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J Holst J. J,Secretion of incretin hormones glucagon like peptide-1 and gastric inhibition polypeptide with insulin secretion in normal man throughout day. In:Scandianrian journal of gastroenterology,31 7 , ,pp Peptides; 13,,pp— M Szayna,M.

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W Holloway,R. G Spencer,N. H Greig,J. M Egan,Exendin-4 decelerates food intake, weight gain, and fat deposition in Zucker rats. Endocrinology; ,,— A Beak,C. M Edwards,K Meeran,S. J Choi,G. M Taylor,M. M Heath,P. D Lambert, Wilding J. A, Herbert J, Bloom S. R,A role for glucagon-like peptide-1 in the central regulation of feeding. Nature 6;,,pp— M Heiner,J. Depending insulinotropic polypeptide concentration in healthy men,In:the journal of nutrition, 6,,pp B Willms,J Werner,J. A Nauck,Gastric emptying, glucose responses, and insulin secretion after a liquid test meal: effects of exogenous glucagon-like peptide-1 GLP-1 - amide in type 2 noninsulin-dependent diabetic patients.

J Clin Endocrinol Metab; 81,,pp— Diabetes Care, 27, , pp Devarshi Chaurasia. Many cities around the world operating BRTS and getting positive results including so many Indian cities. By this technical paper, I am investigating the salient features and properties of BRT system with the help of various operational BRT. Agarwal P. Remya George, Anjaly Cherian.

Women all over the world are facing much unethical physical harassment. This acquires a fast pace due to lack of a suitable surveillance system. Our project is a venture to resolve this problem. The systems mainly consist of a monitoring device, the output of which is processed to identify insecure environments. Upon identifying unsafe environments system will send message to near-by control room also turn on alarms placed all around the area letting help from others. This system can be positioned in public places such as railway stations, bus stands, foot paths and shopping mall, where women are commonly experiencing attacks.

We really believe that this endeavor will make a difference in the life of many and dream about seeing this world with individuals walking fearlessly. Aisha Meethian and B. Viola and M. Samal and P. Tian, T. Kanade and J. Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence,vol. Regina Lionnie, Ivanna K. ICT, Vol. Ekman and W. Venkatesh Babu, K. Ramakrishnan Chouhan2, Dr.

Ryoo and J. Mathumathi, Nivya. Mohan, Neethu Babu, D. Padmapriya, Anoop, M. Geetha Priya. Scaling down of devices sizes for improving the performance has lead to a substantial increase in the subthreshold leakage current. In this paper, a new method is proposed to reduce leakage power in standby mode of operation.

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The final results obtained are compared with other well known leakage reduction techniques and the proposed method proves to be more effective than other existing techniques. Geetha Priya and K. Geetha Priya, K. Baskaran, D. Comparison of the Performance of Microstrip Antenna at 2. These designs are basically rectangular micro strip patch antennas for wireless communication resonating at 2.

Peters, John Wiley and Sons, pp. Kumar, K. Agarwal, D. Dhubkarya, R. USA 4. Praveen Kumar, K. Sanjeeva Rao ,V. Mallikarjuna Rao, et al. Khan,R Nema. Naser Hussein Judran, Ravi Jon. The diameter of the tubes is typically of nanometer dimensions, while the lengths are typically micrometers. In this paper we are going Explore the property of Carbon Nanotube which is currently the focus of intense research. The Nanotube may consist of one up to tens and hundreds of concentric shells of carbons with adjacent shells separation of 0.

Bacon R. Growth, structure and properties of carbon whiskers. J Appl Phys ; Graphite fibers and filaments. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, , Vol. J Crystal Growth; C Buckminsterfullerene. Nature ; Science of fullerences and carbon nanotubes. Academic Press, San Diego, California, Smalley RE, Semiconductor cluster surface chemistry.

Symmetry for lattice modes in C60 and alkali-metal-doped C Phys Rev B 45 ; 9. Brant Separation and Purification Technology, Volume , 24 October Buckminsterfullerene C60 nanoparticle fouling of microfiltration membranes operated in a cross-flow configuration Iijima S. Helical microtubules of graphitic carbon. Iijima S and Ichihashi T. Single-shell carbon nanotubes of 1 nm diameter. Cobalt- catalysed growth of carbon nanotubes with single-atomic-layer walls. Electronic structure of atomically resolved carbon nanotubes. Ajayan PM, Iijima S.

Capillarity-induced filling of carbon nanotubes. Crystalline ropes of metallic carbon nanotubes. Science ; Fullerenes from the geological environment. Science ; — Physical properties of carbon nanotubes. Imperial College Press, London, The smallest carbon nanotube, Nature ; Rajeswari, S. Pratheeba, S. Each such sensor network node has typically several parts: a radio transceiver with an internal antenna or connection to an external antenna, a micro controller, an electronic circuit for interfacing with the sensors and an energy source, usually a battery or an embedded form of energy harvesting.

