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When works officially selected by judging panel, applicants must pay a fee within deadline non- refundable.

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See more detail at Here. Exhibiting works will be as previous agreement between applicants and organizers, and any deviation from such agreement will not be acceptable. All information sent will not be returned to applicants. Complete an application and your works information concept, inspiration etc. Your works information should use font - Cordia New 16 point, no more than 6 pages of A4 paper size, leave margin 1 inch on each side.

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Image files must be. This is not your actual works, just images sample for Judging Panel.

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Applicants must take their own works back in person after announced schedule. Organizers will not be responsible for any works left beyond deadline on any circumstances.

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I confirm that works sent to name of organizers are my own creative works, and I allow the organizers to use my works in any form of public presentation. The use of traditional, often rudimentary, storage leaves crops at the mercy of pests, and vulnerable to heat and humidity. The loss of harvested crops — which can reach 30 percent in sub-Saharan Africa — means a loss of income.

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It also means wasting all the valuable resources — land, water, labour— invested in their production. Crucially, access to formal markets — which could be an incentive for smallholder farmers to invest in their business — remains elusive for reasons that include low production and productivity, as well as structural deficiencies such as lack of transport and infrastructure.

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By adopting smallholder-friendly procurement , WFP contributes to strengthening local economies and supporting the increased resilience and productivity of rural communities — one of the pillars of its hunger eradication strategy. Through the Purchase for Progress P4P programme , WFP — which itself has pledged to source 10 percent of its food purchases from smallholder farmers — encourages national governments and the private sector to buy food in ways that benefit smallholders.

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Women, whose role in farming is often unpaid and labour-intensive, are particularly encouraged to take part in decision-making and benefit economically from their work. Over the years, P4P has expanded to some 35 countries , and helped transform the way more than one million smallholder farmers in Africa, Latin America and to a lesser extent Asia interact with markets. Zambian farmer Harriet Chabala has increased her production of beans by 50 percent over two years.

In recognition of her entrepreneurial skills and consistent supply to WFP for three consecutive marketing seasons, she received an equipment loan from her local cooperative for a tricycle. The tricycle can navigate poor quality roads, enabling Harriet to provide transport services to move crops and people to and from towns and markets.

She is planning to repay her loan in just one year, instead of the three she had agreed on. The benefits of P4P are clearly visible in her village: farmers have replaced grass roofing with metal sheeting, and today there are three cars and more than 10 motorbikes where previously there were none.