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Sustainable Commercial Interiors by Penny Bonda and Katie Sosnowchik Considers all areas of sustainable design for commercial interiors, including water, energy, materials, indoor environmental quality, ratings and certifications, and making the business case for going green. Time-Saver Standards The Time-Saver Standards series provides design, architecture and construction standards for all types of projects, including standard layouts and plans.

Wayfinding : Designing and Implementing Graphic Navigational Systems by Craig Berger Covers signage systems for all types of facilities, including healthcare, corporate, sports, and education, with guidelines for accessibility throughout. Torres Provides detailed information about designing spaces with good acoustics for churches, synagogues and mosques. Acoustic Comfort Whole Building Design Guide Examines factors that affect noise levels and design strategies for improving acoustics, with information about relevant codes and standards as well as links to sites with further information.

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Advanced Energy Design Guides IES - Illuminating Engineering Society Free design guides for education, healthcare, hospitality, office, and retail buildings, with information about daylighting, energy conservation, and other strategies to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings. Requires free registration. Chapel Facilities Design Guide USAF Air Mobility Command Covers space planning, square footage requirements, color, lighting, and interior furnishing and fixtures for Air Force chapels, including functional areas for worship, counseling, religious education, staff offices, and other activities; much of the information is applicable to any small worship or meditation space.

Church Designer Magazine Provides articles, white papers, product reviews, and other resources for architects and designers of church facilities, covering lighting, acoustics, materials, sustainability, and more. Design Considerations Multi-faith Spaces Describes the unique concerns and challenges of designing multi-faith spaces, including darkness and light, nature, geometry, and sound and silence.

Design Resources Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access Short articles, grounded in research, address topics not covered in the building codes, such as wayfinding and knee clearances for people in wheelchairs. Multi-faith Spaces Includes research about chapels, meditation rooms, prayer rooms and multi-faith spaces in universities and healthcare organizations; design resources for creating multi-faith spaces; and suggestions for further reading.

Place of Worship WBDG Whole Building Design Guide Provides design criteria, sample floor plans, relevant codes and standards, and links to sites with further information about designing small spaces for worship, prayer or meditation typically found within a larger institution such as a hospital or airport. WBDG - The Whole Building Design Guide Provides superb resources for the planning and construction of all building types, including guidelines for good design, project management tips, and tools for ensuring code compliance, estimating costs, analyzing energy use, life-cycle assessment, and more.

Interior Design Magazine New products are featured throughout each issue, and Spring and Fall Market Tabloids focus exclusively on interior design products and materials. Design Resources: Product Resources Multi-faith Spaces Provides a short list of retailers that sell products to facilitate religious observance or spiritual contemplation such as candles, furniture and meditation cushions.

Evaluating and Selecting Green Products Whole Building Design Guide Describes the process of and tools for selecting green building materials and products, with information about relevant codes and standards as well as links to sites with further information. LifeWay Church Interiors LifeWay Christian Resources Offers products and design services for Christian church buildings, including worship spaces, classrooms, nurseries, and offices.

DISD Presentation Board Requirements The front of each board must be labeled with the name of the student s and with the year and semester completed. Each board should measure 16 x 20 inches, 20 x 30 inches, or 24 x 36 inches. Interior Design Visual Presentation : A Guide to Graphics, Models, and Presentation Techniques by Maureen Mitton Provides quick guidance on preparing sketches, renderings, plans, models, presentation boards, materials boards, and slideshows for design presentations.

The strongest influence on the design of sacred architecture from the nineties onwards was not, despite the media attention it garnered, the work of Mario Botta neither the Cathedral of the Resur- rection in Evry,France , nor the St John the Baptist Church in Mogno, Switzerland , with its distinctive elliptical upper face resulting from a diagonal cut through a cylinder , but Peter Zurnthor's Catholic Sogn Benedetg Chapel in Somvix, Switzerland ; see pp.

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Both buildings exercise a combination of the archaic and the modern, and exhibit a radical aesthetic restraint, both in terms of their geometry as well as their materiality and construction. Put simply, for Zumthor this approach results in a wooden droplet, for Ando a concrete box. However, more important than these stylistic references is the impression that the Sogn Benedetg Chapel and the Chapel of the Light share an understanding of the church service as one where the priest stands on his side and the congregation on the other, as if in the liturgy they oppose rather than stand with one another.

These two celebrated buildings by Zumthor and Ando are not alone in their surprisingly conservative conception of church communion. In more recent guidelines for the build- ing of churches, one can observe a veritable renaissance of tradition. From a liturgical standpoint these buildings - all axial churches with static longitudinal orientation - subscribe to conventional notions of the Holy Mass and Communion service as a kind of spectacle Fig. The assumption is that, for tasks like these, the usual constraints of efficiency and commercial viability for investors and developers do not apply, that building regulations are more relaxed and that forms are less restricted than they are for offices or residential buildings.

The particular interest in the design of sacred buildings is also a factor of the unusual and rare nature of the task. Sell thousands of products online, all items dropshipped directly to your customers.

Sacred Buildings (Design Manuals)

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Daming Lake Meditation Centre : a Chinese meditation retreat centre in central Jinan

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  3. Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery: 19th IAPR International Conference, DGCI 2016, Nantes, France, April 18-20, 2016. Proceedings.

Wiccan products include paraphernalia such as cauldrons, altar clothes, pentagrams and books as well as spell components such as crystals, herbs, oils and incense. What do Wiccans believe? Shoeboxes are often used in You do not need a large space or big tables to create an altar. Satanic charms, amulets, and talismans have now infiltrated our society, even our churches. Support our work with a donation: Our Patreon: h High quality Wiccan inspired iPhone Wallets by independent artists and designers from around the world.

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