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Additional Information. Korea has one of the most dynamic and diverse religious cultures of any nation on earth. Younger adults in this study were significantly less mature than older adults.

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Age differences were not large, given that younger adults did not differ from middle aged adults, and those in middle age did not differ significantly from older adults. Clearly, being more mature with respect to religion and spirituality strongly predicted individual well-being in many areas. In addition, Koreans were not necessarily more involved in religious activities than Caucasians.

This finding was contrary to expectation.

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The mean level of Korean level of involvement was higher, but the distribution of religious involvement for the two ethnic groups overlapped considerably. Nevertheless, the degree to which religion involved Koreans in this project exerted a strong effect on those individuals. Although the benefits of these aspects of religious life did not extend to physical well-being, the positive benefits were significant. Experience of long-term transoceanic sailing: Cape Horn example. Domains of spirituality and their associations with positive mental health: a study of adolescents in Canada, England and Scotland.

Korean Spirituality

The perception of spiritual health differences between citizens and physicians in the Czech Republic. Czech version of Spiritual Health Questionnaire development: a research note. Inequalities in the spiritual health of young Canadians: a national, cross-sectional study. Developmental patterns of adolescent spiritual health in six countries.

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Davison,Joanna Mazur,William Pickett. Influencing factors on postnatal care utility of illiteracy women in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Korean Journal of Health Education and Promotion.

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