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Convergences: Black Feminism and Continental Philosophy (Suny Series in Gender Theory)

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Belle speaking at the University of San Francisco, February 21, Maria del Guadalupe Davidson , Kathryn T. Gines , Donna-Dale L. A range of themes race and gender, sexuality, otherness, sisterhood, and agency run throughout this collection, and the chapters constitute a collective discourse at the intersection of Black feminist thought and continental philosophy, converging on a similar set of questions and concerns.

These convergences are not random or forced, but are in many ways natural and necessary: the same issues of agency, identity, alienation, and power inevitably are addressed by both camps. Never before has a group of scholars worked together to examine the resources these two traditions can offer one another.

By bringing the relationship between these two critical fields of thought to the forefront, the book will encourage scholars to engage in new dialogues about how each can inform the other. If contemporary philosophy is troubled by the fact that it can be too limited, too closed, too white, too male, then this groundbreaking book confronts and challenges these problems. A Case for Black Feminist Philosophy. Black Feminism and Philosophy.