A sensor node might vary in size. It detects things like temperature, sound, vibrations, pressure, motion, or pollutants through autonomous sensors. They are currently being used for industries and civilian use such as industrial process monitoring and control, machine health monitoring, monitoring of the environment, health care applications, home automation, tracking and traffic control.

More specific applications would be things like habitat monitoring, tracking objects, detecting fires or landslides, and monitoring traffic. Generally a WSN would be scattered in an area where its sensor nodes collect data. Cook and S.


Sohraby, D. Minoli, and T. Theofanis P. Christos G. Bangor, ME, Report to the State of Maine Dept. Portilla, A. Kenney, D. Poole, G. Willden, B. Abbott, A. Morris, R. McGinnis, and D. Ma, Y. Sensors 8 6 : Dinh, W. Hu, P. Sikka, P. Corke, L. Overs and S. Viani, P. Rocca, M. Benedetti, G. Oliveri, A. Massa , "Electromagnetic passive localization and tracking of moving targets in a WSN-infrastructured environment " in Inverse Problems, vol.

Surie, D. Meera Treesa Mathews, Manju E. This provide privacy to data in case more than two parties are present, while finding combined results of individual data. Association rule mining algorithms like Apriori are used for mining frequent items from database. In this paper we address secure mining of frequent items from a horizontally partitioned data. Ms Shweta, Dr. Sunita B. Atallah and W. Du and M. Wenliang Du, Mikhail J.

M, Reshmi. Ad-hoc low power wireless networks are in inquisition in both discerning and ubiquitous computing. The proposed method discusses about energy draining attacks at the routing protocol layer, which drains battery power. A innovative approach for routing protocols, affect from attack even those devised to be protected which is short of protection from these attacks, which we call energy debilitating attacks, which enduringly disable networks by quickly draining nodes battery power. These energy depletion attacks are not protocol specific but are disturbing and hard to notice, and are easy to carry out using as few as one malicious insider sending only protocol compliant messages.

The network simulator — ns Tuomas Aura, Dos-resistant authentication with client puzzles, International workshop on security protocols, John Bellardo and Stefan Savage, Blake, G. Seroussi, and N. Smart, Elliptic curves in cryptography, Vol. Joppe W. Dushyant Kumar Shukla, Munish Vashishtha. Extrinsic noise is analyzed using time domain method employing techniques from stochastic calculus. Stochastic differential equations are used to obtain autocorrelation functions of the output noise voltage and other solution statistics like mean and variance. Wei Yu and Bosco H.

Demir, E. Liu, and L. Computer Aided Design, Vol. Jacob Millman and Christos C. Giriraj Sharma, Ashish Kumar Bansal. RF optimization and drive test is the tool to keep continue watch on network QOS. Major QOS parameter Handover, call drop, congestion, interference reasons and solutions are discussed. Rappaport, Pearson publications. ITU-T recommendation G. Mohammad Ali Adelian. Improvement of Substation Earthing. Many parameters affect its design.

In order for a grounding design to be safe, it needs to provide a way to carry the electric currents into the ground under both normal and faulted conditions. Also, it must provide assurance that a person in the vicinity would not be endangered. The grounding portion of substation design will be explored. In order to properly plan and design the grounding grid, calculations of the following will be done: maximum fault current, grid resistance, grid current, safe touch and step voltages, ground potential rise, as well as expected touch and step voltage levels.

Background information and guidelines to design a substation grounding grid will be provided. A set of equations will be presented to calculate whether the design is safe, and finally, an example will be provided that can be used as a template. United States Department of Agriculture. June Gonen, Turan.

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Markovic, D. NFPA National Electrical Code. Ranjit Kumar Bindal. Flexible alternating current transmission systems FACTS devices are used to control the phase angle, voltage and impedance of high voltage AC lines. This paper presents different types of FACTS devices and their benefits for transmission in electrical power system. Candrakar, M. Missal, V. Rajderkar, S. Hingorani , L. Moal Matru , Rajiv K. Gokilakrishnan, R. Rajesh, R. Sureshkumar, R. This idea deals with the integration of program with sensor, transmitter and receiver in a normal slipper to identify the status of the program installed and take the appropriate action in time of need.

This idea works on the principle of application of force which is the body weight of the user on the slipper.

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The concept involves the sensing of the force applied by the user through the sensor placed inside the slipper. The signal thus sensed is passed on to the receiver module through the transmitting module. As long as the signal is sensed continuously, the receiver module keeps the GSM module in deactivated mode. If the signal from the transmitting module is interrupted more than the set time limit, the receiver module activates the GSM module. The GSM module is incorporated with necessary text message or call options to a list of contacts to be sent. When the GSM module activates it alerts the corresponding contacts automatically without the intervention of human regarding the emergency alert.

