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Older son Glenn and his wife Stephanie are giving their marriage another try after a separation triggered by his infidelity. Younger son Adam, an engaging dreamer, has brought his new girlfriend Maureen, a goodhearted but insecure hairdresser judged unsuitable by his mother.

And even Gerry and Laura's long marriage is shaken by a revelation that emerges after a few too many drinks. Under Sam Pilo's able direction, the cast delivers compelling performances. Laura Stratton drives the narrative as the outspoken, narcissistic yet ultimately vulnerable matriarch, and Mo Hart does a superb job of conveying her character's feigned interest in others and condescension for those beneath her on the social ladder. Bruce Holloway is perfectly cast as the gregarious Gerry, whose bonhomie masks his business difficulties. Sadie Fischesser is convincing as Glenn's long-suffering wife Stephanie, who finally declares independence from her unreliable spouse.

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Although Ayckbourn's script zooms backwards and forwards in time, the setting, an Italian restaurant, never changes. By the time the second act rolls around, one wishes the Stratton family could somehow escape this eatery. But despite mediocre food and exasperating service the setting does provide great comic relief in the person of the manic maitre d' Tuto. The rubber-faced Sherman Morrison brilliantly inhabits this role in the style of John Cleese's character Basil Fawlty.

Bouncing between irrational exuberance and outright petulance, Morrison draws laughs everytime he steps on stage. Heather Martell and Tyler Strickland deserve special praise for their depictions of Maureen and Adam, whose awkward romance provides some of the play's most touching moments. Heather's performance strikes just the right notes of pride, affection, vulnerability and anger.

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Tyler's Adam Stratton is a thoughtful, sincere yet painfully unfocused young man who pretends not to live in the shadow of his powerful parents. Curtain is at p. Reservations are suggested via the toll-free box office at More info at www. Is that correct? So, is the real secret to high productivity working more and spending less time answering emails that hit your inbox? Thinking about self-knowledge, this can revolutionize our lives!

I am really intrigued by this article and all the data that you have collected over the years. As a budding computer scientist half-way through college , I would like to start collecting data on myself as well. The number of steps is easy to my mind, but some of the other things that you have presented have me stumped. Basically, what mechanisms did you use to track all this data? Shell scripts in Linux?

Customized key-tracking keyboard? Maybe I should ask directly and not at the end of this article…. There are active research on this, whose planned application is to enable passwordless computer user identification:. You, sir, are insane!

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I will join your insanity. So very interesting that the process of retaining, collecting, aggregating and all of the associated tasks in having data with any reasonable measure of fidelity was background activity in your life! I had always hope that our society would evolve toward a personal data archiving model that was seamlessly integrated into each of our lives and it appears the trend is real. Adding, audio, photo, video, bio-monitoring data only makes the data-set more robust and valuable. My own work has concentrated on the physical digitization and archiving of the a human person, over time, with hope that data gathered and subsequent processing and attribution of it would catch up to inform a simulacra based human life archiving model: PersonaForm.

Ray Kurzweil has been puzzling over this problem since his father passed away so long ago. His father kept everything and lit was stored leaving Ray with a rather large task to archive it all. He too envisions a simulation of his father that would indeed be informed by the data they have retained. I applaud you for doing what seems completely obvious and natural to you, in that, you inspire us! For example, how to improve personal productivity. I am a Swedish technical analyst since 29 years. My job is to see where will the curve goes next.

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How will it behave from now and how long tome will it last. Some of your charts is very easy to read only using the wave theory.

I made a chart 10 years ago on my daily weight while I was doing a 18 months of a program to go down 20 kilos. I was amazed that it looked exactly as the monthly chart of the DOW to In my opinion everything that can be measured and put on chart looks the same in certain patterns. I call it Cosmic law. On your charts at certain days, week or months it is very easy to tell what will happen next for different time periods. Thank you for the amazing job you have done which gives me further evidence of the Cosmic Law.

