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Reading material goes on the table by my chaise lounge which is where I do all my reading. A sheet of paper, a calendar and a white board. For my paper the top left section is my actual running to do list for today. The top right section is my running grocery list, or list of things I must purchase.

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The bottom left is for notes such as calls I made, who I spoke to, appointment dates. The bottom right is whatever I need to move to another day. My calendar, and the white board are in the same location, so I can transfer short notes if need be. I carry my paper task list with me everywhere, so I can make notes at any given moment. Color coding. This worked especially well when I was in school: I dumped every class syllabus into Outlook, and then color-coded every class period blue for paper due, yellow for quiz, red for test, etc.

It took awhile to set up, sure, but then for the rest of the semester I only had to glance at Outlook to get a very clear idea of what kind of week I was going to have. One binder. My binder is with me all the time and it has helped me become a better employee, family member and relationship guy. Write down, execute and tidy up on the way.

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These are is my organization bible. A little whiteboard on my bedroom wall. Things can be moved back and forth as appropriate. I find having a specific list for today helps push me to get the important things done in a timely manner. This seems to help. Note cards.

One can write tasks on them — one per card, or in a list depending on the type of task in question; I do both. When doing one per card, the stack serves as an easy prioritization scheme. They can be used as placeholders, as mini-white boards and as tokens to model ideas. They are easy to carry around, and to attach to other documents.

Finally, they are cheap and most importantly of all: easy much easier than software to reconfigure as needs and projects change. Never rely on a single point of failure. Learn to trust people with critical tasks in all areas of your life. Download our free Long-term Goal Worksheet to help pinpoint your top goals for the next year and beyond. Outline Your Priority — Once goals are identified, your priority will become clear.

Your priority is the most important task that you need to complete in order to accomplish your most important goal and move things forward. The concept is simple — create a schedule for each day squaring away time for every task you need to complete. This creates deadlines and puts time limits to tasks, making it an automatic time organizer. Related: Interested in learning more about time blocking? Join our free online training.

Have Everything You Need Within Reach — Take a careful inventory of everything you use on a regular basis to get things done at the office.

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Keeping these items at your desk or on your computer will maximize productivity and make organization easier. Get Rid of the Non-Essentials — Clutter is a distraction. Put Paperwork in Its Place — Piles of paperwork are one of the biggest organization pitfalls. Instead of letting paperwork stack up, create a filing system that is based on the one-touch method.

Make different files for each project or client, and when a document comes across your desk either act on it, trash it or file it away. Organize your Virtual Workspace — Your e-mail is its own workstation. Organizing your pantry is tough — especially with so many different types of foods to store. The key to success, though? Grabbing a bunch of clear plastic or glass containers and labeling everything. Instead of letting your measuring spoons get jumbled up with all your other kitchen gadgets, hang them on some hooks inside one of your cabinets so you can always keep track of them.

Is there anything worse that always having to search for the lids to your food containers? To avoid the saga from continually repeating itself for the rest of all eternity, grab an old horizontal CD rack and use it in your cupboard to organize lids by size. It might even make you like leftovers again. Well, according to Pretty Prudent , all it takes is clearing out your wine rack cupboard.

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The space makes for the perfect way to store every color of the rainbow. And, better yet, it will actually look super cute in your living room. Instead of just tossing them into the back of the closet until you need them again, create an easy pegboard on one of your walls that keeps everything you need all in one place — and looking really nice in the process. Each compartment is the perfect size to keep your items safe and tangle-free. When it comes to organization, you have to take advantage of all the nooks and crannies in your home — and that includes the often-unused space under your bed.

Instead of letting it go to waste, use it for storage.

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To avoid the dreaded clutter that often occurs in your bathroom drawers, simply hook a magnetic strip to your wall — you know, the ones that hold kitchen knives, like this version from Ikea. Your vehicle will feel nice and new again in seconds. Organizing all those rubber duckies has never been so easy.

1. Organize your mornings.

If you have a drawer you can use toward jewelry, simply give an ice cube tray a makeover and place your go-to pairs in each little compartment. To save space — and display the good breath must-have in a much-prettier manner — Julep Style recommends transferring it into a nice glass olive oil or vinegar bottle. If all your book shelves are full and you need more space to store your favorite reads, look to some spice racks.

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According to Hellobee , hooking the spacious wooden ones — like these from Amazon — to the side of a dresser or to a wall will give you plenty of room to put your extra books. Are all your hair tools constantly getting tangled up in whatever drawer you squeeze them into? To better organize your bathroom, decorate a PVC pipe to match the room and hook it up on the wall near the mirror. That way, everything you need to get ready is right there waiting for you — and it fits your hair dryer, curling iron, and straightener perfectly.

Instead of shoving them all inside a cupboard or on a spice rack, grab some cleaned-out baby food jars and fill them with your go-to spices. According to One Lucky Pickle , by securing some magnets to the lids and placing labels on the bottom, you can stick them onto your fridge for incredibly functional storage. Pots, pans, and all their corresponding lids can easily make your kitchen cupboards look jumbled.

To keep things nice and neat, stick some adhesive hooks right inside the door to your cabinet, says Life Hacker. The lid keeps everything from spilling out during bumpy rides, says Life Hacker. If sitting at your desk typically means getting everything — including yourself! For smaller snacks — like Goldfish and trail mix — get rid of the bags and put your cleaned-out coffee creamer containers to good use. Hey, it happens to the best to us.

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Your home might be organized, but your meals should be organized, too. For the ultimate ease of mind, start planning out your lunches and dinners in advance and spend every Sunday preparing everything for the week. One of the easiest ways to store your many bracelets? Just grab a paper towel holder. You can stack up plenty of different options with all that vertical space. Organizing your stuff is great, but organizing your mind?