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Surely if they were meant to stop them they should have had a plan, mission orders or whatever, that might have given them a fighting chance. Furthermore, wouldn't going back just jeopardize the spread of the creatures? It doesn't really make any sense. Each of the characters receive a warning about going to the moon, and it actually seems like the moon-creatures themselves sent the warning. Why would they do that? Also, if they have the power to control events on Earth already, why is the government so afraid of them returning? The second category of plot holes follow from the first.

After arriving on the moon, everybody survives in complete peace for long enough to reach the first moon base and get settled in.

172 Hours on the Moon by Johan Harstad

I can forgive the fact that the creatures would have actually attacked them and killed them all right away because this is a horror story and it needs build up. The creatures do show a lust for toying with their pray, so I'll just consider that the reason.

What bothers me, though, is that the creatures seem to have a goal at the very end of the novel: to reach earth. Throughout the whole novel, they kill randomly, and they never make any attempt to accomplish this goal until the very end for the sake of a plot twist. They could have killed Colemen first, since he was the only guy who knew what they were, and then pretended to be, and then got everybody back on the rocket and headed to Earth. Not only that, but there is another base that has an escape pod that has been on the moon the whole time, and they never once decided to hop inside and take a ride.

This isn't explained away by the fact that they didn't know the pod was there--they seem to have the ability to read people's minds and memories. They would have known about it as soon as Colemen stepped onto the moon. But the biggest plot hole is the twist ending. This is the kind of thing that either you'll be perfectly fine with accepting even if it's a little unconventional, or you'll be like, "Whaaaaaat? That doesn't make any sense!

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I like the ending because it was a surprise and because it was fun, but I don't like it because it really doesn't seem to follow any rules the book set up at this point. At the very end of the book, you find out that the "main" character, Mia, died before she ever made it to the second base. Before you discover this, you follow Mia as she runs around the surface of the moon with Midori, away from one of the creatures chasing them. Then they make it to the base, and while inside Midori reveals herself to be a creature, since she actually died way back in the previous base.

This would set up the plot hole: why did Midori-creature wait so long to reveal herself? So, despite the fact that we are now following a creature-Mia who is apparently omniscient and should therefore know that Midori is also a creature, we watch Mia freak out, run away, and flush Midori out the airlock.

Then she makes her way to the rescue pod, all along having internal monologue about how she just wants to get home and about how scared she is. Obviously the creature wouldn't act this way, it has no reason to be afraid of itself, and later when the creatures reach earth via the escape pod they act in complete unison with each other to slaughter hundreds of people. That doesn't make any sense.

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Anyways, the idea is that the reader doesn't know that Mia is actually a moon-creature. When she lands, you think she's okay if a little traumatized.

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Then she shows some odd behavior, but again, it could just be trauma. Eventually it is revealed what she really is and she kills a man the real Mia was friends with.

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She goes to meet with Mia's family and slaughters all of them, including the little brother who wrote the letter. So it's meant to be a big surprise. As for me, I'm caught between three opinions. One side is irritated that the twist ending makes so little sense, one side is delighted by the twist ending because it was absolutely horrible and therefore awesome, and one side is just sad that all the characters died!

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    Spoilers ahead. Midori died in the kitchen. Reply Thread. First off, thank you for commenting! It's nice to know somebody still reads my blog on occasion. Anyways, on to what you've said. That was actually what I thought happened after I finished reading the actual story part of the book. However, my version of the book has these after pages which are fake logs of researches who later went to the moon to discover what caused the incident on earth.

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    Here's what it says: "Encountered subjects believed to have connection to the DP7 Event on Earth in Subject 1 DCSD is female, approx. I mean, we never SEE Mia die. She appears to make it safely into the escape pod without a moment where she might have died and then morphed into a baddie without us knowing. To me, this indicates that Mia probably died in the scene immediately after she discovers Antoine's body, but again, there's no moment that sticks out in my mind as being the one where she might have died.

    Reply Parent Thread. Just read the book and looking for ending explanations and landed here. I just realized she was feet away because she went there to die. Sooo I wasn't the only one too scared to sleep. Add to Wishlist. In Stock. Unable to Load Delivery Dates. Enter an Australian post code for delivery estimate. Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Atticus Van Tasticus Order a signed copy!

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