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Biology Lab Report Format - Brilliant Biology Student

Failed Exams - now what? Open All. It should contain these four elements: the main objective of the study the central question a brief statement of what was done methods a brief statement of what was found results a brief statement of what was concluded discussion It is often easier to write the abstract once the other components of the lab report are written. It should contain the following: a description of the nature of the problem and a summary of relevant research - in this provide context and key terms so that the reader can understand the experimen a statement of the purpose, scope and general method of investigation in the study - express the central question being aske a description of the experiment, the research question and hypothesis.

Procedures Materials and Methods.

This section should describe all experimental procedures in detail Guidelines for this section: Explain the general type of scientific procedure used to study the problem Describe materials, subjects and equipment used Explain the steps taken in the experiment Mathematical equations and statistical steps should be described. Effective results: Results should be presented, including those that do not support the hypothesis Statements made in text must be supported by results contained in figures and tables.

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If results contained errors, analyse the reasons for the errors Summarize the important findings of observation Describe patterns, principles and relationships for result Explain how results relate to expectations, agreements, contradictions or exceptions Suggest theoretical implications of results.

Extend findings to other situations or other species.

Sign on Search Menu. Exams Results. The Nucleus: Student Hub. Counselling Harassment. Accommodation Health services Sport and gym. The simple report is generally only two to five pages long, and usually consists of the following: Aims Method Results Conclusion Discussion References Aims or objectives The purpose of the experiment There may be one aim or several. Method or materials and methods How you carried out the experiment and what reagents you used Normally, the method is given out as part of the practical notes and very rarely would you be required to rewrite it, although you may have to note any alterations.

Results What you found This is the raw data and is best presented in the form of tables and graphs. Conclusion An interpretation or summary not a discussion of your results This is normally a brief statement e. Discussion What the results mean , whether they were as expected and if not, why not , any problems with the practical etc.

Background and pre-writing

References This is usually just a list of the sources you consulted for your discussion. See next: The extended report. Engineering and science writing skills Report writing. Technical writing. Honours thesis writing. Give the instrument uncertainties.

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You may also give, if necessary, an apparatus diagram. In our experiment, some of the items indicated under each section may not be needed.

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I will give you more feedback in class. I expect that, the lab reports, either typed or handwritten, should be neat, clear, and organized. Points will be deducted for these, as well as for missing units and failing to follow the outline i. Physical Measurements-phys , dr. Sections of a laboratory report : A laboratory report usually have several sections identified by titles.

Title: The title can usually draw attention of the reader to your work. Introduction : State the purpose of the experiment in general terms. Procedure: Indicate what parameter or properties of the system you are measuring. Results : Provide tables showing your measurement with units. Describe the uncertainties: standard, instrument, random errors Provide graphs.