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Best Games of Magnus Carlsen, with GM Ben Finegold

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Sah Sah 2 Fizkultura i sport Moskva s. Carlssons Stockholm b. Sovetskaja Rossija Moskva b. Literaturnaja zapis I. Akimova p. Sah 2 Fizkultura i sport "Vydajushtshiesja shakhmatisty mira" Moskva b. Sport Bratislava s. Batsford "Popular" Great Britain s. Murad Amannazarov Moscow b. Sah 2 Izdanie 2-e, dopolnennoe Moskva b. Sah 2 Zapadno-Sibirskoe knizhnoe izdatelstvo Novosibirsk b. Schachverlag Rudi Schmaus Heidelberg s. Sah 2 Sovetskaja Rossija Moskva b. All Available Encounters p.

Hale Great Britain dj. Ricardo Aguilera Madrid s. Pergamon "Russian Chess Series" Hungary b. Leben und Spiele des Weltmeisters p. Rowohlt Germany s. Falken-Verlag "Schach-Bibliothek" Germany s. Editorial Sopena "Nueva biblioteca de ajedrez" Buenos Aires s. Ajastan Jerevan b. Predislovie tshempion mira M. Botvinnika p. Sah Sah 2 Armgosizdat Erevan b. Sah 2 Ajastan Erevan b. Sport Budapest s.

The chess prodigy from Baku. Dansk Skakforlag Skara s. Sah 2 Izdatelstvo Ganatleba Tbilisi b. Sein Weg zum Erfolg. Uitgeverij Variant The Netherlands s. Sportska Tribina Zagreb s. Sah 2 Azerbajdzhanskoe Gosudarstvennoe Izdatelstvo Baku b. Azerbajdzhanskoe Gosudarstvennoe Izdatelstvo Baku b. Text in Finnish. Originalets titel: Child of Change. Prisma Stockholm dj. An Autobiography. Hutchinson Great Britain dj. Part I. Steinitz, Lasker, Capablanca, Alekhine p. Reprinted Everyman Chess Great Britain dj. With the participation of Dmitry Plisetsky. Part II. Euwe, Botvinnik, Smyslov, Tal p. Reprinted Everyman Chess Finland dj.

Part III. Petrosian, Spassky p. Everyman Chess Finland dj. Reprinted with corrections Pergamon Press Great Britain s. Batsford "Popular" Yugoslavia s. Batsford Great Britain b. Beyer Germany s. Kasparov p. Photos and 77 annotated games p. Sahovska naklada "Veliki majstori saha 34" Zagreb s. A lot of photographs 48p. Izdatelstvo "64" Moskva dj. The brilliant and instructive masterpieces of the world's greatest chess player. Cardoza Publishing USA s. Chess Player Madras India s. The turbulent genius of Garry Kasparov. No games! Putnam USA dj.

Sah 2 Raduga Publishers Moscow b. Who will be the next world chess champion? Cromwell Press Great Britain dj. McKay Great Britain dj. New algebraic edition Batsford Great Britain s. Spektras handboksserie Halmstad b. The Twelve Best Games of Chess 96p. Hardinge Simpole Publishing Great Britain dj. Henry Holt USA s. Oxford University Press Hong Kong s. With many old photos. Eesti Raamat Tallinn dj. Zugleich ein Lehrbuch des praktischen Schachs p.

Dritte Auflage Uitgeverij Variant Groningen s. Sah Fizkultura i sport Moskva dj. Sah Fizkultura i sport Moskva b. Sah Tallinn b. A miniature book! All known games of Keres p. Demerlen Paide b. Akadeemiline Maleselts Tartu s. Universitas Solna s. Suomen Shakki Mikkeli s. Pergamon Press Great Britain b. Izbrannye partii p. Erinnerungen eines Erfolgstrainers p. Zweite Auflage Edition Beyer Germany b. Band 1. Band 2. Volume II. An entertaining collection of famous stories, humor, puzzles, games and anecdotes p.

Edition Olms " Progress in Chess 4" Germany b. Edition Olms "Progress in Chess 5" Germany b. Autobiography and Games p. Un champion seul face a l'Etat sovietique. Preface de Vladimir Bukovsky p. Jacques Grancher France s. RAU Holland b.

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Russian Chess House "Velikie shakhmatisty mira" Moskva b. Andriessen Amsterdam s. Viktor Korchnoi p. Izdatelstvo Ajaks Moscow b. Autobiography without games p. Sah Molodaja gvardija Moskva b. Signed by Kotov Photos and games from the world championship matches p. Sport Bratislava dj.

Chess Emperors. Caisa Hungary s. The way to Linares' summit. More than selected games p. Schachverlag Olbrich Poland s. Bonanza USA s. Most of the games are from the period Reprinted Bell Great Britain s. Biographie eines Schachweltmeisters. Mit einem Geleitwort von Prof.

