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Important: Just because something costs more does not mean it sounds better. Yes, that is all. People have been fighting for ages — and continue to fight — about which OS is better.

Audio Production

I owned a MAC for 3 years. So I thought to give Windows a go. My preferred company for audio interfaces is RME, which is known for its solid drivers. To tell you the truth, I noticed no difference between the 2 Operating Systems.

Final verdict? The first one is super-sufficient for home recording and in-the-box mixing. Perfect for hip-hop and cinematic compositions that require lots of RAM. Both were created by me, with a single target in mind: Get the best value for money ratio to a computer that will last, work flawlessly and being able to push its CPU limits.

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I will update the article again with custom made links. An audio interface is simply put, your sound card. Drums usually go first. After lots of tests and in-depth search, I came to the conclusion — well not only me, but also the rest of the home recording world out there — that the best value for money audio interface is the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. See what I did there?

I felt like that the company was stealing itself. Amazon reviews and hundreds of home recording enthusiasts praising these monitors though, is a huge plus. What I did was to use the low end switch, removing 2db of the low end and I left the high end switch at the default setting. As long as you can reference your mixes to commercial tracks and mix according to your reference tracks, then nothing is stopping you to create a similar commercial sound.

The sound must be real and not exaggerated in highs, mids or bass. If money is not an issue, then go for both. These are my 2 favorite headphones, I give the HDs a 4. A couple of others are Ableton, Studio One and Reaper.

Best Music Equipment and Recording Gear for Beginners - The Wire Realm

Think of yourself as an example…. The final destination song can be reached quicker depending on how well you know how to drive your car shortcuts. I started off using Cubase, since my main aim was to compose cinematic music. Then I switched to Pro Tools, because I was really curious to know why so many people use it. I fell in love with its simple, yet powerful workflow and tools.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Recording Studio?

I went with Studio One. Be prepared to spend a fortune though. A vocal microphone is necessary for your home recording studio setup, as long as you plan to record others or yourself. There really is no best microphone in the world, because each mic has its sound. Let us not judge audio quality by its price.

Home Recording Studio Setup for Beginners: 5 Essential Items to Own

I adjust the modulation control to play the role of the velocity. You can easily fix the dynamics using your mouse in the midi editor later.

How to record guitar

Natural dynamics are crucial for orchestral music, but for hard genres we can live without the modulation control. If you still feel the need that you want to buy a MIDI keyboard no matter what, then here are some pointers you should consider before purchasing. On the other side 25 keys are not really sufficient even for a home recording studio.

This book guides beginners step-by-step, through the fundamentals of home recording, using the computer as the recording medium. The emphasis is on practical instruction, delivered over the course of 30 lessons in easy-to-understand language and logical sequence and with real examples for the reader to try out. Essential technical knowledge and theory are introduced and explained along the way as it becomes relevant and necessary. It also takes the reader through what they will need equipment and cost if they wish to progress to creating a serious home studio.

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