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His hero, a Jew during the last years of decadent Czarist Russia, has been accused of a crime he did not commit. Worse, the crime is allegedly ritual murder, and the czar's deputies are using the case to stir up anti-Semitism and distract criticism of the government.

The fixer movement: from “use and throw away” to “use and repair”

The film is based on Bernard Malamud's novel, which in turn was drawn from an actual experience. Now a historical event is one thing, and a film about it is another. Frankenheimer's task was to make a film that, in itself, would make a moral statement. He has failed. The film has little reality of its own; instead, it draws its power and emotion from the raw material of its subject matter. We are moved, not by what we see on the screen, but by its implications.

The temptation is to praise the film because we agree with its message.

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This is the same critical fallacy that led to praise of "Judgment at Nuremberg" -- a corrupt, commercial film -- simply because we disapproved of Nazi war crimes, A movie doesn't become good simply by taking the correct ideological position. In "The Fixer," Frankenheimer and Dalton Trumbo , the writer, have missed no opportunity to give us speeches telling us what is happening and what it all means.

The victim played with great sensitivity by Alan Bates is not only a Christ figure, but even says he is. He makes a little speech to his guard about love and brotherhood.


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An example of "getting things done" can be intimidating or getting rid of witnesses to a crime, or murdering someone for whatever reason.

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Very similar to a button man. The mafia had a fixer deal with the witness to a high profile murder. The man or woman who knows where to get items of dubious legal status. A mixture Fence, Scalper , and Concierge. Managers, Handlers, Fixers, and Gofers all do basicly the same job.

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Oh no, he's a fixer! My ex-boyfriend , who was a fixer, made me turn my life upside down , it was all for my benefit though, thank god he fixed my life. Fixer work. A highly skilled casual worker of any trade that will be called in to fix a particular problem, but not given part or full-time work.