Gamya, P. Jainath, M. Design and development of activation and controlling of home automation system via SMS through microcontroller. ISSN 3. Safety Slippers. Sathya Narayanan, Gayathri S. Design of wireless home automation and security system using PIC microcontroller. International journal of computer applications in engineering sciences - Volume iii, special issue, August - ISSN: 5.

Ali Fadhil Naser. It is required when it is often not possible to arrange that a bridge spans square to the feature that it crosses, particularly where it is important to maintain a relatively straight alignment of a roadway above or below the bridge. The pier shape has important effect on the structural performance of the bridge structure according to the location conditions.

The main aims of this study are to select the optimal design of piers shape and skew angles in the prestressed box girder bridge, to study the effects of pier shape and skew angles on the static structural responses. There are bridge model are used in this study.

The results of structural analysis show that the pier shape and skew angle has significant effects on the static responses of the bridge structure. For vertical displacement, the optimal models are skew angle of bridge structure is range from 36 degree to 54 degree and the solid rectangular pier skew abutments and skew piers. The models of two square piers skew abutments and without skew piers and 48 skew angle is the optimal models for bending moment.

For tensile stress, the model of skew angle 48 degree and the model of solid rectangular pier skew abutments and skew piers is the optimal model. It can be concluded that the skewed models gives good results than straight model. Ali and W. Al-Rifaie, and A. Fu and P. He, X. Sheng, A. Scanlon , D. Linzell, X. Dhar, M. Mazumder, M. Chowdhury and S.

Khatri, P. Maiti, P. Singh and A.

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Diab, M. Mabsoutb, and K. Fu, L. Tim and T. Samuel, K. Gaston, B. David, C. Denis, and I. Ashish B Chaudhari, S. Jebarani Evangeline. SVPWM provides more efficient use of the dc bus voltage,in comparison with the direct sinusoidal modulation technique. In this paper,switching pulses for three phase inverter has been carried out by using differentiation of alpha voltage vector. In this paper,voltage vector beta has been carried out by differentiating alpha voltage vector using trigonometric relation between alpha and beta vector. Different unbalances has been introduced for analysis.

Joseph P John,Dr. Kishore Reddy,K. Vinoth Kumar,P. Gupta A. Fitzer C. Barnes, P. Mondal S. Bose, V. Oleschuk, J. Pinto, B. Pinheiro H. Botteron, C. Rech, L. Schuch, R. Camargo, H. Hey, H. Grundling, J. Rodriguez J, J. Lai, F. Sani A. Seok S. Gyu, N. Amir Aliabadian. It is an approach towards to unsupervised learning and is one of the major techniques in pattern recognition.

FCM algorithm needs the number of classes and initial values of center for each cluster. These values are determined randomly, so it may cause target function converges to several local center. In this paper, we suggest robust hybrid algorithm in which, we have real unsupervised learning algorithm, no need to initial center value and the number of clusters. The First layer in this algorithm finds initial clustering center by K-nearest neighbor K-NN rules based on unsupervised learning approach. In the second layer, we applied FCM only one time for having optimal clustering.

It is done by means of Fuzzy clustering validation criterion, unlike FCM that needs iterative process. We applied new algorithm to several set of standard databases IRIS. FCM algorithm. K-nearest neighbor. Dae-Won Kima, Kwang H. Lee, Doheon Lee, - On cluster validity index for estimation of the optimalnumber of fuzzy clusters - Pattern Recognition 37 — Oleg S.

Pianykh - Analytically tractable case of fuzzy c-means clustering - Pattern Recognition 39 35 — 46 4. Luis Rueda, Yuanquan Zhang - Geometric visualization of clusters obtained from fuzzy clusteringalgorithms - Pattern Recognition 39 — 5. Carl G. Looney - Interactive clustering and merging with a new fuzzy expected value —PatternRecognition 35 — 6. WeilingCai, Songcan Chen, Daoqiang Zhang - Fast and robust fuzzy c-means clustering algorithmsincorporating local information for image segmentation - Pattern Recognition 40 — Zahid, M. Limouri, A. Mario G. Cimino, Beatrice Lazzerini, Francesco Marcelloni — A novel approach to fuzzyclustering based on a dissimilarity relation extracted from data using a TS system - Pattern Recognition39 — Malay K.

Pakhira, SanghamitraBandyopadhyay, UjjwalMaulik - Validity index for crisp and fuzzy clusters - Pattern Recognition 37 — Rajasekhar, T. Rajini Kanth. Hence development of new Hybrid SVM Support vector machines model is required for effective weather prediction by analyzing the given weather data and to recognize the patterns existing in it. It will be yielding good results in predicting the weather than the existing machine learning programming techniques. In this paper, Guntur district weather data sets were considered for analysis using the hybrid SVM data mining techniques.

