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He also was exposed, through Signac and Henri-Edmond Cross, living in nearby Lavandou, to a pointillist technique of small color dots points in complementary colors, perfected in the s by Georges Seurat — The years —13 were focused on art and decoration, producing several large canvases such as Reclining Odalisque ; These were followed by four years —17 of experimentation and discourse with the Cubism of Pablo Picasso and Juan Gris.

In the autumn of , Matisse traveled to Nice in the south of France, and eventually settled there for the rest of his life.

These paintings are suffused with southern light, bright colors, and a profusion of decorative patterns. They emanate a hothouse atmosphere suggestive of a harem.

A Bold Step

In , Matisse temporarily stopped painting easel pictures. He then traveled to America to sit on the jury of the 29th Carnegie International and, in , spent some time in Tahiti and New York as well as Baltimore, Maryland and Merion, Pennsylvania. Albert Barnes, an important collector of modern art and owner of the largest Matisse holdings in America, commissioned the artist to paint a large mural for the two-story picture gallery of his mansion in Merion.

Matisse chose the subject of the dance, a theme that had preoccupied him since his early Fauve masterpiece Bonheur de vivre. The mural in two versions due to an error in dimensions was installed in May , and remains in place at the Barnes Foundation Merion, Pa.

The composition highlighted the simplicity of female figures in exuberant motion against an abstract, almost geometric background. In preparation for the mural, Matisse began using a new technique—that of building up the composition from cutout shapes of previously colored paper.

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Another medium that Matisse explored and experimented with throughout his lifetime was drawing. The latest large drawings of acrobats —52 , executed with a thick brush placed at the end of a long stick, are made up of contour only.

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