Fascinating stuff. Perhaps another discipline may have something to contribute. Applied behavior analysis looks at data in a smaller sample to arrive at hypothesis that can then be tested. Just a thought. Data has always been interesting but this makes personal data so very interesting… looking at the possibilities it has and kind of improvements we can make to our personal lives by analyzing the data.

Infact systems around our personal data analysis can help trigger alerts when we tend to go wrong consistently…. Why is there no alignment of time-of-day between outgoing email activity and keystrokes? Makes little sense, unless there is a systematic error somewhere. Have you ever been inclined to see if your employees or spouses email activity has any correlation with your email? At this point can you extrapolate different frequencies?

As a visualisation person … I love your charts and the stories they tell. Thank you for sharing. I have been thinking about doing this for a few years and I am gradually adding ways to collect data. This blog post gave me a lot of good ideas about new ways to collect data and inspired me to start tracking more ways. How do you focus on your writing and research while responding to all these phone calls and emails every day?

My second: How sad that the sources keystrokes, emails sent were so relatively simple. Sadly wasteful, at a certain level. My third: Well, who has more thoroughly documented the arising of complex behavior from simple origins than Herr Doktor Wolfram himself! I would love to see a plot of his brainwave shifts in and out of beta-state during seminal moments in the evolution of Stephen Wolfram Inc over the last quarter-century.

I would assume that it would follow the statistical occurrences of the letters of the English corpus pretty closely. Thinking about syntax of C and Mathematica I would say braces, and curly braces would rank higher than normal but not that high… though the amount of Mathematica files is high on his drives, so I guess brackets would rank high. I think one of the most interesting things you could collect data over a long period of time of biometric, like heart-rate, blood pressure, adrenaline ect….

Mchugh was my teacher ion advanced algebra. I told him I was interested in becoming a Therotical Physithist spelling was never my strong suit , LOL he told me that there were only about of you guys. After seeing you on ted and more importantly understanding you on TED i realize your ability. If WolframAlpha cannot suggest anything better than an exponential decay curve then it needs improving.

Very interesting analysis. Does the fraction of backspaces vary with time ot day? Does it vary with the kind of typing you are doing email, editing Mathematica code, blog posts, etc. I would hope that your biography, and others in the future, will contain all this wonderful data! One day, I just want to scan a bunch of documents, pictures, reciepts, tickets, prescriptions, and a ton of other data into my hdd and let Mathematica or W A Scan it, and just tell me everything about…well…me.

All the patterns about my life that I did knew existed like buying habits. Then it charts it out nicely and then, recommend me ideas to improve say, spend less during a certain month of the year etc. That will be great to do, without having to be a software engineer or a hard-core coder…I am neither, so I seek simpler methods with which to analyze my life and optimize it.

Hi, fascinating read and has much in common with some of my own thoughts about the trail of useful digital data we leave behind, either over a day or over a course of years. One useful aspect of this I have been thinking about is how to mine my email heap for useful data about trends, either in thinking patterns, idea creation or even in terms of relationships, this in turn would be a great way to measure other things relative to those trends. This god made machine Stephen is out performing than the man made computers. The key stoke count it self proves that.

May god bless you sir. Continue you god work. I love the science in this! I do believe that quite a few of your graphs could be modeled by Poisson Distributions, as a few other people have pointed out. Having crunched all this data on your life no doubt, this comment is also destined to become a part of your data pile , have you found meaning in your life? I all the time used to study post in news papers but now as I am a user of web therefore from now I am using net for articles or reviews, thanks to web. Hi, very impressive! I see you wear a logging camera device in your appearances from last year, you seems to have stopped wear that device.

What happened to them and why were you stopping using the logging cameras? Fifty Years of Mentoring. Testifying at the Senate about A. Enable JavaScript to interact with content and submit forms on Wolfram websites. Email will not be published; required. Please enter your name. March 16, at am. March 16, at pm. March 17, at pm. March 18, at am. March 18, at pm. Heather Physioc. March 20, at pm.

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