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In my small way I try to put right a few of the things that are wrong with this cock-eyed world' Simon Templar, aka the Saint. On the side of the law and yet outside it, The female of the species is supposed to be deadlier than the male Simon Templar is about to find out if that's true.

The Saint S01E02: The Latin Touch

In this collection of stories, the Saint encounters nine fascinating women. Whether they need help, to be avenged, or to be brou Simon Templar and his lady Patricia stumble upon a demonstration of a new weapon of mass destruction.

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The Saint is horrified and determines to stop this weapon. The world is still getting over the Great War and the many lives sacrificed to the then n Louis In London, a small-time American criminal sets up a violent gang, only to learn that there are certain things the Saint will not put up with. And in the Scilly Isles, drug-smuggling, drugged b In these three stories, everyone's favourite criminal follows his nose and finds yet more trouble.

In "The Invis For weeks the Saint had been hunting two men across Europe Face-to-face with his quarry in London, Simon Templar takes his own side in a nightmare game of international conspiracy, rescues a beautiful Diving deep into trouble, the Saint takes part in an underwater treasure hunt fraught with unforeseen danger. More war-time adventures for the Saint: When a shipment of iridium is stolen, the Saint plots to recover the goods, only to be framed for the murder of one of his prime leads.

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Includes Arizona; Hollywood; Palm Springs When the Saint visits Arizona, he battles a Nazi scientist whose interest in ranching is prompted by the mercury deposits underneath the ranch. In Palm Springs, an alcoholic millionaire hires him after a seri Simon Templar is The Saint—daring, dazzling, and just a little disreputable.

Simon Templar finds himself on the side of the righteous for Simon Templar is the Saint—daring, dazzling, and just a little disreputable. In Prohibition-era New York, criminals rule the city: the gan Whilst dispensing his own brand of justice to a rich assortment of villains, he kisses a policewoman, buys a racehorse The Saint is a traditionalist. He knows what a good pirate story needs: gold, hidden treasure, smugglers, dastardly villains, and damsels in distress. The Saint never asks for adventures, but they will keep happening to him, and these three classic stories force him into action once more.

In The Spanish Civil War , a 10 debt leads to a dead body, a large quantity of bearers' bonds, and another tus The Saint is back—50 audiobooks are now available starring the debonair classic crime hero.

The Avenging Saint: The Saint, Book 4 (Unabridged)

On the side of the law, but standing outside it, he dispenses his own brand o Two more adventures for the Saint based on episodes from the TV series starring Roger Moore: in 'The Art Collectors' the Saint comes across a collection of Old Masters that have been hidden for many years, but then the art collector herself goes miss We do not sell ebooks, print on demand, or other reproduced materials. Each item you see here is individually described and imaged. We welcome further inquirie The Saint is on holiday in Naples when a brawl interrupts his lunch; a tweedy English tourist has casually addressed an Italian as Dino Cartelli - provoking the paunchy individual so named to set his hulking henchman on the bewildered Briton.

The Sai Why Inspector Teal objects to the way the Saint takes things into his own hands, making there by a large profi The Saint and Patricia are invited to stay with friends in Miami, but when they arrive, the friends are nowhere to be seen. After a tanker explodes off the coast and a dead sailor gets washed up on shore, the Saint suspects a link between all three, Simon Templar tangles with the notorious 'Snake' Ganning, tracks down a stash of stolen jewels and busts a drug-smuggling racket.

He may not always stay on the right side of the law, but with his swashbuckling charm and Robin Hood morality, he is cle In Bermuda, he has to solve the case of a missing husband; in England, he has to stop a husband whose wives tend n We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB.

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Who is the Saint? The Saint is the literary creation of author Leslie Charteris He has appeared in around books, in many different languages, in films, television, radio plays, recorded books-on-tape, and comic strips. Essentially, the Saint is an adventurer. Leslie Charteris never disclosed details of the birth and childhood of Simon Templar.

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Templar is wealthy, but we don't know if his wealth is a legacy, or a result of his 'adventures'. His perspective on life is to make the most of what life has to offer; to seek out adventure and excitement; to refuse to be constrained by the dictates and restrictions of twentieth century convention. Adventure came to him not so much because he sought it as because he brazenly expected it.

He believed that life was full of adventure, and he went forward in the full blaze and surge of that belief. It has been said of a man very much like Simon Templar that he was "'a man born with the sound of trumpets in his ears'"; that saying might almost equally well have been said of the Saint, for he also Why, they're meat and drink - they're the things that make life worth living!.

Into battle, murder, and sudden death, Good Lord, deliver me up to the neck! Thus spoke the Saint, that man of superb recklessness and strange heroisms and impossible ideals; and went on to show, as few others of his age have shown, that a man inspired can swashbuckle as well with cloak and stick as any cavalier of history with cloak and sword He is often called the 'Robin Hood of Modern Crime' because he fights on the side of justice but not necessarily on the side of the Law.

He has no particular love for the police, but often aids them in their crime-fighting endeavours because particular criminals carefully circumvent the Law, or the Law only provides a slap on the wrist, or because a criminal has greatly offended the Saint's sensibilities. I'm on it because I just can't live happily ever after. I've had enough adventures to fill a dozen books, but instead of satisfying me they've only left me with a bigger appetite. If I had to live the ordinary kind of safe, civilized life, I'd die of boredom. Risks are food and drink to me