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Albert Einstein p. Siegfried Engelhardt Berlin-Frohnau b. With an analysis of more than of his greatest games. Foreword by Albert Einstein p. Simon and Schuster Holland dj. Emanuel Lasker. Filosof na trone p. Wydawnictwo Szachowe "Wielcy szachisci" Poland s. Schmidt Schach Hungary s. Volume 2. Schmidt Schach Germany s. With the note book! Self published s. Part 1 Open Games 1. Part 2 Open Games 2. With the Carlsbad Pawn Structure. Oxford University Press Great Britain dj.

Oni igrali v shakhmaty. Khudozhnik I. Smirnov p.

Astrel Mosva b. Zhizn i igra skvoz prizmu entsiklopedii p. Terra-Sport Moskva b. Edited Reflektorem po szachownicach swiata. A lot of annotated games and statistics from the period Sport i Turystyka Warszava s. Chess motifs ex libris Paavo Markkola. Sbornik pod obshtshej redaktsiej Smyslova p.

Sah Izdatelstvo Sovetskaja Rossija Moskva s. Nice photos p. Understanding when, where and how to attack. Deeply annotated games p. Maroczy Geza : vilagersenyek elen p. Sport Budapest dj. Leben und Lehren p. How to use your pawns to fight for the initiative and central control. Annotated games p. U partijama vrhunskih svjetskih majstora. Prva knijiga - razdoblje A lot of historically important annotated games p.

Sahovska naklada "Biblioteka Sahovske naklade br. A Grandmaster shows how to make most of your pawns. Retorika-A Moskva b. Zweite bearbeitete Auflage Sportverlag Berlin dj. Batsford UK s. Everyman Chess "Chess secrets" Great Britain s. Summit Publishing USA s. Edition Olms Germany s. Leipzig b. More Miniature Games. Reprinted Routledge Great Britain s. A Master of British Chess. A biography, with a representative collection of thirty-six of his most characteristic games, fully annotated.

L N - Pitman Great Britain dj. A rare item especially with a dust jacket! De Steinitz a Alekhine p. Paul Morphy , shakkipelin ylpeys ja suru. Wilhelm Steinitz , ajattelija. Emanuel Lasker , taistelija. Paul Morphy p. Being the best games played by the distinguished champion in Europe and America. Facsimile Batsford reprint Great Britain dj. Nachdruck der Ausgabe Leipzig 3.

Auflage Edition Olms Germany dj. Sahovska naklada "Veliki majstori shaha 1" Zagreb s. Trafford Canada s. Izdatelstvo Magarif Kazan b. Caissa Editions USA b. Sah 2 Fizkultura i sport dj. Izbrannye partii Pola Morfi Paul Morphy p. Leven en werken van een internationaal schaakmeester. Vermande Schaakfonds the Netherlands s. Sah 2 Uzbekistan Tashkent b. Editions Radouga Moscou b. Philidor, Laburdonne, Staunton, Andersen, Morphy p.

Information p. SchachForum Sankt Peterburg s. Reprinted de luxe edition Amsterdam dj. Sah 2 Tatarskoe kn. Selected Chess Games of Bryon Nickoloff p. Chess'n Math Association Canada s. Bell Great Britain b. Facsimile Batsford reprint Great Britain 1st published dj. Bound with the original front and back covers. Sbornik partij. S predisloviem Tigrana Petrosjana p. The Praxis of My System. A textbook of practical chess, illustrated with games from my struggles. Quality Chess Estonia s. Algebraic notation.

Expanded edition demonstrating Nimzowitsch's theories in the games of today's grandmasters. Edited by Ken Artz Reprinted p. Hays Publishing USA s. Ein Lehrbuch des praktischen Schachs. Verlag das Schach-Archiv Berlin s. A leading grandmaster applies the "Move by Move" approach to his best games p.

Hispano Europea "Coleccion jaque mate" Spain s. Vol I, From Steinitz to Lasker No more published! Shakhmatyin Hayastan Armenia s. Biography and 92 annotated games. Suomen Shakkikustannus Tallinna b. Toijala s. Franckh-Kosmos Germany s. Von Gioachino Greco bis Bobby Fischer p. Econ Verlag Germany dj. Memoirs of Ludek Pachman p. Faber Great Britain dj. Wilhelm Heyne Verlag Germany s. Die bedeutendsten Schachereignisse von Baden-Baden bis zur Weltmeisterschaft Izdatelstvo Stalker "Nastolnye igry" Ukraina b. Essential checkmating strategies and techniques.

Vospominanija i 50 izbrannykh partij p. A lot of annotated games with photos p. Reprinted Bell Great Britain b. Master of Defence. Petrosian's Best Games of Chess Batsford Wales s. Games and a lot of photos p. Sah 2 Erevan s. Edicion limitada de 2. Tigran Petrosjan. Hamburg b. Pervyj russkij shakhmatnyj master p. Petrov , pervyj russkij shakhmatnyj master p. Sah Vtoroe dopolnennoe izdanie Fizkultura i sport Moskva b. Falken Verlag Germany b. Shakin ja oopperan mestari. Omakustanne Vaasa s.