Radhika and M. Vijay Kumar, Dr. David, B. Brick Lifting Machine. The key points in the designing of the lift is are factor of safety and the counterweight, there are many else technical parameters on which designing of lift depends such as Rate load, rated speed, Height of travel, the number and location of stops, type of drive etc. The motor which will be used for lifting the load will be D. C series motor and the type of drive is gearless traction drive.

The gearless traction drive is preferred over geared traction drive because it provides higher efficiency. Janovysky L — Elevator mechanical design Elis horwood ltd. Thiemann, H. Philips R. S Electric lifts pitman publishing , London 5. Strakosch, G Vertical transportation elevators and escalators 2nd edition John Wiley and sons, new York Ruchi Sharma, Aditi Gupta.

It is useful for encouraging growth of fastidious organisms. The Three Types of Lytic Activities seen on the plate are- clear zone around bacterial growth -RBC hemolyzed completely Beta-hemolysis, pathogenic ; green zone around growth -RBC partially hemolyzed Alpha-hemolysis ; no change around growth -RBC is not hemolyzed Gamma-hemolysis or no hemolysis.

The discrimination of oral bacteria specifically Streptococcal species can be done by haemolysis tests using blood agar medium. Other than ultramicroscopic and morphological studies this experiment also conveys the species differentiation due to its lytic activity. Thus, blood agar medium can be a useful medium for pathogenic bacterial survey and investigation. The present review has proved the importance of blood agar utilization in diagnostics and disease analysis.

Kumar, Vinay; Abbas, Abul K. Robbins Basic Pathology 8th ed. Saunders Elsevier. Ray, C. George; Ryan, Kenneth J. ISBN LCCN OCLC Rickard A H Quagliarello, S. Papa and C. Rossi, eds. Azzone, E. Carafoli, A. Lehninger, E. Qualiariello and N. Siliprandi, eds. Chance, E. Pye, A.

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Ghosh and B. Hess, eds. Academic Press, New York and London, pp. Lambowitz, A. Finska Lakaresallskapets Handlingar "The mitochondria - theoretical and biomedical research"; in Swedish. Coutinho and F. Fuchs, eds.

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Plenum Publishing Corp. Qualiariello et al. Carafoli, F. Clementi, W. Show 2 Jack Eppler. Our second guest was Jack Eppler, singer, singing teacher and choral conductor. Jack took us on the journey of his own vocal curiosity and his deep love for songs, particularly those that are classical. He also talked about his chorus and how he came to create a non-auditioned group of 70 singers who do performances a year; and have two clips of one of those concerts on view.

Joan Melton is an expert on the speaking voice with decades of experience working primarily with actors. She is also a musician, composer and vocalist and has a special interest in combining speaking and singing with use of the physical body so they are a unified whole. The interview includes a short exercise for the voice that viewers can try. David Sabella is a singer and actor who also teaching voice in New York City. He has decades of experience on Broadway and has also appeared as a soprano soloist, an unusual thing to do.

He sheds light on his life, work and viewpoints about the many aspects of using the voice for expression, both professionally and personally. He discussed his philosophy of teaching singing as well. This video is not available for viewing at this time. Benjamin Czarnota is an operatic baritone, pianist, arranger, voice teacher and is Assistant Professor, School of Theater, University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

He specializes in singing classical and music theater repertoire and crossing over into CCM styles. Our Vocal Universe hopes to be an inspiration to you and get you thinking about your own voice and your own vocal universe. It is based upon voice science and medicine as well as traditional classical vocal training, complementary modalities such as yoga, movement, dance, acting, and speech training, and various bodywork approaches.

Bodywork is anything that works on the body itself and helps a person become more able to perceive through the five senses. The singer becomes more able to sense the throat and effect changes without manipulation and increases intuition about vocal choices. It allows the instrument to handle a variety of tasks with greater ease and less effort. It is based upon what the voice is doing, not just how the voice sounds. Most vocal training relies on a set of exercises that do a certain thing to the voice or ask for a specific kind of sound from the singer.

Since there is a very finite number of possibilities here, most singing teachers then resort to the breathing for more help. Essentially, the breathing for singing should be relatively easy. It requires good posture, an open rib cage, and strong set of belly muscles and coordination. It features a specific way of moving the ribs and abs during inhalation and exhalation that is learned over time and must be connected to voiced sound-making in order to be useful but there are a number of scientifically validated approaches to both inhalation and exhalation that work efficiently.

If sophisticated breathing was all that was necessary to being a good singer, every athlete and every wind and brass player, every yogi, every underwater diver — anyone who has learned some kind of control of their own breathing — would automatically sound like Luciano Pavarotti or Barbra Streisand! Breathing problems cannot be dismissed lightly but they are often not the source of vocal problems.