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The media, meanwhile, remains a male-dominated sector in much of the world, contributing to women's voices lacking a crucial amplifier to put their concerns on political agendas and unleash the development potential of their ingenuity.

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Rather than then stereotypical victims of local and global forces, women are also organizer, innovators, conservators and community builders. These are some of their stories. All rights reserved.

Domestic violence: Still a formidable challenge By Talisha Faruk. Ida Odinga, EGH.

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That the oldest dictionary publisher in the United States has added its imprimatur to this meaning of the pronoun could be seen as a powerful statement about evolving understandings of gender identity. Or it could be seen as something much more elementary : a reflection of changing times.

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The dictionary, after all, is more of a rearview mirror than a vanguard of change, said Peter Sokolowski, an editor and lexicographer with Merriam-Webster. Sokolowski said. Still, a major dictionary can add credibility to an existing term or definition, said Laura A.

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Jacobs, a therapist in New York who focuses on L. Jacobs said. Garner said. But Mr.

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  7. Sokolowski added that languages change all the time, and objections to those transmutations — however loud they may be in the moment — are eventually forgotten. Garner challenged that comparison. The tension over whether dictionaries are reflective or prescriptive erupted in a different way across the Atlantic, with a petition questioning whether, or when, historic terms should be stricken from the record. But she has focused her ire on another major dictionary: the Oxford Dictionary of English.