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Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Be the first to like this. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Wasn't bad, wasn't great. Not quite sure if there is meant to be some underlying meaning or if it is all just meant for a fun read.

View all 3 comments. Apr 18, JethOrensin rated it really liked it. Some of those stories were very creative, to the point of being amazing just by their concept. Even if the writter had let a sticker-note with a brief plot summury instead of actually writting the story, they would have still been worth reading. View 1 comment. Sep 01, Kelly Danahy rated it it was amazing Shelves: science-fiction. I had never really read much science fiction before this, much less enjoyed short stories.

I guess I've always imagined the genre as the stereotype: the cold, hard-calculated science that I couldn't possibly comprehend. Instead, I found that there is variety, soft and hard, some dealing with music, some with loneliness, etc. This book has a good selection of stories that has made me want to dive further into science fiction. I had to read a few stories out of this for class: I ended up reading t I had never really read much science fiction before this, much less enjoyed short stories. What does that tell you? Call Me Joe- A story of a disabled man who finds freedom telepathically living through this other guy while on an experiment on Jupiter.

A good story, however, I did not find it as captivating and insightful as some of the others and maybe not the best choice for the first story of this selection. The little you know the better or perhaps that might just be my justification since it is mind-blowingly complex and I can't say even I completely understand it.

Masterpieces: The Best Science Fiction of the Twentieth Century by Orson Scott Card

An interesting story, but perhaps I need to reread it to feel the full effect. Minimal science fiction elements means that most anyone can pick this up and enjoy. Very powerful message and definitely resonated with me in the end. Apparently, Asimov and this story helped inspired the movie I, Robot. Short, thought-provoking story. Not quite as powerful as I would have hoped. Essentially, the story is about these monks that believe once they find all of the names of God the world will end. I was not fond of this story; it simply didn't hold anything for me in plot or message.

Ironically, this was not due to the science elements but due to the music elements. Very fascinating. Truly, I didn't remember the story for this little review and had to look at it in the book again. An interesting premise, an interesting world-building, I felt the plot twist at the end cut it short from what I wanted to see in it.

I think it might be better going into this one blind. Again, another ending that I felt left me unsatisfied.

It was going well until then. I won't spoil it here but even though the story has a lot of the happy fantasy at first it does go further, darker. What if the world restarted? Kept me going, kept me thinking. This story was fucking creepy. I wonder about him sometimes. Where do his Sandkings hide? Insert evil hand gesture here. Very interesting. Also, with the ending, I simply don't like characters that make the douchey move and then want pity. A story of a human couple studying on a different planet these humanoid creatures with useless wings that have a design of human faces.

Not as interesting as it sounds. This one had a hard time keeping my attention and I didn't feel like keeping with it paid out.

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I really loved this story. I liked the idea of this new drug but everything else was kind of a flop for me. I read the story. Still haven't gotten more out of it than just what the title says I liked it. Kept you guessing. I don't think I can really say much without giving something away. I'll say nothing. It's about a tourist who loses the person he was with and all of his belongings and slowly seeps into this country that he doesn't know. Didn't really care for this one. A bit bland and the grandness of the ending's message just doesn't match with the little feeling I got out of it.

Jul 06, Osmyska rated it really liked it Shelves: sf , Robert A. Aldiss - Who Can Replace a Man? Apr 22, Dore' Ripley rated it really liked it.

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New readers of the genre will get a good grounding in Golden Age science fiction with stories like Poul Anderson's "Call Me Joe," a story that explores what it means to be human literally. Theodore Sturgeon's "A Saucer of Loneliness" presents an updated look at a message in a bottle. Ursula K. Le Guin's stunning "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas" a thought provoking commentary on the price of a stable society is also featured. The Media Generation is treated to an archeological thriller of mythological proportions in C.

These are just a few of the stories included in this anthology, and it's easy to say there should be more, but Card offers a great collection for an overall view of science fiction in the twentieth century. I love this book. It was used as one of the textbooks for a sci-fi literature class I took and it has been one of my favorites ever since. My copy is taped together with love due to the amount of travel it's gone through with me. It contains masterworks by some of the best writers in sci-fi and is a great starting point for finding your next favorite author or book.

There are so many great stories here that I have repeated to many friends in rote fashion - they are that memorable. I can't recomme I love this book. I can't recommend it enough for anyone even remotely interested in sci-fi.

Masterpieces : The Best Science Fiction of the 20th Century by Orson Scott Card (2004, Paperback)

I think it's best taken out of order. Oct 02, Cristina rated it really liked it Shelves: short-story , anthology , science-fiction. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Some stories I liked a lot The Golden Age Poul Anderson "Call me Joe" - the story that inspired "Avatar" - as usually, better than the movie in my humble opinion Heinlein "All You Zombies" - mind-bending but not a favorite Lloyd Biggle, Jr.

Clarke "The Nine Billion Names of God" - a classic - what if Buddhists were right - and writing all the names of God brings the end of the world James Blish "A Work of Art" - another music-related story of the anthology Lafferty "Eurema's Dam" - extreme case of impostor syndrome Robert Silverberg "Passengers" - very, very good! No hope What would happen if advertising had more budget? Would they shrink from "reviving" a whole town in order to test advertisements on them? Again no hope Brian W. Aldiss "Who Can Replace a Man? Yin and Yang Light is "The Left Hand of Darkness" Larry Niven "Inconstant Moon" - probably my favorite story of the book The Media Generation George R.

Martin "Sandkings" - once you read this story you never forget it Harry Turtledove "The Road Not Taken" - easygoing, what if space travel was discovered by other sentient beings before electricity? What is worth giving up in order to win a game? Cherryh "Pots" John Crowley "Snow" - What if one could record every moment of ones life and replay it randomly? Oct 15, Rena Sherwood rated it really liked it Shelves: four-star-fiction , otherworldly , anthologies. Fabulous stuff. After reading this, I had the energy to go and finish Big Book.

Also has a short introduction where Card explains why he could not include all of the authors he wanted to. His author introductions are also short so you can get right on with reading the story or novella. My only quibbles are that Fabulous stuff. My only quibbles are that some stories are in numerous anthologies like "Sandkings" by George R. Also the last story is a real bummer. Written well, but depressing as hell. Jun 26, Lisa rated it liked it.

Read this aloud in the car, on a family trip. It is a good collection of science fiction stories which is not a genre I read often. It reminded me of watching old Twilight Zone episodes as a child. There were a few stories we skipped because they seemed more adult or less interesting but we read about a third of them and then ran out of "car time".

It was fun to discuss each story with my hubby and kids to get everyone's perspectives.

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