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If you haven't read the first two full-length novels, 's Adrenaline and 's The Last Minute , you'll be fine starting out with Downfall ; Abbott is a master at bringing newbie readers up to speed. The extremely likable Sam had a tough time in the first two books, what with learning his wife was a wicked double agent, and then having their infant son kidnapped by the bad guys.

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The evil bride now rests in a coma in an undisclosed location and doesn't come into play in Downfall , and their child is safe in New Orleans with a nanny. I'm quite sure that eventually, certainly, Sam's wife will emerge from that coma, and do I look forward to that. But perhaps Abbott is saving that for the last book of the series, which I hope is many years in the future. In Downfall , Sam, who's been helped along the way by an international, fringe CIA-like group that operates way off the books, has settled into doing simply what they've asked him to do: serve as owner-shepherd of a bevy of bars worldwide that are also safe houses for various covert operations.

But while doing a routine check on the San Francisco bar, Sam's world gets blasted apart when a young woman stumbles in, pursued by evildoers, looks into Sam's eyes and utters "Help me," — his kryptonite.

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Both killings are accidental, but you know how testy the police get about such things. Sam decides the only way to spare himself incarceration and-or death is to find the woman. Thus begins a slippery, lightning-paced race for who'll find her first: Sam and his covert-ops buddies or the villains, whose Svengali-like leader sizes up Sam's wicked-good skills and decides that if he can't kill him, he'll recruit him.

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I grabbed one, a bald superhero with green skin and a blue cape. But made of hard plastic. You can do a lot of damage with a piece of hard plastic. Tensions rise in Port Leo, Tex. Pete brings some heavy baggage with him, the least of which is his At the behest of the cartel, Sam When a terrorist group bombs the agency's British headquarters, killing 20 people,.

Jordan Poteet has left a thriving publishing career back Abbott's latest thriller after Black Jack Point plunges readers into the sleazy, seductive world of crime in Houston, Tex. Thirty years ago, Ellen Mosley abandoned her six children, changed her name to Eve Michaels and began laundering money Multiple writers, read by multiple narrators. Twenty-six writers and six narrators join forces in the audio edition of this twisted tale of greed, betrayal, and murder.

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But former police detective Jon Nunn—whose. In the wake of his wife's supposedly random murder, Ben Forsberg attempts to return to normality, but the arrival of two agents asking about his connection to the murder of a government agent upends everything. Soon, he's paired with an ex-.

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Jeff Abbott, Author, L. Ganser, Read by , read by L. Not many audio versions of thrillers start with the bang that Abbott and Ganser bring to this story about a young man whose life explodes one spring morning. Evan Casher is a rising young documentary filmmaker, living in Houston, who is awakened If there was a drug that allowed people to forget the worst moment of their lives, how far would someone go to obtain it, given the potential profit?

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Such a drug, code-named Frost, lies at the heart of Abbott's latest novel. Miles Kendrick is in. Between a reemerged ex-girlfriend, a mad bomber and a murderer loose on the streets of Mirabeau, Tex. More from pw. The Most Anticipated Books of Fall PW Picks: Books of the Week.

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