstanding engineering design projects. Student members can also place their CV on the IED website and have access to the Job Board which gives details of current vacancies within the field of Engineering Design. Our programmes being accredited by IMechE mean that you can become an Affiliate member, giving you access to the library, support network and members-only content. You'll learn from leading experts in the field of design engineering.

All our staff have great experience working with innovation management and improvement projects. Our students have access to a range of workshops and facilities including a digital design and manufacture studio.

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It brings together:. Find out more about our facilities. Additionally, as a student in the department, you'll also have access to a private undergraduate student community area, including collaboration work areas, computer suites and social areas, as well as vending machines, lockers and display boards.

The Importance of Sustainability in Engineering Management

This module aims to enable students to select and apply appropriate design methods as a part of the design process. The selection and use of design methods within the context of modern design practices and the new product development process will be explored. Emphasis will be placed on recently developed product independent design methods and their application within industrial environments. This module aims to enable students to understand the concepts of virtual product modelling and techniques used to visualise products before they are fully designed and manufactured.

This module provides a structured introduction to the Design Management process, issues and tools. The module covers: Different approaches and aspects to design development including concurrent engineering, team engineering, product management, design management, distributed design, and decision support, the design activity, methods and process models including role of the market, specification, conceptual and detail design, basic team and management structures organisation , key issues related to design complexities and the key aspects of design coordination, design performance and innovation.

This module covers one of the major challenges of modern industry which is to address the need for sustainable product development and manufacturing. International legislation and increasing costs of fiscal instruments such as the landfill tax now aim to force producers to reduce the environmental impacts of their products and processes. Accelerating globalisation and industrialisation continues to exacerbate complexity of sustainability. Whilst manufacturers are constantly required to lower their costs and maintain their competitiveness, legislations require them to look at lifecycle costs.

Accelerating globalization and industrialization continues to exacerbate complexity of sustainability.

Sustainable engineering

This module aims to develop a detailed understanding of the concept of remanufacture and its industrial application as well as new developments in the area. It explores the potential impact of remanufacture on a circular economy as well as the enablers and barriers. This module aims for students to integrate and apply design, manufacturing and engineering management knowledge and skills to an industry based product and process development project and to develop project management skills.

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The module consists of a team-based industrial project where an outline project brief is set by an industrial client. The team is expected to manage all aspects of the project through to a finished solution. This can be a product, system or process depending on the nature of the project. Teams meet with academic staff and industrial clients regularly through the project. Assessment and feedback includes a project report, a presentation to the client and any other deliverables specified in the project brief. The aim of the individual project is to allow students to combine the skills learned in other modules of the course and apply them within a significant project in a specific area of design, manufacture, or engineering management.

This will be achieved through students carrying out work into a particular topic relating to their course and preparing a dissertation that documents the project. Four to be chosen. This module aims to provide a series of strategic frameworks for managing high-technology businesses. The main focus is on the acquisition of a set of powerful analytical tools which are critical for the development of a technology strategy as an integral part of business strategy.

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  6. These tools can provide a guiding framework for deciding which technologies to invest in, how to structure those investments and how to anticipate and respond to the behaviour of competitors, suppliers, and customers. The course should be of particular interest to those interested in managing a business for which technology is likely to play a major role, and to those interested in consulting or venture capital. There is no final exam. On completion the participants will be able to design and manage operational supply chain planning, scheduling and controlling systems for complex and disparate operations.

    In particular, students will:. This module aims to develop a critical understanding of operation, structure and implementation issues around enterprise resource planning ERP systems as used in industry. Students learn how a typical ERP system works using an up-to-date SAP training package and consider the real-life use of a typical software package within an organisation. This module aims to introduce the basic principles and techniques of engineering risk management and demonstrates the appropriate application of this knowledge within an engineering context.

    This module aims to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the key principles, concepts, tools and techniques of total quality management and continuous improvement together with an awareness of how these can be used to design and deliver an integrated continuous improvement programme. The book also covers important design topics such as project and team management, client management, performance prediction, and the social and environmental effects of sustainable engineering design.

    These concepts and methods are supported with a wealth of worked examples, discussion questions, and primary case studies to aid comprehension.

    What is Sustainable Engineering?

    Product design courses in departments of mechanical engineering and engineering technology; product designers, product engineers, and product team managers. He is also a U. Chartered Engineer C. Eng with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Professor Johnson is a prolific design consultant with over projects to date , educational consultant, and recent committee member with the British Standards Institute.

    Andy Gibson is the Managing Director of Segelocum Ltd, a customer-focused designed education consultancy firm. Andrew has worked in product development and customer liaison, moving on onto export sales and marketing and thence into the management of international subsidiaries of UK-based engineering companies. In recent years, Mr. Gibson has developed a consultancy-based business working with clients to penetrate new markets, focusing on sustainability relating to international trade training.

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    View on ScienceDirect. Authors: Anthony Johnson Andy Gibson. Paperback ISBN: Imprint: Academic Press. Published Date: 27th February