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He celebrated the 55th anniversary of the BBC programme in April, as it became longest running series with the same presenter.

The final programme with him in it was broadcast just last Monday. Speaking at a party to celebrate the 55th anniversary of The Sky At Night , he said he hoped the stargazing series would continue "indefinitely". He said: "I'm absolutely staggered. I never thought when I began doing television shows that I'd be on for another year, let alone 55 years.

I think I'm exactly the same now as I was when I started. I just haven't got the voice I once had. The young couple fell deeply in love and became engaged. But three years after they met, she was killed by a bomb which struck her ambulance in London in a German air-raid. He also played golf and once at his local course set a club record — of , including a 43 on the third hole.

Patrick Moore's Telescopes on The Sky At Night

Chess was another passion he often carried with him a pocket chess set and even dabbled in politics. A staunch eurosceptic, he later joined Ukip.

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In he wrote a humorous but inflammatory book called Bureaucrats: How to Annoy Them. A keen pipe smoker, he was elected Pipeman of the Year in He had as little sympathy for the peddlers of what he considered pseudoscience. And he was deeply angered in the s by a book co-written by the journalist John Gribbin called The Jupiter Effect, which predicted that in the planets would be so closely aligned that their combined gravitational fields would cause earthquakes all over the world.

Both the data and the conclusion, Moore said, were nonsense.

Patrick Moore's yearbook of astronomy Patrick Moore

The planets were not in alignment, and even if they had been, they were much too small and too far away to cause the predicted earthquakes. Moore was furious. Moore campaigned successfully to have the Planetarium show taken off and afterwards presented a humorous Sky at Night programme showing the idea up as the nonsense he considered it to be. By the same token, he was sceptical when some astronauts apparently claimed that in space they had had visions of God.

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But the government approved the sale. He wanted to use Herstmonceux, and its low-powered telescopes, as a national centre for scientific education. But his bid was not accepted. In he had to rebuild the observatory at his home at Selsey, Sussex, after it was partly destroyed by a tornado.

Sir Patrick Moore

Meanwhile, he cheerfully bore the attentions of numerous television impressionists, though he upbraided Mike Yarwood over a pronounced scar above his left eyebrow, a relic of a motorbike accident in In Moore was appointed honorary vice-president of the Society for the History of Astronomy. He also won a Bafta for his services to television, a medium on which he became probably the first man to swallow a fly live on air.

Patrick Moore continued to publish books to the end of his life. In a minor planet was named after him by the International Astronomical Union. He also held the posts of president of the British Astronomical Association and director of the Armagh Planetarium in Northern Ireland. In , however, he was elected to an honorary Fellowship.

Populist Right-wing former Mayor of Toronto whose drunken antics scandalised his fellow citizens. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Popular Science.

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Buy Hardcover. Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy. Show all. From the reviews of the twelfth edition: "The Amateur Astronomer is aimed at both novice and experienced amateur, although evidently biased towards the former. Table of contents 18 chapters Table of contents 18 chapters Astronomy as a Hobby Pages The Unfolding Universe Pages Telescopes and Observatories Pages