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Bites to Tame Afternoon Hunger Shh! We've got the lowdown on all the best copycat recipes. You made me quite hungry for Zbarro's Spinach Sausage Calzone. Anyone have that recipe? I know this sounds crazy, but we are in love with the double del burger. It is always juicy, and has a different tastes than just a burger. I would love to get my hands on a copy cat recipe of that. I have searched and searched can't find anything close. Must have Polling Asado recipes for chicken, pink beans and that weird colored salsa.

I lived in Phoenix for 20 yrs and ate it almost daily. Now…I know making food at home is not quite as relaxing, and takes more effort, but with a little preparation the payoff's of delicious food can be just as satisfying to eat at home. For me, it's all about great tasting food.

If the food I am eating melts in my mouth and tastes even better than restaurant food I am one happy lady!!

I Made 7 Cult-Favorite Restaurant Recipes To See What Actually Works

The other day my husband and I went out to eat for our anniversary. It came with a roll, chicken and mashed potatoes. Unreal expensive and so not worth the money. I decided to come home and recreate the same meal and was able to make it for MUCH less! Since making this from home several years ago I can't stomach eating at Winger's knowing how cheap I can recreate this recipe.

This is one of our family's favorite salad recipes. It comes with bread, mashed potatoes, smothered chicken and honey mustard sauce.

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Who doesn't love a gourmet hamburger? Hamburger's are one of the most ridiculously priced items out there. And the fact they taste a hundred times better is fabulous!! These ingredients are also on sale—find all of the best deals at Deals to Meals! My question is… how do you find organic produce and organic food for sale?

I am a vegan and it is very hard for me to find deals on such items. Which is why I can never stick to my budget! Great question! The way the food industry works in this country is sad.

Best restaurant copycat recipes! - Fun Cheap or Free

You might need to buy larger quantities but just freeze or store extras, or split with a friend. Best of luck! Hi there… I just wanted to chime in on the organic front, though I know this post is old. My husband used to work at a food coop stocking shelves so we know all about the organic food sales. Our local coop participates in a sales program all the coops in the area do. A few times a year frozen organic veggies and fruits, canned tomatoes, dry beans, etc will go on sale. When that happens we get an even bigger discount by ordering a case and using our membership discount as well… it is still more expensive then non-organic but for us it is an area we are willing to invest more money.

Thank you for the tips here! Readjust your budget. Maybe we just have to give up some of our expensive healthy eating habits?

I pack my husbands breakfast and lunch, brew his coffee and we eat at home every night for dinner. I clip coupons and only buy sale items. Yes, that could certainly be true. Different parts of the US are much more expensive than others.

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Hope that helps, thanks for reading! This is not even possible in the East Coast area. Please next time post where you purchased your groceries so that people will not be fooled into thinking that they can do this anywhere. Michelle — thanks for the feedback! Walmart, and local grocery stores like Smiths, Sprouts, and Harmons here in Utah have these prices regularly. While we do agree that different areas carry different prices, we also agree that good deals can be found anywhere if you look hard enough!

Best of luck to you! Buying in bulk helps a lot for me.

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I buy a 10b bag of chicken breast, slow cook the whole bag and pack a bundle of shredded chicken bags to freeze instead of buying the canned chicken. I do the same thing for cubed chicken chunks. I bring the bag home from Costo, let it thaw and bake the whole thing at once with light seasoning. Then, I cube it all up and store it in smaller containers in the freezer. Thanks so much for this post. Hopefully people understand that your intention is not to all eat these exact meals where they live and YES, it might cost a bit more for some things in more expensive areas of the country, but income is usually higher to go with cost of living too.

Why jump on her because you live someplace more expensive? Gawd does everything have to come with a disclaimer? My family drinks 4 gallons of milk a week.