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But the United States had allied itself with her enemies, had recognized them as the true Government of Hawaii, and had put her and her adherents in the position of opposition against lawful authority. She knew that she could not withstand the power of the United States, but she believed that she might safely trust to its justice.

Status of the Hawaiian Kingdom under International Law

Unbeknownst to the President at the time he delivered his message to the Congress, a settlement, through executive mediation, was reached between the Queen and United States Minister Albert Willis in Honolulu. The agreement of restoration, however, was never implemented. These actions led to the unlawful overthrow of the government of an independent and sovereign State.

Of consequence, the demand of a foreign nation can only be made of him Annals of Congress, vol. Despite the unprecedented prolonged nature of the illegal occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom by the United States, the Hawaiian State, as a subject of international law, is afforded all the protection that international law provides.

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Search for:. Or is that tongue now gold? Their Constitution and their Rights are very vaguely worded so both are very vulnerable to interpretation, which will work in your favor. You will need to keep the court focused on the Rights of the individual, only, and focused away from the rights of others. They should interpret the Constitution and these rights based on a strict and literal definition of the language with no other equitable considerations. They should not look at the "intent" of the framers' language in order to interpret the language extensively unless it is to your benefit.

And under no circumstances are they to try to balance any interests, like a compelling government interest in the general welfare of the people, or government corruption, or public safety, or any other such nonsense. Why the court?

How much does it cost to overthrow the government of Gambia? - Marginal REVOLUTION

So, the first thing we need to do is make what they so rudely call. I suggest that you get the court to link money with some high and mighty Constitutional Right, like speech. It sounds pretty far-fetched, but with my help it will work. I can just see those arrogant, self-important fools puff out their chest and strut proudly each time they hear it! Titles are a great recruiting tool! Understand that, as I stated before, we are going to do all of this legally and successfully.

But a wise Italian Brother of mine If I remember right, he was royalty, but not very royal, if you know what I mean many centuries ago gave me some advice that I think is relevant here. Just remember what I told you about the Constitution, rights of the individual, no balancing of interests, and so forth.

Once you have achieved that, you need to pick one of the two political parties to establish dominion over. You need to control them from the very top, meaning their national campaign headquarters. That way, you can use their already well-organized multi-tiered communication system and their existing power structure to accomplish things. You simply tell Headquarters what you want done, and they send the orders out to every level.

18 USC § 2385 - Advocating overthrow of Government

I would suggest that you chose the party that is most open to your ideas and suggestions, rather than looking at who is currently in the majority in Congress. We even used religion and got it to work for us! We convinced some ministers that only The Enemy was worthy of choosing leaders and they told everyone in their church not to vote! Man, sometimes I am almost envious of The Enemy. The masses will do anything, without a second thought and without questions if someone — anyone! But we have been able to turn that into one of our most effective tools: Blind obedience! So, keep on with the work we have started for you in keeping the masses apathetic and antagonistic to voting.

I know we have used it time and again, and that they keep making laws to make our tools illegal, but it will slow them down, to our advantage, until we have time to reach our goals. Remember; soon you are going to be in control of all laws. Happy Dictatorship, my dude! And remember me when you reign supreme over the world. And maybe give me a nice theatre budget…?

How to Overthrow the Government

Be Angry Congratulations! At Missouri State University. At University of South Florida.

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At The Ohio State University. At University of Central Florida. At Shippensburg University. At Fordham University. At Western Washington University.

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