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Issue Purchase - Online Checkout. Over this period, we have provided legal and technical support to more than 30 countries. However, some of our smallest and most vulnerable states have yet to agree on maritime boundaries with their neighbours.

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In the Pacific region alone, national entitlements overlap in at least 48 marine areas. Only 21 are covered by treaties. Of the 51 extended continental shelf submissions lodged with the UN up to December , 17 were prepared with our support. Commonwealth member countries have successfully secured more than 1. Under international law, coastal states have jurisdiction, control and responsibilities regarding economic activities within waters extending nautical miles and beyond from their coastlines and on their continental shelf.

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For some Commonwealth coastal states, this jurisdiction far exceeds their terrestrial areas. We promote knowledge exchanges and provide targeted advice and assistance to member countries on the development of legal and regulatory frameworks including ocean policies and strategies for tackling increasing threats to ocean health and the sustainable use of ocean resources. We support member countries in building resilience and unlocking the value of the blue economy by promoting principled ocean governance focused on integrated management of oceans taking into account economic, social and environmental factors.

If managed properly, the extractives sector is one of the few economic sectors which can, on its own, lift a country out of underdevelopment. Whilst there are many contributing factors to this, it is widely acknowledged that its effects can be minimised when there are good policies, robust governance and effective institutions to ensure that the sector is developed in a sustainable manner.

National Ocean Policy

For over 30 years, the Commonwealth Secretariat has been assisting member countries on. In addition, we also provide advice concerning the development of wider-energy sector policy and regulatory frameworks including implementation of renewable development strategies and programmes as well as negotiations of independent power projects.

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We are a source of world leading expertise concerning the development of regulatory and financial frameworks for the emerging deep-sea mining industry. Deep-sea minerals, containing metals such as copper, nickel, cobalt, gold and rare earth elements, are found in the deepest and most under-explored parts of the Earth. Deep-sea mining is a new frontier: generating commercial and public interest, but not yet an operational industry, largely due to technical and economic constraints.

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  6. It is unusual for a sector to receive so much attention before it has commenced operation, and this provides an exciting opportunity for Commonwealth member countries to put in place best-practice regulatory and fiscal policies and laws at the outset. We also engage with international organisations, specialist think-tanks, and regional agencies to foster knowledge-sharing and to develop and promote international best practices and standards Some key collaborations are.

    A study of Canadianpolicy is particularly significant, as Canadian oceans managementplaces in relief many of the difficult questions yet to beresolved. The central theme of this book, whose multidisciplinary contributorsinclude leading Canadian participants in the Third United NationsConference on the Law of the Sea, as well as leading Canadian academicand government oceans specialists, concerns the adequacy of theCanadian management responses to a new oceans regime which grantssubstantial jurisdiction to the coastal state. The chapters look atdispute settlement maritime boundaries and examine future Canadianand international policy directions.

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    They are both analytical andprophetic, providing an assessment of the past and presenting a glimpseof the future. Canadian Oceans Policy provides insights into how Canada ismanaging the oceans and ocean resources off its coast and looks at theproblems that lie ahead. The book also makes a major contribution toour understanding of an increasingly vital area of global politics. Itwill be of interest both to academics and policymakers and to all thoseconcerned with the future of the oceans.

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