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Conversely, consistent, nurturing parenting skills and secure attachments are protective for children experiencing early adversity. In their policy statement on Childhood Adversity, Toxic Stress, and the Role of the Pediatrician , the American Academy of Pediatrics describes the pivotal role that pediatricians can have in promoting the positive parenting techniques and stable, responsive parent-child relationships that buffer the toxic effects of childhood adversity.

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Several key characteristics of a trauma-informed approach to parenting in the pediatric setting are that it:. Training on the impact of trauma on parenting will help pediatric providers to more accurately assess and assist families. An online curriculum and extensive bibliography with content on toxic stress, the connection between current and past family violence and the use of physical punishment, and positive discipline strategies is available on the Institute for Safe Families site Partnering with Parents PowerPoint found at Materials.

Futures Without Violence and the American Academy of Pediatrics have launched an E-learning module on addressing ACEs in the pediatric setting which provides free continuing education credits. This training includes a brief video on ACES for parents and a safety card with supportive self-care and parenting strategies that can be obtained at Futures Without Violence.

Providers should be familiar with a range of resources, including electronic media such as self-help web sites and apps, to assist parents and children who are coping with issues related to trauma so they can offer warm referrals. This booklet is written in user-friendly language to help parents understand how tough times during childhood can affect their well-being, their children and parenting with an emphasis on building resiliency.

Scannable QR codes and apps provide direct links to resources. There are a growing number of evidence-based and promising practices that address the effects of domestic violence, substance abuse, and other forms of trauma on parenting and the parent-child relationship including Connections and Breaking the Cycle, the CAFA Parenting Program, Caring Dads, and Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement.

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Referrals to home visitation programs provide a unique opportunity to provide social support to families and enhance parenting skills while working in the home setting. The Nurse Family Partnership, a home visitation program that has demonstrated reductions in risk factors for and the occurrence of child maltreatment, works with high-risk, first-time parents. Testimonies from parents and a reference list of evaluation studies that spans over 30 years can be found on the Nurse Family Partnership site.

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Some home-visitation programs use paraprofessionals who work with families to promote child health and prevent child maltreatment by addressing malleable risk factors such as parenting skills and family functioning. In a randomized, controlled trial of the Healthy Start program, mothers who were home-visited by paraprofessionals reported less domestic violence victimization and perpetration.

This groundbreaking legislation changes the way child welfare systems can support families and provides new resources for prevention of foster care.

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  5. The Alliance and our parent partners are working hard to educate policymakers charged with implementing this new legislation. See additional information about FFPSA, including both a short and detailed summary of the legislation, an implementation timeline and the law language. Check out the resources below:.

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    The opioid crisis is a serious problem for many families. The Alliance and our partners are speaking out about the needs to provide strong supports for families facing this challenge. Bell testified at a hearing of the U. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions on the impact of the opioid crisis on children and families. They include the perspectives of parents with life experiences in using services to strengthen their families and focus on timely and important topics. The dynamic BPNN membership consists of:. He equips young men who have struggled in school to develop skills and make plans to be successful in college.

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    He helps those who desire to develop a greater sense of identity, purpose, confidence, and direction. He also works with top performers, including professional and collegiate athletes, entertainers, and artists.

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    In addition to assessment James also enjoys helping children build skills and self-efficacy in behavior management, social skills, and social problem-solving. He also teaches history and helps coach soccer. B," as he is known around campus, has led technology seminars for parents over the past 18 years of his tenure at Brentwood Academy. As technology has evolved, Dr. B has kept up with current trends and assisted parents in learning how to navigate the murky waters of smart phones, social media, and the Internet.