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Lots of good discussion on what is important with beer and enjoying beer. A mix between a coffee table book and an all-purpose reference book. Lots of information for all levels of beer drinkers. Oct 13, Dan C rated it liked it. Awesome book if you want to learn about all the different breweries and styles of beer that are available from smaller American breweries. Nicholas Bacon rated it really liked it Jan 06, Joe LaBar rated it really liked it Aug 17, Tove R.

Meredith rated it really liked it May 06, Rebekah rated it liked it Jan 15, Jeff rated it liked it Dec 27, Ben Graber rated it liked it Jul 07, Avelar Junior rated it liked it Apr 27, Courtney rated it really liked it Jan 31, Kyle rated it liked it Jan 03, Todd rated it it was amazing Nov 15, Katy rated it it was ok Jan 13, Daniel D Harrington rated it it was amazing Dec 25, Mike Smith rated it it was amazing Dec 22, Andrew Hunt rated it liked it Jul 12, Andy Lynes rated it it was amazing Feb 25, Ryan Vanderveen rated it really liked it Feb 21, Robertkaz rated it really liked it Apr 04, Janet rated it liked it Jun 22, David O'Keefe rated it it was amazing Dec 25, Justin rated it really liked it Dec 30, Alloy rated it liked it Dec 20, Fernando rated it liked it Jan 01, Jun 17, Billy rated it it was ok Shelves: instructional.

Wasn't exactly a page turner Kate Dee rated it liked it Nov 27, It's helped shape the very fabric of Pennsylvania through industry and influence. First brewed: What it changed: Hipsters love craft everything. They eat honey produced by bees in their neighborhood. They fawn over knowledge of knowing exactly where their food came from.

And, for a while, they were champions of craft beer. But craft beer is expensive. And so they turned to PBR, a beer whose low price point and high irony level fit the mentality perfectly. The resurgence — which, of course, can be traced to a Portland dive bar — took PBR out of a slump and skyrocketed sales.

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And with that, the turncoat hipsters transformed PBR into a symbol around which a whole generation snarkily rallied. In Schlitz was the first beer to be distributed in brown bottles, shielding the suds from harmful sunlight and ensuring better taste.

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It had nothing to do with the yellow lager inside the can, either. Close your eyes. Think of that tsssssk noise a beer can makes when it's opened. That first happened in , when Iron City fired the first shot in a quick and brutal war against the churchkey by becoming the first brewery to offer the pull-tab can. According to a history of the pull-tab on Complex , within a year, 40 breweries had followed suit. And within a decade, the pull tab gave birth to its much more efficient offspring, the stay-tab. Needless to say, said tab had sigh staying power.

But Coors did pioneer the idea of the seamless, recyclable can. These days, bottle returns are the norm and tin cans are obsolete, meaning the arts of shotgunning and can-collecting owe Golden, Colorado a debt of gratitude. Its bottles used to wage gridiron battles every year. The parent company, Anheuser-Busch, is the biggest brewer in the world.

But it all started with one simple innovation: Budweiser was the first American beer to be pasteurized, giving it a longer shelf life and allowing it to be transported greater distances.

First brewed: What it changed: Besides improving the collective mood of Baltimore residents for generation upon generation, Natty Boh forever altered the beer landscape in when it became the first brewer to make its suds available in canned six-packs. Was this nod to convenience and American ingenuity singlehandedly responsible for defeating Hitler?

First brewed: What it changed: In , Narragansett became a corporate sponsor for the Boston Red Sox and the Boston Braves, which included the telecasts of this newfangled invention called television. First brewed: What it changed: Sure, you applaud and call Anchor out for still producing steam beer First brewed: What it changed: Look at the world before Miller Lite.

Great American Craft Beer by Andy Crouch, Sam Calagione | Waterstones

And now, after. In , every single aspect of American beer changed, from composition to advertising to frat parties. The impact of light beer, and Miller, can't be understated. Prediction: in , craft light beer will become a thing. All because of Miller Lite.

Great American Craft Beer A Guide To The Nations Finest Beers And Breweries

And thus began the American fascination with excessive hops. It grew to be one of the largest and most beloved indie brewers in the country, but the ripples it sent across the industry can be seen in damn near every tap selection in the now hop-obsessed country. Fact is, Jim Koch and co. And that led the path for the likes of Lagunitas, Sierra Nevada, and every other big-name craft brewery to do the same. You know Sam Adams because Sam Adams made it a point for you to know it, and it basically duped us all into thinking that a craft producer was one of the big dogs.

Alberta beers win big at the Canadian Brewing Awards

Now it is. It earned it. First brewed: What it changed: Kurt and Bobby Widmer, two OGs of the Portland, Oregon, craft scene, ran into a dilemma early on: they were getting bigger, and were asked to create a third beer to go along with their weizenbier and altbier.

Idiot's Guide to Making Incredible Beer at Home

This part of the Pacific Northwest may be better known for its grape-based elixirs—Seattle ranked at No. A number of the new breweries have set up shop in Ballard—like Stoup Brewing , which was launched by two local scientists and whose taproom has food trucks parked outside like BeezNeez Gourmet Sausages or Grilled Cheese Experience.

Nearby, Peddler Brewing caters to the outdoorsy locals, pairing beers like a Tangerine Hefeweizen with bike workstations where you can fix a flat. Roaming giants or not, Seattle ranked well with readers for feeling safe. This New England city has been a beer-nerd magnet for years, thanks to local beermakers like Shipyard and Allagash , which were pioneers in the microbrew movement in the s.

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  5. To taste the newcomers, go to Rising Tide Brewing Company , which offers small-batch ales at its East Bayside taproom, or Urban Farm Fermentory , which uses local ingredients to stretch your perception of brews, from ciders to kombucha tea. The Maine locals ranked well in the survey for being both athletic and friendly, and you can keep up with them on a Bike and Brew cycling tour from SummerFeet, which stops at a variety of local breweries and distilleries.

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    Music City has a long tradition of wanting you to cry into your beer, not because of your beer. Atlanta did not win big in the wild weekend category this year, and the locals came off as pretty straight-laced, ranking as well-dressed but nerdy. That may explain the appeal of breweries like Monday Night Brewing , which was actually launched from a Monday evening Bible Study group and makes craft beers like its Nerd Alert pilsner that are meant to be paired with food.

    Atlanta also ranked well for its parks, and one of the best places to marry good beer with food like bacon-topped deviled eggs is the Park Tavern , which has a glass-enclosed brewery and overlooks Piedmont Park. Even at No. Wynkoop is still a must-stop, as is the Great Divide Brewing Co. Metalheads aside, Denver also made the top 20 for peace and quiet. At another local brewery, GoodWood , the beers nod to the other local drink, by creating a number of bourbon-barrel-aged ales and stouts, along with a Red Wine Barrel Saison to appeal to oenophiles.

    The Rhode Island capital makes the top 10 in several food-and-drink categories thanks to its flair for super-local flavor—from sweet coffee milk to the iconoclastic grilled pizza.