Olimpija Press "Klassiki shakhmatnogo mira" Moska b. Pictorial boards. Combinative games by Alan Phillips and other leading post-war internationals of amateur status p. Caissa Editions USA s. Eesti Raamat Tallinn s. Of: de creatie van drie schaakgenieen p. Training or Genius? Princesa del ajedrez. Tutor Spain s. Dedicated to Mikko Markkula by Karolyi! Judit Polgar p. Pergamon Russian Chess Series Hungary b. The Chess Player "Series No. Corvina Budapest s. Corvina Kiado in co-operation with Batsford Hungary dj.

Tampere s. Bell Chess Books Great Britain s. His Life and Work 59p. The Life, Games, and Writings of C. Mintis Vilnius b. Suomen Shakkikustannus "Diagonaali-sarja 7" Tallinna s. Edited by I. Majzelis p. Games, statistics, theory p. Past and present. Arco Publishers Great Britain dj. The most original and imaginative games ever played in international chess tournaments p. Nineteen great masters speak for themselves p. Hanover House USA dj. The U. Richard Reti TJ Lokomotiva Brno s.

Reprinted Batsford "Competitive" Great Britain s. Printsipy shakhmatnogo iskusstva v ikh istoritsheskom razvitii p. Ein Lehrbuch an Hand von Kurzpartien p. Sah 2 Fiskultura i sport Moskva b. Sah 2 Fiskultura i sport Moskva s. Zweite Auflage Sportverlag Berlin dj. Sah 2 Izdatelstvo Belarus Minsk s. Sah 2 Izdatelstvo Polymja Minsk s. Polymja Minsk b. Sah Fizkultura i sport s. French players introduced with annotated games! Tournament Chess Singapore s. In co-operation with Fizkultura i Sport Publishers Moscow s.

In Polish! Sport i Turystyka Warszawa s. Instytut Wydawniczy Warszawa s. Sah 2 Kartja Moldovenjaske Kishinev s. The complete and definitive standard to all the major chess openings. Joachim Beyer Verlag Germany s. Ediciones Martinez Roca "Coleccion escaques 50" Barcelona s.

Praktische Einblicke in die Gedankenwelt des Meisterspielers 78p. Deel 1, van Morphy tot Tarrasch 68p. Thieme-Zutphen s. Schach bei Franckh Hungary s. Great games by world champions p. Sah Fizkultura i Sport Moskva b. Endgames p. A lot of annotated games. Hundreds of games. Reprinted Cadogan Great Britain s. Signed by Shirov! World Chess Challenger. Foreword by Dominic Lawson p. His Career and Best Games. Edited by Leonard Barden.

Discussion and analysis of games by George Botterill and comments by Nigel Short. Faber Great Britain s. A step by step guide to winning play p. Hamlyn Hong Kong s. Sah Sovetskaja Rossija Moskva s. Eterna "Serija Chess Idea" Moskva b. Volume I: Translated and edited by Ken Neat p. Volume II: Sah Gosizdat Minsk b. Vtoroe pererabotannoe izdanie Sah Gosizdat Minsk b. Fourth edition Batsford Great Britain s. Includes Spassky's most brilliant sacrificial games.

Alexander Alekhine - My Best Games of Chess Ed

Perfect for sharpening your tactical ability p. Boris Spassky. Spektras handbokserie Sweden b. Editura Sport-Turism Romania dj.

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Master of Attack p. Reprinted with additions and corrections Tui Enterprises England s. Biographische Skizze und 80 Partien p. Arpad Vajda 55p. Erster Band Zweiter Band Later binding. Dritter Band Vierter Band Schach-Literatur C. From pages some text missing! Selected Chess Games.

Veliki majstori shaha 5 Zagreb s. Pierwszy mistrz swiata w szachach. Das Schach der Juden gestern und heute. Rochade Europa Germany s. Gambit Publications England s. Sofija s. Die Duelle der Schachweltmeister von Steinitz bis Kasparow p. A heavy book! Betts Bell Great Britain dj. Bengtsson p. Andra upplagan Norstedts Stockholm s.

Sjuttiofem utvalda partier p. Belarus Minsk b. Zapiski kommentatora tshetyrekh mattshej za shakhmatnuju koronu. With games Karpov-Kasparov p. Moskovskij rabotshij Moskva s. Sah 2 Polymja Minsk s. Ripol klassik "Velikie shakhmatisty mira " Moskva b. Chess'n Math Association Canada dj. Volume 3. Sport Kecskemet dj. Ex libris Aarne Hermlin Pergamon Press "Pergamon chess series" Budapest b.

Alexander Alekhine, 1927 - My Best Games of Chess 1908-1923

The Best Theoretical Novelties. Chess Informant since Chess Ingormant Beograd s. Sah 2 Lenizdat Leningrad b. Some notes. The World Champion. Quality Chess Tallinna s. No trenera dienasgramatas p. Iz dnevnika trenera. About Mikhail Tal p. Sah Sah 2 Latvijskoe gosudarstvennoe izdatelstvo Riga b. Lusis Batsford Great Britain dj. Vtoroe "ja" Petrosjana.